Yo Ho, it’s a Cast Member’s life for me…

I always thought working at a resort would buy me more free time than working at Downtown Disney did. But that’s the opposite of true. My schedule for a resort is all over the place! Some days I open, some days I close, some days I’m mid. It’s pretty unpredictable and a lot of you-have-no-life going on. With that said, I haven’t had time (or energy) to blog or read. Which sucks. At least I’m done with training and my schedule will be a little bit more predictable. Hopefully.

I was working from 3 to 11 at B — which is… I don’t know. It gets a bit busy sometimes but the people are so agitated that it’s a little stressful in the sense that they’re in a hurry and their babies are crying. Something much different from DTD, you didn’t get a lot of that there. Then again people weren’t 10 mins away from catching the bus back to the airport and decided to redeem the rest of their meal/snack credits either (why do people do that?!). So at around 7 I’m trying to look busy and sorting clothes sizes when my MOD comes up and asks me if I’m closing.

Em: Are you closing?Me: No, I’m off at 11.
Em: You wanna go home early?
Me: Yeah…
Em: Okay, go.
Me: Right now?
Em: Yup
Me: Seriously?
Em: Yup
Me: You’re not kidding?

lol I guess I was a little too excited. But you’re almost never sent home early on a Saturday. I didn’t even have to ER or ROS 😛 not that I can at my new location since we don’t have a CDS. Sucks lol. There are some ups and downs to my new location but it does make me miss DTD more and more. Resort for 8+ months. Wow, what was I thinking?

I’m off on Valentines Day but M isn’t. No idea what I’m going to do that day… we’re probably going to celebrate Valentines Day on Tuesday together instead. I’ll probably take myself out to a fancy restaurant just to get dessert. I dunno lol.

But I better make some lunch and get some stuff done before work. I’m hoping to get back to posting and writing reviews within the next week. Wish me luck lol.


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