Same shit, different day

There’s so much I want to write about, so much I want to say but every night I come home from work the only thing I can think of is; will I have enough time to eat dinner? What time do I have to get up for work tomorrow and why is the place a mess again? Here we relay on the buses provided by Disney housing to get us to work but those buses aren’t always on time and they take an hour to get anywhere. So I can either be an hour early for work or twenty minutes early for work (which is hardly enough time to get to the cast building, put your stuff away and make it on the floor on time. Forget it if you’re planning on eating at work like I usually do. So I’m tired, I’m very very tired. It was in the 80’s yesterday with high humidity, then it started raining which made the humidity even higher. While I’ve missed this beautiful weather, I hate that I have to wear flats to work because if it’s raining while I’m walking from the bus stop to work, I’m pretty much fuckin screwed. My locker isn’t even big enough to store rain boots in if I chose to. And for some reason my hands and feet were swelling from the heat yesterday. While that happens slightly, it’s never happened like it did yesterday, my shoes were squeezing me. But once I got into the building with A/C I was okay. Kindaaaaa strange.

I managed to finish a book this week. Just one book. Sad, right? I’m reading Infinite Days as my “travel” read like on the bus, at work, etc. and at home I’m reading Things I Can’t Forget because I’m participating in a blog tour for it next month. I’ve been on a bit of a contemporary kick.

I don’t spend half as much time online as I use to so when I get free time like this, I feel anxious and frantic. I have all these blogs to maintain and I want to read, I want to spend as much time relaxing as I can, I have to check my email, and work on maintaining on keeping the place clean. Have you ever lived with a boy? It’s not good times, seriously. It’s like everywhere he goes, he leaves a trail of mess behind him. You’re tired, I get it. But I’m tired too. Clean up your shit. That’s not fair. It’s the tired talking right now. And my swollen ankles/knees from walking on flats all day every day. How do women adjust to something so awful?!

Hubby has been doing good since we’ve been here — he’s been highlighted three times at work so far (we’ve only been here a month, but we’re returning Cast Members. I’m just glad his fellow Cast Members see how much of a hard worker he is), he’s been invited to a pretty snazzy committee, he’s been passing his classes and doing his homework on the very very very little free time he has, he’s been running errands for me after work if I need something — even if it means having to go to the store at midnight after work on the way home via bus and walking, he makes sure I eat before work and I eat after work before I go to bed and if I have a 6AM or 8AM shift he makes sure to set his alarm because he knows I probably set mine wrong and makes sure I get up in order to catch the bus on time. He’s also been spoiling me a bit!

I hope that within time I’ll stop being tired, because there is a point where it happens. But I’ve only been here a month, I’m still adjusting. But once I stop being so tired I’m going to start jogging and spending more time on the blogs.

Off to my next task!


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