Where the heck have I been?!

Around lol.

Time passes so quickly around here, goodness! For the last week I’ve been sick. It started last Thursday, I woke up with both my eye completely swollen! I was suppose to write an entry about that and I prepped it, but I never finished it. But basically I went to this “hospital” or care center or whatever — I don’t even what to fuckin call it — that they send us to here and basically paid $78 to be seen for 10 minutes by someone who first of all walked in and asked me why I needed to be seen (do you not see how swollen my eyes are or are you humoring me?) and couldn’t tell me if it was allergies or an infection and wrote out a prescription for me to be filled somewhere else knowing I don’t have means of transportation. The whole experience was just… irritating. Very very irritating. A few of my friends mentioned it may just be allergies so I went home and took some Claritin and the next day I was fine.

After the whole eye thing blew over I somehow ended up getting flu like symptoms. So for the last (almost) week I’ve been either calling out of work or asking to go home early and laying around miserable. Aches, pains, headaches, chills… the whole flu gig. But it didn’t feel like I had the actual flu. If that makes sense. Today I’m finally feeling better. I’m still taking it easy but I don’t have chills or aches. So thank freakin goodness for that. Hopefully I can finally come back to work. I’ve been out for almost 2 weeks and I miss everyone!! Been eating a lot of soup today and drinking a lot of Gatorade which I think helped in making me feel better lol.

It’s also day 6 being soda and energy drink free!! I almost caved yesterday. This is always a struggle especially when you work in a theme park and soda is cheaper than juice. Sad. Seriously. Those soda machines should dispense apple juice too. Just sayin.

So now that I’m feeling better enough to actually sit up I’ve been trying to catch up on blogs and emails but going through two weeks of that is taking awhile lol. I’m just glad I feel better enough to not want to just go to sleep all day. Yay!


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