How I spent my 28th Birthday!


I took off about a week for my birthday like I usually do when I’m here.

So on day 1 we didn’t do anything too exciting; tried to catch lunch at The Wave at The Contemporary Resort but failed we dined there for lunch anyway since I’ve been wanting to try their dessert trio’s for like, two years. Had the appatizer and a Pina CoLAVA which I fell in love with. It was delicious! The desserts were pretty good too. Then we hopped on the monorail and spent the rest of the day in Magic Kingdom doing random stuff. Headed to the Swan Resort for dinner at Kimono’s (oh I love Kimono’s). Can’t go wrong with Udon and Sushi! Walked over to my resort to bug a few of my friends. Rachel was set on dropping that cookie while her and Kristina were trying to talk me into buying a wine/champagne which worked. I ended up getting the Fairytale Celebration one (which I didn’t dig too much).

Day 2 Martin left early in the morning to go to one of his friends birthday lunches which I said he could go to even though this was my birthday celebration week. I mean, I wasn’t going to be one of those wives. The only thing that irritated me was that he got back SUPER EFFEN late. I got dressed and headed back to my resort to have a spa day but whoever I had called the day before LIED and there weren’t any open slots that afternoon but there was one open that night so I went with that even though it was four hours away. We headed over to EPCOT and had dinner at Chefs de France which is something I’ve been waiting SEVEN YEARS for because (as you can see in the picture above) Remy stops by your table for a little chat!! Rodents + the culinary world + France? That’s pretty much my perfect movie. And of course at France you always get a cute waiter which our waiter was pretty darn cute. And I’m a sucker for that French accent. The food was delicious. I had the Spareribs with pasta and M had the Escargots which were… interesting. The Baguette with the Lobster Bisque was heaven. Since I ordered the 3 course meal, it came with a dessert and when I had put in my order, I saw the waiter coming towards us and then walk away for a few minutes. I was a little confused, maybe he forgot something? But he was gone for awfully long. So the next thing I hear is pretty much every server in the restaurant singing happy birthday in French and they all walked over to our table. Very thoughtful of you cute server. It seriously made my day. Those Disney birthday pins are magic, I’m telling you. Went back to get my facial and it was such a nice relaxing experience. I had never had one before and it was just wonderful. 50 minutes flew by!

My mom had sent a birthday package and everything was wrapped up separately. I waited until midnight to open it. Literally, sat and stared at it for like ten minutes before midnight. It was really sweet of her to get me so much stuff. I ♥ my mama!

The next day was my actual birthday so I got dressed up and headed to The Polynesian Resort to have breakfast at Kona Cafe. Pineapple Macadamia Pancakes? Uh, yes please!! Then we headed to Magic Kingdom and rode some snazzy rides and some rides we never bothered to get on before. Headed over to EPCOT again and I got my Veggie Lasagna that I’m crazy about from The Flower and Garden Festival. I’m so sad that once the Festival is over no more Lasagna! Colored a Perry in an attempt to rest. I’m obviously an idiot when it comes to breaking in new shoes and decided that a day at EPCOT would be smart to wear brand new shoes. For dinner we headed to ‘Ohana which is one of M’s favorite places. I enjoyed my Salad, Pineapple Coconut Bread (OHMYGAWD I LOVE THIS STUFF) and noodles. I don’t really eat too much of the meat there even though that’s the whole point but M likes it and usually eats our bill in shrimp so whatever lol.

The next day I stopped by work again because they were doing the monthly birthday celebration so it was me, Chelsea and Amanda who are the April babies. We did this big photo thing of us around our cake, cutting our cake, our pieces of cake, you get the drift lol. M was welcomed into the core which was nice and he got to meet David B! After that hung out with the girls and Rachel to grab some lunch and just hang out before Chelsea had to go to work. Hung out with Rachel and Amanda by the pool just watching everyone else enjoy our massive pool lol. Then headed over to EPCOT again, don’t remember what we did this time but I’m certain I got lasagna again lol!!

I was a little sad to not be able to see my Snow girl or go to Vegas. I know this is my second time here but it’s just so weird that when you’re use to something or something is a tradition and you move somewhere else to have to make due, it just feels weird. I celebrated my 26th birthday here and I had a blaaaast but then Disney World was still pretty new to me. I sure did have some pretty magical moments over my birthday week but I did miss my fluffy maldita at home and the glitz and glam of Vegas (:

I think I’m gonna grab some lasagna today. The Festival is almost over. Oh woe is me!


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