June is for…

Talk about being a bad blogger, I don’t think I wrote one single blog post (or even read one *SHOCKER*) in the entire month of May. And the sad part is aside from working all the time I don’t even remember anything that happened in May. I will not let June slip passed me!

  • Blogging more — I’ve got lots of content to get up!
  • Organizing — The mess in this apartment is frustrating
  • Budgeting — Because… well I can’t say just yet (:
  • Starting new TV shows — I feel so out of the loop!
  • Relaxing more — Because I’m obviously incapable of doing so

It’s Hurricane Season here and while I didn’t mind it so much the last time I was here (considering I wore pants to work and not a skirt with flats) it’s stressing me out a little. I get that it rains an awful lot in Florida but for some reason, this time around, I just can’t  deal.

Work has kept me busy and tired, but I’m determined to make this month more memorable!

Happy June!



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