When do you start feeling married?

After M and I got married people would always ask us, “so how does it feel to be married?” and we’d just look at each other and reply with “it doesn’t feel any different”. This post should be going on my lifestyle blog but I figured why not post these thoughts here too since this blog is me.

I came across someones board post on The Nest (love that site by the way, was obsessed with The Knot before we got married) saying that they lived together prior and shared a checking account so to her it didn’t feel any different. I can relate to that; maybe to us it doesn’t feel any different because the very first bank account M ever opened on his own he addded me to it, no hesitation. At the time I lost my bank account for reasons I can’t remember anymore. Since then we’ve switched banks 3 or 4 times, each time he’s added me to his account. We were 19 at the time by the way. His main bank account now has me on it while my main bank account does not have him on it (personal issues, totally different blog post). He just opened a new bank account (at 27) that does not have me on it because the bank was being difficult, not because he didn’t want me on it. We’ve shared credit card accounts since we were 19. We’ve both pitched in to pay them.

We made all of our big life decisions growing up (that sounds so strange) together, the only thing we didn’t do was live together and while we saw each other and spent time with each other every day (mostly at each other’s houses) I quickly learned when we finally did live together — just the two of us — it wasn’t the same thing.

Perhaps because we’ve already gone through the major things that couples bicker about that there’s nothing left to bicker about so we don’t.

Well that sucks, does that mean I won’t have the huge “ahh I’m married” epiphany I always dreamed of?! lol


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