Here comes the month of stress…

Whoa, why does the WP dash look different? Have I been gone that long? Okay maybe I have.

Aside from work scheduling me for doubles and all these crazy hours, I’ve been getting things ready for moving into my own brand new place and trying to find a car. Half of that is done. The latter is proving to be a bit harder than I imagined. On top of that I was deployed this passed week and I am LOVING the new location! Sadly it’s only for the next few days then I’m deployed somewhere I don’t really want to be. One of M’s managers he frequently talked about is currently my manager for this event and he keeps letting me go home early lol! But seriously, I’m having a blast here making new friends and making new memories. I generally love deployments. I can’t say I’m really looking forward to going back to my old location lol!

I keep planning on getting my other blog up and running and when I finally have time to sit down and film a vlog or write a blog post my mind goes completely blank. I hate this so hard.

This month will be full of packing, getting last minute things together which is going to be complicated considering how work is going. The DCP always does this — your last month is always the most hectic it’s like they want to make shit hell for you. So I’m planning on prepping early. I just need M to get his shit together too because I honestly can’t juggle both. But I know when it comes down to it, I’ll have to. Oh and school is blowing up my phone. About that….

So if you don’t see me until Sept, don’t freak out. I’m just trying to work things out.

Wish me luck.


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