Damn I, I loved you, you were my boiiiii

SPiNNiNG: You Don’t Have to Call by Usher

I’ve been listening to drowning in songs that remind me of my past. It’s a thing I do from time-to-time. Sometimes for writing purposes, sometimes because I’m bored, sometimes because I just like making myself sad. Anywhoozie, a bit has changed since the last time I updated and I haven’t really had time to update lately. Or to do anything, which is why I’m slightly regretting going back to school. By slightly I mean, extremely but I’ve taken a long enough break. Honestly though, I don’t know what I’m going to do about school. I’m at a fork in the road and blah! I’ve just spent so much time trying to figure things out. I think I’m just flippin impatient and I need to just sit down, shut up and ride it all the way through. For once. Quit trying to beat time, cause I ain’t gon’ win.

So we moved. And that wasn’t fun but it was a lot easier than moving back to Cali, that’s for sure. It’s just that the place we’re in now is slightly smaller than the previous place we were so you know, I have all these bags/boxes of stuff and nowhere to put them. Too bad real life isn’t Animal Crossing and I could buy a dresser and have like 4 pages of storage space. Then again, if real life were AC then I could sell bugs for money too. I dig the new place though, my anxiety has backed off a little bit and that’s always nice. Too much anxiety in a day can really drive a person madd.

Hubs has been really pressuring me into hitting the gym and eating healthier. Seriously, this guy throws a fit if I get NEAR cakes and cookies. It kills me. I loves me some sweets! I had a delicious salad for dinner and some chips and salsa which I’m still snacking on. I’ve been cooking a bit lately, trying to figure things out. The do’s and don’ts. My brother tried convincing me that cooking was way easier than baking and I was all, “nah-uh!” but uh it kinda is. Not sure if it’ll taste good? THROW SOME BACON IN THERE. Seriously, throwing bacon in everything solves all my culinary problems. I think the bacon thing is a whole ‘nother problem lol!

Started making YouTube videos again, I just really hate the camera quality but I think it’s because of the lighting in here, it makes it orange/yellow and ugh, no. Will have to figure out how to tweek the lighting. Plus the better the lighting, the better the camera quality so I don’t think I’ve reached the camcorders full potential. All good, all I’ve been doing is review/haul videos lately so nothing that really needs good lighting but I will soon cause that auto-focus is crazy and I wanna use it!

Fall is coming and I’m excited, even though everyone talks about how Florida doesn’t GET Fall. I hope that SOME trees at least turn colors. I don’t have high hopes it’ll get cooler into like hoodie weather but here’s to hoping. I wanna wear hoodies and boots and scarves! When I visit Cali I bet I’ll be like FREEZING once I get there like “whatchu mean I can’t wear shorts.” lol I’m excited to visit home though, apparently we have a new dog and two new kittens. That’ll be interesting.

Welp M’s home now — gym time!


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