I got to know, is there a place for me?

NOW SPiNNiNG: Who Can I Run To by Xscape

A long long time ago I had a boyfriend who lived in Florida (ironic and random, right?). He was, for lack of better word, intense. It was one of those short lived seriously serious yet seriously not that serious relationships. If that makes sense. He has recently crept back into my mind and I’m not really sure why, considering there isn’t much to remember. But there is.

I remember sitting in my childhood best friends room during her birthday party. Her cousin c-walking around her room, her trying to copy his moves and me talking to my boyfriend. “Yeah, just watching my friends cousin c-walk… it’s kinda hot.” “oh you think that’s hot? Alright, I’ll c-walk for you one day baby.” He was ghetto. A ghetto raver/racer/c-walker who wore beanies and hats. He had a low sleepy voice. We would stay up until 5AM my time talking all night long. I don’t even remember about what. Not realizing back then that it was 8AM his time. Gawd, our relationship must had been exhausting.

I remember when we broke up and all this drama spewed. Like I said, he was intense. And a little hurtful. I remember bits and pieces of it. I also remember dating a mutual friend so I guess I wasn’t that torn up about it.

It’s one of those things that bring a smile and a scowl to my face. He’s vanished off the face of the planet a long time ago, I couldn’t even try to contact him now if I tried. But I do wonder how he is, if he remembers me.

It’s kinda funny when you look back on past relationships and hope that the other person is doing nothing but well.


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