It’s the last thing I can do…

Alone by Sigularity has been on heavy repeat the last two days.

I’ve also been slacking. I haven’t read in the last two days and I’ve only drafted one review. I need to hurry up and write the other three before I can feel comfortable finishing another book. And I need to keep this nonstop-reading thing going for the rest of the month. My headache from yesterday is still here and it’s really frustrating me. You’d think from someone who gets frequent headaches (I really should get that checked out, right?) it wouldn’t be a big deal but omgod nothing blows more than headache pain. I’d happily take cramps over a headache.

On a happier note, my desk is finally built. I just have to build my chair now and I’ll actually have a real desk to film vlogs and write from! Right now I’m using the laptop on the breakfast counter and sitting on a bar stool which, if you sit on for long periods of time can really hurt your bum.

I start school again in two days and I need to figure out what I’m doing — am I going to just go for my AA or am I going to stay with Phoenix and get my BA? The only problem with staying with Phoenix is that taking classes online that have to do with my major with their format? I’m not learning anything. My entire grade is based on team assignments and I’ve been screwed over by enough team members to know that spending $2,000 a class isn’t worth it. I would feel much more secure if I could go to a real class to learn this stuff. It’s my future career! I’d like to think that once I graduate I’d be prepared to do my job right.

M wants to go to UCF but UCF doesn’t have the subjects I want to major in and I don’t know how I feel about staying in Florida for another 2 years. There’s a school in Boston I’m thinking about but I’ve never been to Boston. All I know is that it’s a city (I miss the city life so much!) and it snows. I mean, come on. But then I didn’t know crap about Florida before I moved here the first time and I loved it. But now? As shallow as it sounds, I don’t really dig Florida that much because there isn’t any high end shopping areas. The malls suck. The food sucks. Hardly anyone speaks English. You’ve got a better chance of landing a job — any job — if you speak Spanish. Which I don’t. There are Brazilians everywhere stealing stuff from every store you go to. The other day I saw a girl and her friend stealing pads from Target. Really? Don’t worry, there was a lady stocking that area and I’m sure she caught them. Considering she was right behind me.

I feel like every other blog I write I’m saying, “I need to figure things out.” I’m 28 and I haven’t figured things out yet? I’m almost convinced I never will “figure things out” and that sorta excites me and makes me uneasy at the same time…


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