Yay productivity!

So I started classes back up yesterday and it totallyyyy slipped my mind. I know, how awful right?! Like how do you just forget something like that? The worst part is this is the second time I forgot! My counselors had to reschedule me and I forgot, again. It’s just really hard jumping back into online classes after being away for almost a year.

I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do about school and I don’t know if I ever will, we’ll see once I finish my GE. I did great the first week I was set out to work out. I skipped last week and I think I’m skipping this week. I know beginning is always the hardest part and I do want to go running but there’s just so much to do *excuses excuses* I know. Siiiigh. I do need to get my ass in gear though.

Today I managed to do my DQ, now I have to focus on the one due at the end of the week that requires us to reference our reading — that’s going to suck. And I think there’s a solo assignment due too. I like being ahead on my school work but I think right now I’m just going to take this week by week (until next week hits and I can’t stand not being ahead). I also wrote my last two reviews for Amazon Vine before Vine day (whoot whoot!). M got me Untold by Sarah Rees Brennan like he said he would. I’ve only been waiting for this title for over a year, no biggie lol. But once I finish Untold (give me 3 hours, tops) he’s getting me The Devil and the Dark Blue Sea which I’m super excited for too.

I’m behind like 16 books on my 50 book challenge and I’m scared I won’t pull through. I usually put together a list of creepy books for Halloween (third year in a row!) but I think this year I’m going to keep it light and just paranormal-y. I’ve got a ton of paranormal books I need to go through. Then in November I think I’ll focus on contemporary again. Or just not have a theme. But December is definitely Christmasy and lovey dovey stuff.

I also need to tidy the apartment just a tiny bit more so I can film a vlog on all my fall decor! And I just really want this place to look nice. I want to put flowers on the counter and in order to do that, I need to unclutter it. My kitchen is a mess too, everything is just everywhere. We have like zero storage here and it just sucks.

We have one more bill to pay on Friday and we’ll be done paying bills for this month. Then on to next month…


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