There’s really no good lyric for a title in this song…

SPiNNiNG: This Luv by Donell Jones ♥

It’s cold. I’m listening to mellow ass slow jams. And I have a slight headache. The only thing I’m really thinking is how much I would love to be standing at the pier in San Francisco looking out into the water tonight. There are moments I miss SF so fiercely which is crazy! After high school I’ve kept my distance from going there so often. I guess in a weird way I kind of ruined the city for myself. But it doesn’t stop me from missing it.

Living nowhere near a city really blows. There’s something about the busy of a city, the creativity in the air, everything just at your fingertips. I feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere here. What makes it worse is that almost no one speaks English. And I live in Florida, so what the heyhey is going on? Did I miss something?

Feb starts in 2 hours and like the turn of every new month I’m all MAKE ALL THE GOALS! I need to cool it lol. But there are some projects I want to work on for Valentines Day, even if they’re just for myself. It’s all good. Half the bills are paid for Feb and it’s still Jan. I’d call that pretty successful. Who knew having a calender would really make that much of a difference? Crazy right?

So Valentines Day is coming up and M still hasn’t asked me. I know; you’re married, does it matter? YES. IT MATTERS. CAUSE I WANT IT TO MATTER. OKAY? Gotta keep the romance alive folks. Or find any possible way you can to torment your husband. Whichever. But we were talkin about something and I was telling him that I never had a Valentine before we started dating. So… 19 years. I mean I had a Valentine for like the last hour of VDay once. Does that count? But you get what I mean. But I never really felt like I needed one… I had the most amazing and loving friends a person could ask for and my mom always gave me flowers and gifts. But now that I’m living away from my mom and I don’t have very many friends anymore and my husband isn’t one to take Valentines Day too seriously well… it gets a little lonely.

I know, how lame, right?

I think I’m going to wrap myself in my blankets like a burrito. Mmm. I could go for a burrito.


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