“I’m going to make up for every bad Christmas you’ve had.”

Oh, love.


The gifts on top are the gifts Bubz had me open the first night I was in Texas and the gifts in the bottom pic were the ones he was suppose to ship the second day I was there but we decided against it and I ended up opening an hour before my flight because they wouldn’t fit in my luggage packed. Shame! They would had looked nice under my tree T.T but so I ended up opening more gifts lol. I didn’t take a pic of them because I was in such a rush to get to the airport which was sad all on its own already. I’ll take a huge pic of everything after Christmas. Or a video. Because goodness this boy sure did spoil the beejbus out of me!


The gifts I didn’t open that I can’t open until Christmas Eve. I moved the tree down though, you’ll see why in a bit.


And the gifts that came yesterday!

The big box that the tree is sitting on is another box full of gifts and snacks from Bubz that I can’t open until Christmas Day. Which that package was delayed somehow by like 3 days. Gah. The Too Faced Peach Palette is also a gift he got me and the Chocobo plushie up on top of the bookshelf was suppose to be one of the gifts I was suppose to open in Texas but it got there late. But the fact he’s reading a book is too adorable! We’re saying he’s a SMN/SCH for reasons.

It’s kinda funny cause he decked out my FFXIV room with books and plushies and things and he got me a few plushies for Christmas too! Like the Chocobo one and I know inside that box are two Sanrio ones! I just need to find homes for them too! I’m putting my Moogle up there with my Chocobo one so the top of the bookshelf is occupied.

This is the first time in… ever that I’m actually looking forward to Christmas Day.

I normally just like prepping for Christmas and “The Christmas Spirit” more than I actually enjoy Christmas itself. I haven’t had very many good Christmas experiences. Not to mention since moving to Florida almost 4 years ago they’ve been without my family so it’s been a little bit lonely. This is actually the first Christmas I live by myself — well I have a roommate now — but not living with a significant other and I won’t be able to spend actual Christmas Eve/Day with Bubz since he’s in a different state.

But he’s given me so much to look forward to that I can’t help but be incredibly excited and I’m feeling incredibly lucky. I know he tried to make sure I wasn’t going to be sad this year and it means so much to me that he cares that much.

I barely bought anything for myself this Christmas (as I usually do) because he already got me so much! The only thing I really got myself was some Kylie Cosmetics.


I’m not sure how I feel about the formula. But I did get the “Merry” lip kit for FREE! So that’s pretty cool! I grabbed the “Spice” lip kit and the “Posie K” lippie on its own. I kinda wish I had gotten the lip kit but just because of the lip pencil. Though I know I could do without it too. I got two lip pencils with this purchase so I’m good.

But yeah that’s pretty much all I got myself this year, odd right? Considering I usually try to spoil myself during Christmas. /shrug

Also, we did the Christmas event on FFXIV!

img_4865 img_4866 img_4960

I came home and the whole front lawn was covered in snow lol.

But can we talk about how cute his cat boy looks with lighter hair? *rawr*

img_4972 img_4973

Then we went lala ;D

I love the last pic of us by the campfire!

Now to clean and tidy my room up for Christmas! I still need to post the subscription boxes and things I got. I was suppose to film a video of them too but I’ll probably do that later.


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