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Weekly Recap | Jan 8-14 2017

When you realize your week was much more full of product shots than what your week was actually… about.


I started transitioning from Winter to Spring; I don’t know why Kurmoi felt the need to push Kerropi over but she’s rude af. I’m loving the Bath & Body Works Lemon Zest energy aromatherapy candle. Wish I had grabbed more than 2 but I’m sure it’ll come back for the next semi annual sale (and I’ll be there to grab it again)!

I also started reading (and finished) The Cozy Life. I’m trying to include more Hygge into my lifestyle.


I filmed an unboxing video and actually posted it. I unboxed my Sanrio Small Crate that Bubba got me for Christmas, you can see the video here.

I used my new IT Cosmetics CC cream and I love it! It feels so good on the skin! I also used my Too Faced Peach Palette for the first time and I totally dig it. I wish I was more creative with my looks but it’s a work in progress.

I headed to Target to see if they had any more Valentines Day stuff — which they did — but I didn’t really end up picking anything up. I did get a drink from Starbucks which OMG I miss those on a daily basis (no pic cause I drank it too fast). I did spot some new candles from Target and I picked up one of the Pineapple Cake ones which smelled amazing on cold sniff but it doesn’t have a good scent throw sadly… and wasn’t really worth the $10 if you ask me. Also headed to VS to pick up more panties cause I’m in love with the way the PINK panties feel! Also grabbed some more stuff from their semi annual sale too like the hand cream and lip products. The rest of the stuff was my first round there earlier this month.


I’m constantly tracking my impressions count on Twitter again and I’ve been obsessed with growing my reach and followers for both my lifestyle blog Twitter and Instagram. I’m lucky Bubba understands my obsession. I was reminded that SnapChat filters are life. Also I got my Julep box for January which included a face oil I’m curious about, especially since my skin is drying out from the weather. Also got my Colourpop haul (I’m obsessed with their ultra matte lip) and I finished A Cozy Life and decided to snap a Hygge inspired photo of it.

I also made an alt on my old FFXIV server, joined my old Free Company and took another “coming home” photo. Much different than the very first one I took. Faerie holds some great memories and Stars will always be my first real home on FFXIV. I’m so thankful for them and the people who became family especially during my hardest and darkest time.


Took a trip to Wal-Mart (in case you didn’t know — I don’t have a car so I Uber everywhere. I try to go to places with plaza’s so I don’t feel like I wasted my Uber ride) which included lunch at Chick Fil A where I haven’t been in awhile. I stopped by Sally’s to see if they sold Essie nail polish since I can’t find my favorite spring Essie polish anywhere but they don’t and they didn’t have the OPI one I was looking for either… boo. Stopped by GameStop and didn’t find anything but got some info on if they sell N64’s since Bubba’s looking for one.

Then headed to Wal-Mart where I found a shit ton of new candles and home fragrance products! I’m obsessed with home fragrance and candles, I always have been. The pinks for spring don’t help either lol! But I found this new Aroma Breeze product that you stick a disk in and it’s like a fan kinda, I think. It’s a cool concept. The disks are like $2 and the fan itself is like $20. I didn’t feel like carrying a big thing like that around + I’m moving soon so maybe I’ll just grab one once I move into my new place instead. I’m also a sucker for blind box toys too, just saying. I found some Passion Tea from Starbucks already made, you just add water or lemonade so I grabbed one. Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks was one of my all time favorite drinks in college and it definitely reminds me of spring and summer plus it’s already made so why not. For $3 I could made several of them at home instead of just having one at the store.

Found some new Glade stuff that smells SO good! They’re part of whatever The Atmosphere Collection is… they’re always coming up wit new stuff and new names for collections which is cool. I was so tempted to get a candle and oil for both but decided against it since I grabbed those other two candles too. But I love the packaging on the new Glade products it’s very spring like! God these colors get me. The Sweet Pea Pear is my favorite so far on cold sniff, we’ll see which one ends up being my fav after I’ve used them. I also got another Glade in the normal new spring scents this one is in Batik Bazaar whatever that means. There was another in Soho Social but I didn’t like it, like at all. I’ve already used one and I love it so far! I also grabbed an American Home (owned by Yankee Candle) candle in Lemon Cupcake which doesn’t have a very strong scent throw and a Mainstay candle in Strawberry Lemonade. I know that Mainstay makes amazing wax tarts that I LOVE but I haven’t tried one of their actual candles yet. I’m hoping they’re just as good cause on cold sniff this one smells amazing. I haven’t tried American Home wax tarts yet but I’m not impressed with their candle! So sad.

A couple more stuff from Wal-Mart — I found the M&M’s White Cheesecake’s! I love that M&M’s comes out with all these limited edition flavors but sometimes they don’t taste any different from other ones either… still, excited to give these a try. I couldn’t find the Cupcake Kisses though. And the two Care Bear blind packs I got. I’m super excited I got my favorite bear: Grumpy bear!

I also picked out the 4 Graze snacks I’ll be trying to catch up on my 2 per week trying goal. Wish I had thought of this idea soon… dunno why I didn’t. Anyway I picked: Pizza Margherita, Snickerdoodle Dip, Cocoa & Vanilla Protein Flapjack and Strawberries & Cream Protein Granola Topper (which is going on my lemon yogurt).

If you wanna try Graze for $1 click here!

Got my Candy Club box — I usually only pick sours but I was starting to see I was getting repeat ones so I switched it to mix. I was hoping to get some chocolate but nah. I got a licorice assortment, a jelly bean assortment and sour cherries. I thought I wouldn’t be impressed with this box since at first glance I didn’t like anything besides the sour cherries but trying the licorice was interesting and the jelly beans have some weird flavors like ice cream cake which, I haven’t found yet but I will! And the sour cherries remind of these ones I was obsessed with in middle school that I’d get at the Dollar Store around Valentines Day (I don’t think they sell them anymore sadly and it’s hard to find ones close to it) but with sour powder on it and not a hard shell. I’ll end up making an unboxing video soon! I need to start making more videos. The extra’s were this apple sour taffy that I’ve gotten before.

Also, in case you were wondering what a $70 purchase at ULTA looks like lol. I love Escada and my all time favorite is “Cherries in The Sky” which was one I used a lot in 2013 during my second DCP program, they don’t sell it in anymore as Escada is always changing up their products. I decided to get the new one this year “Fiesta Carioca” or something. Also got my favorite hand cream from Soap and Glory — it smells like Miss Dior Cherie, no joke. Also got the IT Cosmetics blending brush that my best friend Audrey swears by… this shit better blend like god or something for costing me $14. And also got the new Urban Decay pore filling primer. Not sure how much this was, I kinda forgot, but it better cover my pores. I don’t usually use primers but I hate seeing my pores when I put on foundation. I’m so jelly of everyone who does full face makeup and their faces look airbushed flawless. My skin isn’t awful but I’m picky about my imperfections — like everyone else. Bubba thinks I’m crazy but he’s a guy so he probably doesn’t pay attention to that stuff regardless.

I guess this week was actually pretty eventful now that I’m looking back at it. Spring is around the corner (you can already feel it in the Orlando air which I LOVE about January here) and I’m excited!

Also, 2 days ago marks six years since I started my first Disney College Program. How crazy is that! I can’t believe it’s been that long already!

Here’s to hopefully a much more eventful and productive week!


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