WEEKLY RECAP | JAN 15-21 2017

Do I go out every Saturday? This is starting to look like a trend…

Let’s see how this passed week ended up! Shall we?

It started with lots of Sophie hugs. I love how she’ll wrap her tail around my leg, do her little feet shuffle and look up at me. Gah I love this little girl so much! I decided to burn the rest of my Limoncello Poptail candle since it was pretty much almost gone anyway. I love this candle, I don’t even remember buying it but I’m glad I did! The American Home Lemon Cupcake candle was a disappointment with its non existent scent throw so I did the Wal-Mart wax melts inside my Yankee Candle tart warmer (seriously my favorite thing to do — I wish YC would sell empty plastic cups so I wouldn’t have to empty them myself) and this combo is seriously lemon heaven. Mm! I can’t get enough! Also, a house fly decided to die in my freshly made bubble bath… again. This is getting old guys, just stop.


I spent one of the days getting BurgerFi (it’s been awhile) which I loveeee. I got my burger wrapped in lettuce like I normally do, a “cry and fry” I hate onion rings normally but I love theirs! And their fries! With a root beer float. Their frozen custard is SO good. I wish I lived closer to one like I use to so I could just pop in for some frozen custard. My Uber driver there was this sweet older lady who I had so much fun talking to! After BurgerFi I headed over to Walgreens since I needed to restock on my disinfectant’s (I prefer Walgreens brand because they’re cheaper and they don’t have harsh chemicals like Lysol does that dry out and fuck up my hands). I also scouted the makeup to see what’s new which was A LOT of Wet N’ Wild and some Jordana liquid lippies. I picked up one, I shoulda picked up more… they were only $5 and the colors were so hard to pick from! They didn’t have my Essie polish I was looking for… booo. It’s probs better that way though. Then I walked over to Publix (it was such a pretty day out and that plaza is one of my favs that I don’t go to enough, I should though!) where I found out I hit 94 pounds… without the excessive kickboxing class. Huh. Maybe that whole you-gain-weight-when-you-age thing is catching up to me? Who knows. All I know is that it’s starting to cause tummy pudge and I need to do crunches and start running again… both of which I hate. But they work. I found the whole set of my green apple shampoo at Publix, hooray! I love this scent but I can’t find it anywhere else but Publix! So weird…

I finished one out of the five candles in order to lift my candle buying ban… slow and steady wins the race… the new patch for FFXIV came out and Penny and I turned our -egi summons into the carby’s. A bunch of other new stuff came out along with it… he’s been pvping like crazy since it’s come out lol. I fell in love with that Strawberry & Cream Granola Topper from Graze! I didn’t even need the yogurt since I was catching myself eat it from the container… mm! But on top of lemon yogurt? Oh even better! I’ve also been drinking this brand of water like crazy. I’m so awful at drinking water but if I find a brand I like I’m more likely to drink it. And this one tastes so good cold!


Yesterday I headed over to Target to pick up some stuff — stopped by Bath & Body Works to sniff around and saw they have spring bath fizzies! I’m so glad I took the time to sniff around since out of these spring scents I only ended up liking the apple one. The lavender one was pretty okay but the others I didn’t care for. As for the candles, I loved the lemon one and the cherry one… weird. I love the frosted jars they have now but I just wasn’t too impressed with the other scents. So those are the only 2 I’ll be picking up. They came out with new hand soaps with olive oil too and the lemon one that I thought I’d like didn’t smell any different than the permanent kitchen lemon scent. So eh. I did take a look around Victoria’s Secret (I’m obsessed, I’m sorry!) and found new styles of panties. I really want an oversized Pink sweater but I can’t justify that price right now! They still had some of their semi annual sale up and none of the stuff I saw on the website so I’ll wait for those to hit stores. Headed over to Target (yes! I skipped ULTA for once!) and managed to only spend $20! Unheard of right?! I know! There isn’t too much in the Valentines Day section that excited me like in previous years… hmph. I hope they’re getting more stuff in… but it’s doubtful. They haven’t gotten any of the Target brand candles for spring yet either… sigh. Maybe I’ll find some when I go on vacay; I know they didn’t have any in my store for Christmas either but Texas did… weird. My Graze order came in along with my Owlcrate! The freebie that came with the Graze order isn’t all that great. But I did manage to snag some of my favorite snacks for a good price so eh. I’m excited about this months Owlcrate which means I need to get last month’s unboxing up! Eep!

This week has also been really stressful with my anxiety. It was going nuts all week. I ended up cleaning the kitchen; sweeping, mopping, doing dishes and scrubbing down the stove. My anxiety went down a little after that — the next day. But at least it went down. Then I got my period and really started to mellow out. So thank goodness for that. Even if the trade off was cramps. Whatever, I’ll take it! I’ve hated hot baths this week and I’ve been craving nice cool ones instead. I finished my MSQ on FFXIV for once (yayyy) now to just level my gathering classes and get Weaver to 60! She’s getting there. Slowly. But getting there!

I need to do some serious tidying especially before my trip! I have a few orders I’m looking forward to coming in and I need to make a few other orders… there’s some new stuff I want at MAC like they came back out with tri-colored lippies and those were my favs in 2009 so I’m sure I’m going to go nuts and get backups of those because I miss them so so much! ELF use to have a glitter gloss that was comparable but they got rid of it. Speaking of ELF, they’re coming out with so many new products and different lines it’s so hard to keep track now! Ahhh!

I just noticed I don’t talk much about my relationship when I’m doing these recaps! Penny has been so good at understanding my blogging/reading time even if it means time away from him. He’s also been really supportive of everything and the night my anxiety was at its worse he called me before he went to bed to make sure I was okay and if I needed to thought dump anything before going to bed. I love that he does that; even if its late and he has work early he always calls on the days that are the hardest and asks if there’s anything I need to rant about before the day is over. I appreciate how much effort he puts into taking care of me. So much that the distance doesn’t really mean anything, I feel like he’s always within arms reach.

He also asked me to be his Valentine \o/. I was giggling non stop when he did. He’s so cute I can’t stand it! He makes everything sound so epic!

I need to get some things in order this year and organize my stuff a little bit better. Things are just still a little bit hard and out of control right now… I feel like I don’t have enough hours in a day or enough time to do everything I want. But I seriously need to start MAKING time for these things before too much time passes. Sigh. I use to be better at this and now I’m awful at it… what happened.

Oh well, baby steps!

Here’s to hoping this following week will be more productive and with less anxiety!


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