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Every little thing you do got me feeling some type of way…


The beginning of everything

I always wondered how I never knew when I met you that you would mean so much to me worked. I mean yeah, I met people who ended up meaning a lot to me friendship-wise but romantically, I never really understood that. Normally when I meet someone I can tell almost immediately if they’ll be important to me or not.

This guy however, was a complete and utter mystery to me. A friend of mine pushed me to meet him for a pretty long while before I actually gave in to. I was in a pretty bad place at the time and I wasn’t up for meeting anyone.

It was a game me and her played (on a game, HA!); meeting cat boys and finding one to marry. Just something to occupy us. At least for me it was because I was because my own real life relationship was a piece of shit and at first it was to battle the fact that I was being accused of ruining the relationship because I was jealous (even though he was making me jealous and accusing me of being “childish” for being jealous) so to battle jealousy I decided to occupy my time playing games on games.

For the record, everyone knew upfront about my situation and intentions and an idea of what my real life was like so I never intended to be serious about anyone or string anyone along and lying really isn’t my jam so…

So when I met Pen it wasn’t for any other reason other than…. actually I don’t know. I had no intention of meeting Pen really… but because of it Riv brought Pen to me. Because the girl doesn’t listen and because she has the biggest heart when her friends are down.

The day that above photo was snapped I had mentioned I wanted a piece of gear for glamour reasons and for some reason glam gear have the hardest mats (materials). Shit will never make sense to me. And at the time the piece I wanted costed more than I had. So I decided to get it made for me instead (it would be cheaper) and I asked Pen if he knew where to get the cloth from. He happened to have the exact amount I needed (because he was higher level and he did more high level stuff at the time) so he met me where you use to be able to find me all the time fishing and stuck around for a bit — which I wasn’t expecting at all.

I was a little nervous cause I barely knew the guy and I had no idea what to talk about so I did what I normally do — ask a shit ton of questions.

Then I apologized for being boring. To which he replied with, “there’s nothing boring about getting to know someone.”



And he actually stuck around for maybe an hour just chatting and fishing with me. I don’t remember what the above conversation was about… but it was something /gpose caught. And it’s still one of my favorite screenshots ever (it’s also the lock screen on my phone).

From then on, we kinda just chatted more and more and started hanging out together.


Then he started taking screenshots (the one on the left is one he took that I also really like).

And he started taking me around to places in the game I wasn’t high enough to get to just yet.

And even though I was 10 levels under him he never made me feel left out or less better than anyone else. He never rushed me to get those extra 10 levels like everyone else tried to. He let me be me. He let me do me. He didn’t question or judge or ask. He just left it as it was. He kept inviting me to do runs he knew I wasn’t geared enough for because he wanted me there. He kept hanging out with me and we’d sit around somewhere taking screenshots and just talking.


And somewhere along the way, he became my best friend.

Because even in real life he was there for me. When I couldn’t sleep, he’d talk to me until I felt enough ease to finally fall asleep. In the mornings when he was at work we’d talk about music and Disney and food and just random things. He’d make me laugh and we’d watch Disney movies when we weren’t playing FFXIV. He’d sing songs most people had forgotten about. He’d let me vent until I literally ran out of things to say and being mad seemed silly.


I’m sure I’m missing a lot more cute screenshots but these are all I can find right now lol.


He proposed the day I hit 60 (which was what he was planning on doing anyway, I just didn’t realize he was serious and meant on that same day) and she said yes. He literally had this whole entire proposal which was SO cute! Yes I have screenshots of it but I’ve never posted them and I keep them just for me. I don’t have very many screenshots of the wedding or a video because I wanted to just enjoy it, which I did. We also ran out of invites. And I’m not even going to talk about how cute it was that he spent so much time picking everything out.

From then we were pretty much inseparable. I mean, we still kinda are. Except for nowadays we focus more on in real life stuff than in game stuff. We still run things together and get on to do stuff but we’re not on as much as we use to be, which is fine.

Oh and somewhere along the way I happened to repeatedly ask, “so like would you date me/marry me in real life though?” and repeatedly he would answer the question. Poor guy. My memory not only sucks but I take so many sleeping aids I don’t even remember half the stuff I say lol. He’s such a good sport about things though.

A friendship that started off as just someone I had to joke around with and laugh with and jam out to hip hop and r&b songs with turned into something real that transferred over into real life that I wasn’t expecting or looking for.


He’s still my best friend. He still calls and stays up when I have trouble sleeping. He still makes me laugh. He still jams out like no ones business. We still watch Disney movies (we watched Moana together when I went to visit him the first time in December). We’re planning a Disney vacation together for my birthday. We still talk from the moment we wake up until we go to bed.

He’s still the best part of my every single day.

I don’t know what I would do with out him. Or what I would had done without him the last 7 months but I’m glad Riv made me meet him and I’m glad to have him in my life.

Me: Naus wants to know how do you ask someone out
Penny: I mean you asked me out…
Me: No I didn’t
Penny: …
Penny: Yooo we didn’t ask each other out… ARE WE EVEN DATING

Penny: You know babe, we’ve been talking for awhile now… like what? 7 months? I was wondering… can we make this official?

I seriously love this guy.


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