Weekly Recap; Feb 12-Feb 18

I was suppose to spend Valentines Day weekend in Dallas with my boyfriend but I ended up missing my flight because I booked it on the wrong day. Yeah. That’s never happened before. It’s never happened that I didn’t check and double check either. The last few weeks have just been so stress filled that I haven’t been paying attention. I was pretty crushed because Valentines Day was pretty much ruined thanks to me. So I was feeling pretty disappointed at myself and down.

So I did a little bit of shopping, even though it didn’t really make me feel better. Penny ended up getting me even more stuff for Valentines Day. And surprisingly he managed to get my gift to me the day before Valentines Day!

My mom sent me a bunch of Lavender things to help me relax and ease my anxiety. I finished reading Scarlet by Marissa Meyer finally and loved it! I finished Cinder last year and it took me forever to get back into reading. I’m currently working on Cress now and I’m not enjoying it as much but it just started. I also got my Feb Graze box and I’m most excited about these two snacks I got!

I’m pretty much known as the chick who’s boyfriend sends her big boxes at the front office of my apartment complex ~_~. But yeah he sent me 3 massive boxes full of stuff!

I’m so touched by everything he got me because they all have some sort of reasoning behind them and some of them showed how much he listens no matter how brief I mention something. He got me two pillows — a fluffy white one I mentioned I’ve been looking for for background photo purposes and he also got me a really cute Tsum Tsum one. He got be a really cute TsumTsum waste basket which I was needing to get one for my room but kept putting it off. He also got me this cute little container with a slit on top and he put little TsumTsum Valentines Day cards in it. I’m gonna use it as my new gratitude jar. He got me 2 Valentines Day cards — a huge pretty glitter one and one that he wrote in. He got me a planner (which I had also been meaning to get) with these pens that have been on my wish list forever and sticky flags. A Minnie and Mickey flower pot (I think it’s meant to be a flower pot) that I’m going to use as something else. He got me a stuffed Monkey that came with a blanket and a matching beanie pillow. He got be 3 Disney shirts and one of his own shirts. He got me Sea Salt Turtles (I love sea salt), Fruit by the Foot (which are almost all gone) and a bag of Cherry Tootsie Pops (even though I always cut my tongue on them they’re my all time favorite lollipops). He got me the Too Faced White Chocolate Chip palette I was looking for when I was there in December and 2 Too Faced Peach Lippies. The fact he walked into ULTA To get me that stuff thoughhhhhh! He got me some blind boxes/bags (my current obsession), 2 TsumTsum lip balms (both of which I have picked up and put down several times) and 4 candles from Target (the kinds I like)! Oh and 2 gift cards — one for Panera Bread and one for Olive Garden <3.


I think he spent more on my gift since I wasn’t there than he would had if I had gotten there. Goodness.

This boy completely spoils the crap out of me. I can’t say that enough. I’m so thankful though. Like you wouldn’t believe.

Easter / Spring things are popping up everywhere. My Target didn’t have that much just yet.

Had Pei Wei after not having it for awhile. I wasn’t really digging the Kung Pao sushi rolls that much. Got some cute pastel candle holders from Jo-Ann’s. They didn’t have much Easter stuff up yet so I didn’t grab too much. Target’s dollar spot didn’t have some of the stuff I was looking for… then again they still haven’t gotten rid of the Valentines Day section yet either so… too early! But I did spot some pretty Calla’s! But they were potted and as much as I would had loved to take it home, I was scared it would spill over on the Uber ride home. Also spotted some new pretty spring candles too. The more expensive kind.

Penny and I have been a bit obsessed with the Wish app. I got him this Joker Nendriod he wanted. It arrived in SIX DAYS and in pretty good condition. I got this guy for less than $20! I’m glad it got to him and that he likes it! These are pictures Penny took for me and I’m so impressed with how good they look! Good job babe! Thanks! 😀

But since then we’ve been pawing through the app for more lol.

A few things I ordered from Valentines Day — some Colourpop, wax melts, a wax melt warmer (not shown: MAC lippies and the new collection from Bath & Body Works). I set up a zen-ish corner or well I’m working on it. Now to make the rest of my bedroom zen somehow… I’ve been living off Ubereats all week… I love Ubereats and Uber. For someone who doesn’t have a car it’s such a life saver.

My mom sent me some candles I was looking for at Kohls. I don’t know where Kohls is here in Orlando so she searched the Kohls around home (there’s 2 in our area and like 4 others around us) for them. I’m so happy she was able to find them! I’m burning Pink Velvet Cupcake right now. I got my comic books (and my Canon S90) back, finally. Also I found this candy bar that kinda reminds me of the Oreo cups in the UK that have made their way her to the US, I just haven’t found them yet.

And I’ve also gotten back into coloring apps! I need to find my real coloring books. I need some calmness and meditation in my life.

This week I’ll be searching for more Spring/Easter stuff and hoping for a less stressful week.


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