Weekly Recap; Feb 19th – 26th

Has it already been a week?

I feel like I was just writing one of these.

It’s been a week since my shit ass ex boyfriend took my iPhone and PS4. Eliminating the obligation of gaming has been SO NICE. Like him taking the PS4 was the break I needed. I was suppose to replace it this week but decided to hold off another week because I’m enjoying all this free time THAT much. It’s so weird when you have a video game system in your bubble and how it makes you feel obligated to play; especially when it comes to an MMORPG. Granted before I lost the PS4 we weren’t really getting on that much anymore anyway. Just to do dailies/weeklies, crafting, gathering and that was pretty much it. But without that temptation… I don’t know, I just feel more free! Speaking of free, I also feel more free now that I’m not tied into his phone plan anymore (that he forced me into and never paid the cancellation fee from my previous provider even though he said he would, that boy is full of lies. Up the ass.) nor does he have a way of contacting me anymore \o/ thank goodness! Whew. He is taking it on himself to bug my roommate (whom he never had anything nice to say about) to indirectly contact me. In fact the other day he told her that I owed him $360+ to replace the phone I “ruined” though he has no proof I did it nor why would I do it. You wanted your phone and PS4 back, you got it back, now leave me alone. Then goes off saying I should be “responsible” and an “adult” since he’s “paid for my phone plan for a year” even though I never asked him to. Not to mention that whole year he was living in MY apartment he stopped paying rent after 3 months, didn’t pay bills, didn’t pay for food and hardly even paid for his own gas to get to work. So if he wants to talk about who owes who money he can shove his dick in his mouth. But he’s the type of person who thinks everything he says is right and everyone else is wrong. So there’s no point in even contacting/correcting him because he’s full of delirious ass shit and not worth any more of my time or energy.

On to my week!

Florida sunsets are my favorite. Though they remind me of Chatham Square and make me homesick for that place all the time. I’ve been burning candles again; one being the Key Lime Pie one my mom got me from Kohls, she got be 3 from the Sonoma line… wait no 4 but the last one isn’t part of this collection. The KLP one wasn’t my favorite. It was nice on cold sniff but lit it wasn’t that great. It had a weird after-scent to it. I’ve also been burning one of the candles my boyfriend got me for Valentines Day — I think I like this one the most which is Sweet Spun Sugar. It smells like straight up cotton candy, it’s so good! My first Nendoroid came in too, it’s of Garuda which is my favorite FF primal. She’s so cute! I wanna get the Ifrit one too but he’s not with Amazon Prime… sigh.

I had gotten my period along with major owwie cramps. The next morning when I woke up I had a slight fever and my whole body was achy like I had the flu but I didn’t. I hate when my periods do this! I wasn’t well enough to go to the store like I had planned so I gave instacart a shot. I saw an ad for it last time I was at the grocery store. So I picked my items then I checked out (I was surprised I memorized/remembered my credit card number without looking at it since I was still in bed that early in the morning), picked a time frame for it to be delivered and the app notified me when the shopper began shopping for my items. Penny commented on my Coke and bugged me about drinking water again so I last minute added the 2 water bottles on there to make him happy. The lady who delivered it was so sweet and she included a flower in my bag which really cheered me up since I wasn’t feeling well. I’d totally use the app again especially since the delivery fee is $1.50 versus paying $5 for an Uber to get to the store. Plus it stops me from picking up random things too!

I finished Cress and Fairest this week as well. So Penny got me Winter. He was so excited I was finishing books and would listen to me rant and rave about them. I love that he’s always cheering me on and pushing me to meet my goals any way he can. He also got me a Dr. Seuss book and said he was gonna get me one once a month since I said I had never read them. I started with “Oh The Places You’ll Go!” because  I was having one of those depressed anxiety nights and he spent the whole night trying to cheer me up. It’s such a cute book, I’ll need to re-read it again, I feel like I read it too fast even if it was a short read. It started off really optimistic then got really dark really fast. But it does lay out some real life stuff. Something I’d definitely read my kids as they’re growing up.

My roommate and I took a random trip to Disney. She wanted to check out the Poly Resort so we did; I got her to try a Dole Whip since she said she’s never had one. Then we went back to Disney Springs and hung out there for a few hours. Had lunch/dinner at Planet Hollywood — she got the “world famous” chicken strips and I got the cheese dip. Both of which were awful. The chicken strips did NOT taste like they were breaded in Capt’n Crunch or Frosted Flakes…. the breading was hardly there. The cheese dip was SO watery. It felt like I was dipping my chips in soup! Not to mention both were appetizers priced at $13. She had voiced her disappointment (pretty heavily I might add) to our server and he did NOTHING to fix the situation besides saying “I’ll give you guys a little more time”. FOR WHAT?! Ugh. We ended up skipping dessert, paying for our meal and leaving. Headed to Paddlefish (after we found her something to make her nausea go away) and had clam chowder and crab mashed potatoes and it was SO good. We ate at the bar and the bartender was so nice and attentive. Plus the remake of that place is beautiful! It’s so classy looking and you can smell how fresh the seafood is! I’m definitely going back there to eat a real meal cause oh goodness everything looked so good!

I didn’t end up getting anything from Goofy’s because I was just so disappointed with Planet Hollywood and my roommate was keeping me away from Sephora and MAC x( just because haven’t paid rent yet… boooo! I did find a mug I was looking for and I also got a Flick TsumTsum plushie. There wasn’t a Hopper. Drat. Also got a mystery pin bag, well 2 of them. I love the ones I got in the photo shown. I forgot how much I loved pin collecting and  when I sent Penny the picture he was totally interested to know how it worked and what it was. So he’s excited to go pin trading. Yay! It was one of my favorite things to do as a guest and as a cast member when I worked at Disney!

Two Wish app orders came in! They both came in weeks early. The first one being my Heartless plushie that kind of looks like a sad ant but he came in perfect condition and he’s so soft and cuddly. The other being a set of pens I had settled on. There were lots of choose from, I’m not exactly sure why I picked these ones but they came in a box and some were upside down, strange. But all 12 are here! I haven’t tested them out yet nor do I know why that table is dirty. Oops, should had probably wiped it down before I took the picture. Oh well.


And lastly — I found the 4 new TsumTsum Lip Smackers for Easter! I’m still waiting on my Valentines Day Micky and Minnie set I ordered from the actual site. These 4 I found at Walgreens. Target is suppose to be coming out with the pastel collection/blind bags for Easter but I may not even bother looking for them until I get to Texas. This whole TsumTsum thing is starting to be a huge obsession lmao.

This week I’ll be busy with packing and cleaning my room and tidying things up a bit. Trying to drink more water and staying hydrated. I don’t know why drinking water is such a chore for me but ah, it is. I also need to finish Winter before the month is over! Well that’s what I’m aiming for but I’m not going to put too much pressure on myself. If I finish half then that’s fine too.

I also started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender last night. Cause you know, Prince Zuko is Rufio (Dante Basco) and all. Trying to get back into things and stuff, slow but steady.

Forgot what else I was gonna say.

Oh well, till next Sunday!


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