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Weekly Recap; March 5th – 12th

I’m sleepy. I’ve been sleepy all week. Wth.

Why is everything formatted to the right? Dammit WordPress, if something’s not broken why fix it?!

Now I feel like everything’s backwards.

I’m a little annoyed; Sophie pooped behind the table. So since I was cleaning that shit up I decided to just clean more stuff because why not, I’m already here. I still need to mop my bathroom though, and I will, after I write this post — if I ever finish it.

I’m gonna start with last Sunday (damn it’s been a week already?!); I was in Texas apartment hunting last weekend and I got there on Friday and left on Monday, I’m not gonna recap my whole trip in this post. I already did on my lifestyle blog hazearella and I might do one here, you know, just for me.

But we had brunch at Nerdvana, a cute chic cafe with video games scattered around. It’s in Frisco, TX in case you’re wondering. Our booth had a Super Nintendo with Mario Kart. I realized how shitty I am at playing MK now that I’m use to a joystick and not a d-pad. We kept falling off the stage, Bubba did much better than I did though lol. I had the Crab Cake Benedict and he had The Chicken Melt; both were really good. Maybe some day we’ll actually go for dinner and I’ll try one of their potions (how cute are the things they name their stuff?).

After brunch we headed to the mall; I wanted to go to this particular mall because there was a cute candy store called Loli’s & Pop’s. And yes, he agreed to go on this adventure with me! We walked in through B&N and ended up buying stuff — again lol. We also went on this Lego hunt through out the mall finding various monuments from the US made of Lego’s. It was a pretty cool experience. We had fun. Also got Dippin Dots! I haven’t had Dippin Dots in awhile! I got a cherry one (the name I forgot already) that had pop rocks in it + Birthday Cake. Bubba got Banana Split which is always a good one too. We walked around some more. I got a shirt and a cute mug from The Disney Store and we got some drinks to try from Loli’s & Pop’s. After we were done walking around the whole mall (which was huuuuge) we went to get dinner at L&L.

It’s been almost 5-ish years since I’ve had L&L since that’s how long it’s been since I moved outta Cali. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, where has the time gone?! They had Tocino (a Filipino breakfast dish) which excited the hell outta me so I got that since I’ve been craving it, FOR YEARS. And I ended up stealing some of Bubba’s food (well all his macaroni lol). And of course I had to get the White Gummy Jamba Juice to go with it (a tradition Mae started when we were in high school). I got Bubba another fruit one but he ended up liking the White Gummy one more lol oops!

We hung out for a bit before deciding to go to bed. He brushed my hair for me when I got out of the shower and cuddled me. And brought me my cheesecake to eat before bed then forced me to brush my teeth again by carrying me to the sink and waiting patiently for me to get done. He’s such a sweetheart. I know he doesn’t really understand anxiety or OCD too much but he doesn’t make me feel crazy or lame about it. He tries to understand and he tries to push me little by little to be okay with certain things. Poor guy, I know this isn’t what he signed up for but he’s such a sweetheart about everything.

Also, that’s a shot of my new place from the front door. It’s a one bedroom downtown which is a little smaller than the other one bedroom’s I’ve had here in Florida. But it has a ton of storage space and a big windows I know Sophie will love. It also has an island in the kitchen which is nice. I can just grab some bar stools or something and oh look! A table finally! I’m pretty excited about it and about the location it’s in! It’s just strange moving to a city I know nothing about — then again I’ve already done that 3 times haven’t I? I guess moving to a state I don’t know much about — even though I’ve already done that once it’s still sometimes a little scary. But exciting. And thankfully the exciting is taking over the scary in this case!

Monday was my last day — wahhh.

Bubba took me to the zoo \o/ and we had so much fun! We got there early. Oh yeah I met his mom before we headed there. Wait lemme start from the beginning.

So Monday I checked out of my hotel, then headed to the apartment place to put down my deposit! There’s this really old school looking Post Office across the street which I thought was really cool, I loved the way it looks in there and there’s PO Boxes for days (for some reason it’s always been a dream of mine to be a big YouTuber and get a PO Box lol). After that Bubba took me to meet his mom who was really nice and sweet. But I was only there for a few minutes lol. After that THEN he took me to the zoo \o/. I started off snacking on a huge salted pretzel which was SO GOOD but I wish they had cheese sauce to go with it… after awhile the salt started to get to me. Next time, hit off all the salt! Well most of it. That first bite was amazing with all that salt lol. Then we got Snow Cones; I got strawberry and Birthday Cake and Bubba got Blue Coconut or something. His was pretty good. Mine was too, but you could barely taste the Birthday Cake. I haven’t had a Snow Cone in forever either! The zoo was freakin huge. We saw a ton of different things but the Lions and Tigers were sleeping still when we got there. They had a cool room for the sea animals and for the Penguins and this whole different indoor section for reptiles. The natural lighting in there was amazing, can I just say that? He also bought be an owl plushie to go with the other one he bought me last time I was there and a magnet to give my mom and some “healing” stones for me and my mom. We were suppose to get BBQ but we ended up running out of time pooh.

We headed to Whole Foods cause I was hoping for that Mochi station but apparently Texas hasn’t gotten any yet. Double Pooh. We ended up at Steel City Pops, which is suddenly becoming our thing. We both got the Lemon Cream Pop (we’re staying away from the fruit ones since they’re super frozen juice); I got mine dipped in white chocolate + toasted coconut and Bubba got his dipped in milk chocolate + white chocolate drizzle. There were pieces of actual lemon’s in it which made it tart but the fact it was a cream pop settled down the tart too. It was so good and so refreshing to have after a hot day at the zoo!

We ended up getting Taco Bell for lunch instead and trying the Naked Chicken Chalupa which was pretty good. It was interesting. It was also kinda spicy. But it was like oh-god-its-so-good-but-burns-but-I-dont-want-to-stop-eating spicy lol. We headed to Wal Mart too to get some duct tape since my luggage is finally kicking the bucket after almost 10 years, it’s been a good run! And we found Color Pop TsumTsum blind bags! He grabbed I think 15 of them and the ones shown are the ones I got from the pull, the doubles went to him. We didn’t get a gold Stitch but we did get the gold Pooh from the Pastel Parade blind bags! So that’s not too bad 😛 I told him if he was gonna make me an Easter basket to just put a bunch of blind bags in it lol.

Also, can we talk about my love for the Dallas/Love Field Airport? The check in is the smoothest I ever experience and the security line is non existent. Airports stress me out no matter how many times I fly but this one eliminates like 80% of that stress. When I move I’m definitely making it a point to take this airport every time! My flight home was good, the aircraft was packed for once so the seat next to me wasn’t empty like it usually is  and the lady next to me had wine (I hate the smell of wine) but I slept through most of it so, that was nice. I got home and set up the PS4 Bubba gave me to replace the one I had taken from me and this one came with a cook KH skin lol and he also got me my own gold controller \o/ yay! I was enjoying my time away from having a PS4 but it IS nice to be back on FFXIV too :).

I was gone from FFXIV for two week and I came back to the yard being changed and decked out into Spring and Axelyn had the event gear on and the emote since Bubba did the event for me which was nice of him <3. So we took some pictures in the yard. These are jut a few of the ones I really liked (out of like the 80 I took).

Then they went Lala lol! We’re having too much fun with this /playdead emote! You can pass out anywhere now and not just the area’s for /doze! Aw I forgot to include the one where Penny “fell off the bed” I’ll include it under this lol but the last shot was taken and edited by Bubba. I wish he’d post stuff more too, his screenshots always look better than mine!


You can see his little lala but in the air lol.

Nothing too interesting has been happening since I got back; some cleaning and organizing. I need to do some purging and I need to use up more products!! SIGH!! Moving is going to suck! I’m getting tired just thinking about it. Also doing some paper work for the new place and stuff.

28 days until Bubba comes here to celebrate my birthday with me \o/


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