Weekly Recap; March 12th – 18th

I should post more than just Weekly Recap’s here but sometimes I just don’t know what to say. Daily blogging use to be my thing, my release, my therapy. Even if I had nothing to say, I’d just talk. Maybe I should do that again, it helped me a lot when I was growing up to deal with my problems and find answers or to help me understand that some things just don’t have answers.

This week wasn’t all that eventful; I didn’t leave the house for one. I don’t want to be tempted to spend money since Bubba and I have a big vacation planned coming up (and quick)! So I’ve just been handling some stuff with the new place, bills, trying to some how get ready for the move and figure out how social media works (cause it’s a never ending learning experience).

I’m a bit of a blind box addict (thanks Disney World job and D-Street and Vinylmations!) and that Hopper up there is something I’ve been chasing for about if not over a year now. I’ve gotten pretty much everyone in that collection about 2 or 3 times EXCEPT FOR HOPPER. I don’t know why! But it’s definitely driven me crazy once or twice. When I was in Texas and I told Bubba about this he immediately searched for it on Amazon and had it shipped to me! I finally got him and I couldn’t be happier! Hopper means a lot to me because my last job at Disney was at Animal Kingdom in The Tree of Life with the It’s Tough To Be a Bug show and Hopper was always my favorite part of the show. Every morning when we would make sure everything was good before opening I’d always be so excited to see him and the days when Hopper wasn’t working were very sad and boring work days!

I also got the package that Bubba sent that was the stuff I couldn’t pack in my luggage when I got home — this boy. He spoils me so much that I actually have to ship a box back home every time I see him. SIGH. But every single thing he gets me is something thoughtful. I forgot I had put my Tsum Tsum Pastel Parade’s in there so I was super excited to see them again… and also the Hot Cheetos with Lime that were lining the box. And the World of Final Fantasy guide. And my Beauty and the Beast music box. And BATB plushies. I didn’t take pic of all that was in there but I should had! Maybe piece by piece I will :).

I also got my Disney Store ordered which included these 3 Tsum Tsum lip balms, 2 mugs (I’m a sucker for mugs and especially Disney mugs) and a Tsum Tsum luggage charm set.

On National Pi Day I celebrated with an order through Instacart for groceries and got this snazzy cake. I’ve been on a all things Birthday Cake flavored kick lately and this was SO good. I love this brand, I’m sad I never gave it a chance before but their cakes are so good. So are their donuts!

Sometimes I hate how these aren’t in order to clumped up together right lol #pickyblogger. I got a Garuda minion gift from my friend Avi on FFXIV; Garuda is one of my fav primals on this game. I don’t know too much about her in other FF games but I do know I love her in FFXIV.

I tried some new eats from this Italian place I get Ubereats from; they used allllll parts of the squid for Calamari and that super excited me! You hardly see anyone use the legs of squid in anything really, it’s sad. The pasta dish I had a pic of but can’t find was amazing. I honestly just order from them because I love their Tiramisu but most entree dishes I’ve tried aren’t that great so when this one blew me away I was impressed!

I got a package from my mom that included these new cakes-in-a-mug packets that look super interesting. I’ve personally never tried meals-in-a-mug before and I hear a lot of mixed things about it… maybe I’ll give it a shot. I just hate doing dishes lol!

I got my Wet N Wild order from their website. Instead of trying to scout down every product like I normally do I decided to make it easy on myself and just order it. But somehow one of my palette’s got shattered! Nooo. I tweeted them and they told me to email CS which I did but I have yet to get a reply x(

Got my Graze order and my Candy Club box. I also got the March box for Graze. I didn’t update much on the Feb one, whoops. Maybe I’ll start talking about my sub boxes here too. But yeah Graze offered me a free snack with purchase so I picked up 2 (I couldn’t decide) and so far I’ve tried the Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake one and I. Am. Obsessed! It’s so good! But I’m a sucker for anything yogurt covered strawberry from Graze. The Candy Club box I was able to pick my own candies for this month and went with some Spring ones; there weren’t many to choose from. The colorful egg ones are alright they’re nothing special or fancy. The strawberry jelly cones though? OMG. Those are amazing. I haven’t tried the Birthday Cake bites yet (SEE ANOTHER BIRTHDAY CAKE FLAVORED THING) but I picked that one cause it was either that or like carrot cake taffy. The Spring/Easter selection was kinda lacking. I’m still debating on keeping or getting rid of this box. I’ve had it for like a year but lately I’ve just not been too impressed.

On Thursday my roommate royally pissed me off and irritated me by some senseless action she decided to take on that was totally disrespectful and completely irresponsible. I am and am not a fan of her boyfriend; he seems like a very nice guy and he seems polite but beyond that I don’t know much else about him except he smokes weed a lot, draws, makes his own soil and he seems a little ehh when it comes to communication. But this guy showers at my place almost every single time he’s here and he’s constantly smelling like weed. I’m obsessed with AT LEAST making my place smell nice and seasonally and I feel like the weed smell that I’m not even trying to have in my house IN THE FIRST FUCKIN PLACE ruins that. That shit lingers, I should know. Living in Cali all you do is smoke weed and that smell clings to everything and gets everywhere the only difference is in Cali I know how to bend rules when there were rules, I don’t know shit about Florida and I don’t care to know. I’m not here to stay so I’m not trying to cause shit I don’t need to be pulled into or causing. By association is a thing I’m not trying to be a fuckin part of. So people need to quit.

Because of that fuckin event I was on the edge for a few days and completely irritated beyond belief. I was throwing shit and punching shit cause I was so fuckin mad. She did say sorry and she did try to fix it and she has been apologizing since then and I do appreciate that. I appreciate that she didn’t make me feel crazy or belittle me for being upset and that she is aware my anger is justified. I love my roommate, I do. She can be a really great person, but she is after all still a person who just turned 20 and I know she has a long journey ahead of her. I try to help and I try to guide her if I can, though she seems to have a good idea of who she is and what she wants in life. She works a minimum of 3 jobs the whole almost 2 years I’ve known her and she works hard. I try not to be so hard on her when things come up, sigh.

Got into a mini fight with Bubba that I didn’t mean to get into (more like I was being a stubborn bitch about things). I don’t like blowing up at him or being mad at him or even fighting with him. All he ever does is try to help so I feel like an asshole when I do get upset at him. He did calm me down and got me to talk about it. He’s always so patient and compassionate about things when I’m being difficult. He knows my anxiety has a way of creeping into my head and telling me things that aren’t true. And as long as it takes for me to crawl back out he never ever holds any of that against me. Ever. He sits and waits and in between waiting will ask if I’m okay. His never ending patience and his understanding even though he doesn’t know what’s going on or what’s happening help me be stronger when my anxiety does creep into my head.

Bubba and I were suppose to run some dailies on FFXIV yesterday but we ended up spending some time together and taking screenshots. We haven’t done this in MONTHS so it was nice to play with the new features they have on the game when it comes to taking screenshots and just spending time together. These are some he took. He’s always so much more creative than I am! I love that second one so much!


And lately some wax melts I’ve been obsessed with — maybe I’ll write a review here later on about them. But of the Bath & Body Works melts, these 3 are hands down my favorites!

I’ve been obsessed with this Lavender Vanilla (which is their “Sleep” scent) scent since my mom sent me a bunch of the aromatherapy stuff last month. It’s been my bubble bath (which I’m running low on now), pillow mist and candle/wax melt of like, the month. Which is a change from the Eucalyptus Mint (which is their “Stress Relief” scent) you can usually find me using! Both do a good job of calming me down and relaxing me and also the Eucalyptus is enough to dull down a headache. I’m trying to get more into aromatherapy and finding more natural ways to relax and get rid of headaches but after being dependent on medication for so long it does get hard.

I guess I ended up doing more than I thought I did this week 🙂






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