Weekly Recap; March 19th – 25th

I can’t believe how fast the month is going!

Two more weeks and Bubba will be here to spend a week with me for my birthday \o/ which also means… two more weeks until I turn 32. Ugh.I feel like I should feel old. I don’t look any older than 19 and I don’t act any older too, but I feel like time-wise, I could had done more with my life and my time. I don’t know exactly how since it’s not like I wasn’t trying or taking risks but sometimes things just don’t go as planned and that’s okay, what’s not okay is to sit around and mope about it like I have been for the passed few months now.

True things are harder without a car and things are harder when you’re doing them on your own but it’s the challenges in life that help us build who we ARE and to show us just how STRONG we can be if we just don’t quit.

Though quitting is so much easier than the other thing.

I feel like the majority of my 20’s was a waiting game. Waiting for a sign on what to do next. Waiting on a new dream/goal. Waiting for my marriage to magically fix itself. All of which didn’t happen so I feel like my 20’s were just me waiting around, for nothing. And I hate that and I hate thinking back to it but there’s nothing you can do about the past except plan better in the future.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling, you’re not here for that today.

Another week where I feel like nothing epic really happened; I stayed home and got obsessed with leveling stuff on FFXIV. I’ve been trying not to go out so I don’t spend money since we do have that big trip coming up in 2 weeks. For someone who has a problem with spending money way too much, I’ve been doing pretty well!

The dogs are still here, though they should had been gone a week ago. Sophie’s been not eating because she’s stressed out over the dogs and Britney stealing her food; though for Sophie being Sophie she’s handling this a lot better than when Jane use to stress her out so yeah it’s frustrating she’s pooping in random places and being a bit of a brat but she’s doing better than she use to under stressful conditions. Me however, I’m counting down the days until the dogs are out of here.

I got my Yelp Elite status back \o/ I’m so proud of myself! I lost it last year because my boyfriend at the time was a total dick and I pretty much all the social media things I worked so hard to be accepted into, but I’m slowly working my way towards getting them back and it’s such an accomplishing feeling!

I’m utterly obsessed with this Graze Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake snack and I’m starting to run low! Oh noes! I’m a sucker for anything yogurt covered strawberry from Graze though, it’s so good! I tried the Turtle one that was in my pic from last week and I didn’t like it too much; I didn’t try the chocolate dip one yet though! I’ve also been pretty obsessed with these melts from Bath & Body Works. I bought these in a store when I was in TX and I’m bummed to see these scants aren’t up for grabs on the website! Like, what. Why. Ugh. So I’ve been melting other waxes until they come back.


The 20th was Sophie’s SECOND ADOPTAVERSARY!

I know I should wrote a blog post about it (maybe I’ll go write one and set it for the day since I don’t like being “late” on things) but it was a stressful day for one; my roommates bf was here and I don’t typically like when people are in my house. I don’t leave my room, I don’t know why, I just don’t like to. I did get to spend some time with Sophie though and she ventured around my room. I can’t believe I’ve had her for 2 years now, I can’t believe it’s been that long! I feel like it’s been like a year or something. But now she’s chubby and more active. I’m glad, I remember when I first got here she didn’t like people too much and she wouldn’t really eat. But now she loves being around people!

Stumbled on some old pics of Axelyn from when she was a sun kitty about a year ago. It’s crazy to see how much can change in a year and what crazy things can happen and how many times you change the look of your character in an MMORPG. Some of these pics I don’t remember, like the second one up top. I think that was after we left the Siren server but I don’t remember anything from that block of time really. I’ll write an over view post of my year on FFXIV when the day comes.

I did hit 60 on my Weaver and had Mama Avi make me my Ironworks gear. Bubba had compiled and gathered all the mats I needed for each armor piece, each accessory and each tool. I’m now fully ilvl190 geared and I have all 4 of my books \o/! I also hit 50 on my Culinarian. As well as unlocked the Moogle beast tribe, finally! My Botanist is around 53 or 55, I’m trying to get it to 60 this week so I can apply to be a crafting mentor! I’m still debating on what craft to level next between Carpenter, Blacksmith or Armor…  Bubba has Leatherworker, Goldsmith and Alchemy and Mining. I do plan on getting all of them to at least 50 before June but you get to pick 3 to be a “specialist” in and so far I’ve only picked 2.

I was having a bummy night and my anxiety was being a brat. Bubba had sent me a few country songs to listen to while I was in the bubble bath as his way to “introducing me” to it and though there are some country songs I like, I don’t listen to it normally. I actually really liked the songs he sent. They were emotional but upbeat and hopeful.

Here are the 2 I liked the most…

When She Says Baby by Jason Aldean
I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes

Those two have been on repeat nonstop!

I joined the Disney Movie Club; I use to have a membership but then it kinda just eh… I don’t really wanna talk about it… so yeah I signed up for my own account and these are the 4 movies picked for $1. Also started making this salmon dish with veggies I really liked last year and completely forgot about. I’m getting tired of ordering between Ubereats, pizza and Chinese food (which the Chinese food makes me sick now) so I thought I’d make something. I know it’s easier and cheaper to just make your own food but I hate being in the kitchen here and with company always around, yeah… I’d rather not.

Bubba and I have been watching Glee lately and I’ve absolutely enjoying it! I forgot how much I missed that show! And it’s so fun watching things with him… the conversations we have and the comments he makes makes it so much more fun!

I’ve been bummed a bit of this week about abortion things. I’m not really open to talk about it right now though I feel like I should bite the bullet and write about it… it might make me feel better. I’m worried about other peoples thoughts or opinions especially since the choice wasn’t mine and there’s always the argument of “no one can FORCE you to do anything.” yeah they can if they live with you and are abusive. But I guess that’s just a subject people who have experienced that situation can relate to and most people act like “oh that would never happen to me” since it hasn’t. Idk, kinda just torn about talking about it or not. But it’s been almost a year and I don’t think I’ve actually taken the time to mourn or try to find a way to cope with it — I don’t know how. And when it happened and I was so far gone beyond sad I was told to shut up about it and to not talk about it. So I didn’t, I just spent all my time playing FFXIV and ignoring everything else. Sigh.

I also posted a food blog entry on this blog here and I uploaded a YouTube video here.

I’m working on posting more both on blogs and YouTube and I need to get a move on it; Easter is almost here and I haven’t been posting very many Easter themed posts! Ahhhh!

Here’s to a more productive week…


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