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Weekly Recap; April 9th – 16th

My birthday week celebration \o/

I’m skipping this last week cause it was pretty much me being lazy and trying to recoup from the week long vacation/staycation.

Bubba flew down here on the 9th to spend my birthday week with me. It was his first time on a plane by himself, the first time he’d ever been to Florida and his first time at ANY Disney park. Which blows my mind considering how much of a Disney fan he is! But I was pretty excited to have him here and share all my favorite things and places within Disney limits with him!

This post is gonna be LONG and super picture heavy.

A P R I L   9 T H

He landed at 945am, I took an Uber to the airport since my roommate had her guy over and I didn’t know so walking in on that was awkward. Anyway, I had a really cool Uber driver who made the drive that early in the morning that much better. And I sat and waited for him. He told me 915 but meant 945, his flight left TX at 615 is what it was. It’s okay, at least I wasn’t late. Went on an epic adventure to find the Magical Express once we got his luggage.

Got to the resort, checked in, paid off the rest of the stay and had them hold our luggage/bring it to our room when our room was ready (I love how convenient Disney makes everything!) and headed to Disney Springs. This day we settled for just relaxing and spending the day at Disney Springs just to introduce him around. He ordered my birthday cake and we had lunch at T-Rex which he enjoyed \o/ we also got a night show for Power Rangers at the dine-in theater. Beauty and the Beast wasn’t until 3pm and we were gonna head back to the hotel around that time so we couldn’t make that time frame. After lunch we walked around, I showed him around. At 3 we headed back to the hotel, they texted me about an hour after we got to Springs that our room was ready (wayyy before 3pm!) and our stuff was already in there. We went to make sure. And it was all there! I took him around the resort; I opted for All Star Movies (which I had stayed in before and loved it) and he was loving all the big figures around the resort. We were put in Fantasia which was nice and close to the pool (I was in Dalmatians before and it was farther back). We hung out in the hotel for awhile, it was really hot so being in a cool AC room was nice.

We headed back to Springs right before the movie.

The movie itself was epic except… when did Rita get so damn creepy?! Also the food was SO disappointing! I got the Teriyaki bowl and the rice was SO dry and it had NO sauce! Also the vanilla milkshake wasn’t the best even if it came with an ice cream sandwich. I couldn’t take pics of any of the food cause it was so damn dark. So yeah, BLAH. BLAH on that experience! At least the movie was good.

After the movie we walked around some more.

I loved seeing how excited he was about seeing everything. He kept telling me to take pictures of EVERYTHING lol. I guess I’m spoiled since I see this stuff all the time that I never know WHAT to take pictures of! But I remember how excited I was about everything the first time I ever came to Disney, though in 2011 it was VERY different than it is now!

Also, can you spot the hidden Goofy in the last picture?

A P R I L   1 0 T H

Ohana is one of my absolute favorite restaurants on property (as it is with a lot of people) but I had never been there for breakfast! So last minute I made us a reservation. We got there early (I love how he’s all about getting to places early and being prompt).

They started us off with their signature pineapple coconut bread except this one was sweeter and had pineapple pieces on the bottom, it was good but not better than the savory one they serve for dinner. The breakfast itself was SO good and I was so full by the time we were done. I definitely stuffed myself with fruits! And we stayed full pretty much the whole morning/early afternoon which was nice.

ALSO, his first ever character meet and greet! I thought it was just Lilo & Stitch here but there was also Mickey and Pluto! We had so much fun and he enjoyed the experience and the food, so I’m glad 🙂

After breakfast we headed to Animal Kingdom!

We didn’t take too many pics this day but there was a lot of running around. I tried to get us to take as many Photopass pics as I could — we met Donald and he met Russell. But we didn’t catch Rifiki, Pocahontas, King Louie, Baloo or Flick.



We saw Rivers of Light that night and it was amaaaaaaaaaaazing. It was SO good! I loved it! He loved Animal Kingdom and that makes me happy. I use to work in The Tree of Life, it was one of my favorite locations to work in during my Disney career even though I was forced to quit the week I was suppose to be trained for Festival of the Lion King… but that’s a whole different post on its own.

A P R I L   1 1 T H

This day was half a relax-ish day.

We stopped by my place so I could check on Sophie. I always take a pic with her day before or of my birthday so that had to be done. She was doing… okay. She had pooped on a few things and I didn’t have time to wash them but made note of it all. Bubba got to meet her too \o/ and she likes him so that makes me super happy. He tried getting into my room like a dodo, but he got a glimpse of it (damn OCD). We headed back to Disney Springs to pick up my cake and stopped by Starbucks cause I was thirsty. They had this Banana Split Frapp that Bubba wanted to try out and I got this cute cake pop! Saw a few people walking around with these delicious looking taco bowls (and I’m hardcore craving one right now) so we HAD to get one! It was SO good! Also he tried the Mickey ice cream sandwich.

We spent that night at EPCOT. Mostly Land, Sea and Future World but we also stuck around to see Illuminations and inched our way through the showcase even though Bubba said we wouldn’t. Pffft, like I was gonna let that happen lmao!

We got on Soarin which they changed and it was pretty cool! We also got on Living With The Land.

I brought the Pastel Parade Micky and Minnie Tsum Tsum’s and decided to do little photoshoots with them around property. I didn’t get to take too many. But sunset is always so pretty at EPCOT.

Some of the Photopass pics we took. Usually they come out pretty good but some of them really really don’t. We also got to meet Baymax! But that’s the only character we met that day.

I got my Violet Lemonade which is my favorite thing from The Flower & Garden Festival! We also had dinner in Japan, they changed the menu so much! Everything was still really good. We didn’t get the Frushi since it was getting late. We picked a spot in Italy to watch the show but as you can see, everyone started crowding around… so… yeah. We walked the showcase instead to head back. I took this photo in Japan cause it looked really cool but I couldn’t catch it the way I wanted. I don’t care much for Illuminations so…

A P R I L   1 2 T H


Oh goodness I’m tired of writing this blog post already lmao.

Magic Kingdom day!

Started the day off with Bubba getting me popcorn to snack on while we watched Festival of Fantasy. It was SO dang hot that day! And it was so busy! We got on like one ride and I think it was Haunted Mansion before we had to head to Ohana for dinner for my birthday! We got there early so I played around with Mickey and Minnie. Got a Happy Birthday greeting from Twitter and Bubba went downstairs to get us Dole Whip Floats! I tried to get him to try the MUST HAVES at least while he was here.

I wore a blue dress my mom got me from Kohls (yes, a dress). Dinner was amazing as always. I was all over the salad. I got hit with some pretty bad cramps after which was weird so I went to the bathroom only to realize I started my period. On my birthday. Yeah. MOTHA*#*#$ seriously?! My roommate was working at the bar so she passed me some tampons, THANKFULLY.

We went to The Grand because every year I always want to see the chocolate eggs and for the last like 4 years I never went so I decided this time to go and I’m glad I did! They had some amazing pieces. Then I went to the store to get some pads, Bengay (I had hurt my shin and my foot) and I got something else, I don’t remember. I wanna say it was a snack or candy or something I hella didn’t need. We went back to the resort cause I was suddenly super cold and Bubba had me rest my leg and foot and gave me massages.

We went back to Magic Kingdom to see Wishes and he had me in a wheelchair. Which was so weird! I felt like he was gonna crash me into things but holy hell the public is SO RUDE to people in wheelchairs! I mean you see it all the time and I try to be nice when I see them around cause I’m sure passing through is a bitch but omg when you’re actually in one like NO ONE cares. People cut you off, people try to jump over you, people stand in front of you, lift their kids up in front of you. It’s so freakin rude! We didn’t get a good view of Wishes so Bubba was kinda bleh bleh bleh about it but I personally was so touched and so happy he tried so hard to get me to see Wishes and how much he knows it means to me. We might not had gotten a good view but the fact he cared enough made that moment even more special for me. We had extra magic hours and the park was open till 2am for us and we had planned to stay that late before I hurt my shin and foot but we got on The Adventures of Winnie The Pooh and Philhar Magic and left but we were coming back the next day. I feel bad I couldn’t had just sucked it up and ran around like I wanted to and showed him around! Sigh. But he was constantly asking me if I was okay, if anything hurt, if he could get me anything. He was worried the whole time. Sigh.

A P R I L   1 3 T H


I hate spring break. It was so busy. Ever ride had a 100+ min wait. I took Bubba on the MK Train and we got off at Fantasyland to help ease the walking for me a bit and for him to see it. I think it’s an underrated attraction. I went into Big Top and got my caramel apple, the BEST caramel apple on property if you ask me. Idk why this one tastes different than all the others. And I got strawberries as a “birthday gift”! I love how certain places do this! Then we went to Gaston’s (and Gaston himself had a huge meet and greet line! They moved him to the back over by the bathrooms, weird. I liked it better when he hung out next to castle) and got a cinnamon roll which was flipping amazing and the frozen apple drink I like getting. That cinnamon roll was… omg. So good! Then we went to get a snack at Harbor House — before the trip we made a list of where we would eat/what parks on what day/what we were gonna get fast passes for. I got the Chicken Pot Pie and holy hell it was delicious! Harbor House is one of my fav places to eat in Magic Kingdom.

We went on Peter Pan, attempted to get on Buzz but because it broke down it was just a fucked up situation. Went on People Mover where he massaged my feet for me the whole ride. I can’t remember if we went on anything else! The wait for It’s A Small World was OVER AN HOUR. When does that EVER happen? Pirates was down. Sigh.

I also took my annual birthday pic but changed it up a bit…

I didn’t write my usual hello goodbye post on Facebook yet. I don’t really know what to say…

PEACE OUT 31, you were some bullshit. 32 is looking bright already. And it’s not because we were wearing yellow.

For my second birthday dinner he took me to BE OUR GUEST.



I started with the French Onion Soup like I do for lunch (which I think I’ve eaten at BOG for lunch every single time I’ve gone except for once I took Alexis with me). Then I had the scallops which were good but I didn’t care much for the pasta.

Bubba got The Grey Stuff and I got the Lemon Cupcake. I also got a birthday card and a plate of Grey Stuff from Beast and Belle for my birthday! Goodness that made my night! We had so much fun. We didn’t meet The Beast. I was pretty tired afterwards. I don’t remember what else we did. I think we headed back to the hotel and I rested a bit.

We took  selfie with the castle, no Photopass photo T___T he told me I could stay but I was in a bit of pain so I passed, even though I wanted a do-over of the day before. But we did head back to the hotel and we cut my cake! This cake might LOOK small but I ASSURE YOU, IT WAS NICE. It was SO sweet and so filling! I got the Minnie cake that had Lemon Chiffon, Raspberry Pate de Fruit and something else. But oh goodness it was so freakin good. He had them put my name on it lol. He’s so silly.

But oh my goodness this boy made me feel so spoiled the whole week!

A P R I L   1 4 T H


We did a few of the kiosks around the showcase. I love the boba they had in China! We got on the Frozen ride in Norway. I’m so sad they got rid of my trolls but the Frozen ride was really fun and really well done! Except getting hit in the face with that extra shot of water since we were in the first row lol.

After EPCOT we stopped by my house again, I had to check the mail. And got my cookies from my friend Lisa who makes amazing cookies. Check out her Etsy page [ HERE ]! After we went to this souvenir store that’s connected to the Baskin Robbins I always go to (and really close to my old apartment I loved T___T) where Bubba got some stuff for his family and I ended up getting a bunch of stuff for myself too. Then he got me ice cream and we took an Uber back to the hotel. The Uber wait in the Disney Springs area is no joke less than 5 mins. There’s drivers EVERYWHERE, it’s so insane! I feel a little safer knowing that. I don’t like taking Uber at night because I’m paranoid like that but it’s nice to know a lot of Uber drivers rely on the Disney Springs area to make most of their money. For some reason that makes me feel safer. We headed back to the hotel and I got another taco salad!

A P R I L   1 5 T H

I’m not gonna post every single picture I took on HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS DAY but here are some.

We got there SUPER early, an hour before the park opened to be exact. To make it to Toy Story Mania because we gave up that fast pass for Fantasmic. Which was a bad idea. No more fast passes for shows, they’re not really useful. Like, at all. So yeah we head there first and LAST MINUTE he beats me!! GRRR. Then we went to Disney Jr. then to The Little Mermaid show. Then to see the Imperial March. Had a very Star Wars lunch at Backlot Express were I got a super cute BB-8 cup! Thanks babe! Went on Great Movie Ride and Star Tours! Found my Star Wars light up ears and we got a Tie Fighter popcorn holder. The girl gave us our popcorn refill for free and I went to get an X Wing light up thing which she also gave to me as a birthday gift ;D I love Disney. Went to get Fairfax Salad’s which are my fav at Hollywood Studios (and they shrank) and went to see Fantasmic. Bubba went pin trading a bit but not too much. Next time he comes back we’ll do more pin trading. It was a whole lot of running around and getting things done. But we got everything we wanted to get done done at this park, so yay!

We went to see Fantasmic and the pre-show games are always the best. And the sing alongs! It occurred to me that I haven’t seen the show in TWO YEARS. That’s crazy. But I’m so happy to see it again!

A P R I L   1 6 T H


Another relax day at Disney Springs. Finally tried Tea Traders and got the Black Tea Lavender Latte. It was SO good! Got 2 cupcakes from Sprinkles and a cupcake shake with the Marshmallow Chocolate cupcake + Rocky Road ice cream + fudge + marshmallow and it was HEAVEN.

Bubba left at around 545 to get to his flight and by the time I got home he was at the airport waiting to board. I took a hot bath and waited for him to land back in Texas.

I had an amazing week with him and I’m so glad we got to spend it together.

Now the real countdown begins!


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