Weekly Recap; April 23rd – April 28th

I’m writing this post a day early.

I was going to schedule this post for tomorrow and lie but what if something interesting happens today?! So yeah, I’m just posting it a day earlier, whatever.

Currently I’m a bit peeved at my roommate who decided to throw away raw chicken yesterday MORNING before she LEFT FOR WORK, leaving it to sit in the trash in the kitchen ALL FUCKIN DAY in 90* Florida weather; I turned off the AC for a bit because I was feeling sick and cold not realizing there was RAW CHICKEN IN THE TRASH. So the apartment pretty much ended up smelling like something fuckin died. All day. I asked her about it at around 10pm to which she told me she tossed chicken and would be taking the trash out to the dumpster. I was falling in and out of sleep and at around midnight I woke up to the smell of dead shit in my house, so I asked her if she tossed it and she said she didn’t but she would put it outside — trash gets picked up from Sunday to Thursday. So that means the HALLWAY would smell like DEAD SHIT. Cause that’s better. Not to mention she still hasn’t filled out a resident form for living here and she’s set to move out in June.

So yeah, I’m kinda annoyed.

I really do try to keep my apartment as clean and as tidy as my anxiety will let me. I also try really hard to make sure my apartment SMELLS GOOD. It’s so important to me that my place smells good and I feel like recently that goal is SO HARD TO ACHIEVE and it’s starting to really piss me off.

This is like the 3rd time she’s done this. Also, not including other things.

Sophie is crying at my door, what the fuck.

Anyway, on to my week.

Had to go run some before-my-birthday-month-ends errands (which reminds me, I’m going to miss out on the other April gift from Sephora, drat) so I headed out to the Target plaza I always go to go to ULTA and pick up my birthday gift — which was different than what they advertised when I signed up. I don’t know if they just switch them every month or what cause when I got home I got an email about how they were offering a different gift which kinda makes me sad because mascara’s aren’t really my thing…

Had lunch at Panera and now I’m craving one of these amazing salad’s! Used up the rest of the gift card Bubba had given me in December, thanks love! Then headed to Target where Mario and Luigi were just hanging out outside making Mario Kart sounds. I know nothing about the Nintendo Switch so I’m not sure if that advertisement had anything to do with that system. BUT the new Nintendo 2DS is coming out and I’m pretty excited about that! Except it’s an XL, but still! I need a new DS.

I also went to Target to try the Unicorn Frapp since it was the day before they were set to stop making it but my location didn’t have it! I guess I could had my Uber driver stop by the Starbucks drive through on the way back but like, I figured that would be too much work so didn’t bring it up. Since I wasn’t able to find that magical sour goodness I asked Bubba to look for it in Texas and he said all his locations were sold out (he tried 3 places, aww) so I got the Pink Drink instead which I AM NOW IN LOVE WITH. It’s amazing how much Coconut Milk can change your already favorite drink.

Oh I can’t wait to move to my new apartment — there’s a Starbucks literally right behind my building!

A couple of cool things I also found at Target — this “I love you more” mug for $3 in the dollar spot. Bubba and I always go, “I love you” “I love you more” “I love you the most” and if you can figure out where that’s from, you’re awesome. So I sent him this pic and he goes “I love you the most” I need this mug lol! And also Nature’s Wick had a Lavender candle I couldn’t pass up. I haven’t burned it yet but I love these candles! The cracking wick is so relaxing and the scent throw is amazing so I have really high hopes for this candle!

And also the Lavender candle from Bath & Body Works I started burning from their new France collection — it’s amazing. I’m trying to get my hands on another one but my store doesn’t sell the candles! Freakin strange…

I finally dove into and finished the box of truffles that Bubba got me from Ganachary \o/ they were so good, as always! I uploaded my Feb/March empties video which can be found here. I FINALLY unlocked trade mentor status on FFXIV! I’m so excited and proud of myself about that!!

I got my Disney World renewal letter in the mail with the passholder magnet! That’s totally going up on my new fridge! I got my small Sephora haul for their 10% off event (which really didn’t take off much but hey any excuse to buy something, amiright); I got the new Tarte Rainforest thing palette. That might be wrong, lemme go find the exact link… The Tarte “Make Yourself Believe In Yourself” palette which you can find here (don’t worry it’s not an affiliate link thought I still don’t get why those are even bad to share). I also got the Sephora brand glitter nail polish remover to try out and the Sephora brand Coconut lip scrub/balm to also try out. I got my 3 small samples (I forget which ones I picked again) and converted 100 points to get a Kat Von D lippie sample. I’m a sucker for liquid lipsticks, what can I say.

My mom sent me the wax goods, I’m obsessed with this scent and I really hope they’re not trying to get rid of it! They’re on sale for $2.99 on the website, I might pick up some! I don’t know if my mom meant they were on sale FOR GOOD or if they were just ON SALE, period. Cause you know Kohls, everything is always on sale! Either way, NOT TAKING ANY CHANCES! Also got my Shutterfly magnet’s with pictures of our Disney trip. I love how these came out! They’re a lot bigger than what I thought they would be but I love them!

Really not sure why the House of Blues or the Candy Cauldron pics are looking blurry here… ugh. But I took a COMPLETELY SOLO DISNEY TRIP the other day for the first time in TWO YEARS! It was SO MUCH FUN. Except I almost passed out twice cause it went from 90* – 94* in like a matter of an hour. BUT LOOK HOW EMPTY IT WAS!! It was amazing! I got to Magic Kingdom at around 11am… well before noon, I know that. I got dropped off at Disney Springs and took the guest bus to The Contemporary and walked, like I always do.

There was a family sitting across from me that I guess was trying to do the same and the dad was complaining about “why can’t the bus just drop us off at Magic Kingdom, it’s RIGHT THERE. What a waste, now we have to get on the monorail to get there when they could easily just drop us off.”

Are guests really that dumb? Or that lazy? That is NOT the route of this bus. If you wanted to go to MK so badly and you parked at Disney Springs (which there’s a reason buses don’t go from the parks to Disney Springs) YOU SHOULDA JUST PARKED AT TTC! It’s just the way things are! People act like rules are in place to hurt them. You’re not the only guests here, quit being selfish pricks. This bus goes from Wilderness Lodge and The Contemporary then back to Disney Springs, all day long, FOR A REASON. It just really irked me.

I was taking pictures of the Pink Drink I got as soon as I got in and guests passing by were trying to get in my picture and I just laughed. This guy though wanted to take a selfie with me!

When I worked at Disney one of the things that made my day was when guests would randomly ask to take a selfie with you! I don’t know why, but it always made me giggly. Apparently, it still does! There’s a magic in Disney parks, I swear!

Also fun fact just as many guests would ask me to take pics (mostly guys) as there were guests who would ask my ex husband (who were mostly girls) when he was at work too. It’s crazy that one person could make you feel so low about yourself when the reality is maybe you’re actually doper than you give yourself credit for.

What you think of yourself should always trump what others think of you, no matter who they are.

Got my favorite waffle — ever! From Sleepy Hallow and sat with a nice view of the castle. I miss this life, so much! Headed to main street to see if I could catch some of the Movie It Shake It parade to take pics for Bubba and show him. Then headed to Fantasyland! Peter Pan’s flight was 65 mins so I passed on that. It’s A Small World was “15” but the line went outside so I managed to snag a fast pass for half an hour later.

Hid in the Tangled bathroom cause I started getting dizzy and weak like I was gonna pass out. And tried taking some Lokai pictures in the Tangled area but they didn’t really turn out the way I was hoping they would. Got on It’s A Small World and had the whole row of seats to myself, sent Bubba a pic and he drew himself in lol! I love that boy. Then headed to Gaston’s to get the rose cup but they sold out, I shoulda saw that coming but tried anyway. Got some Macarons (which were okay) and the brew to cool me down. It was tasting like caramel apple today which was kinda yummy.

I thought of getting on The Little Mermaid ride but decided against it, walked through Tomorrowland which I already wrote a post about that experience. Found the Disney bloggers infamous “purple wall” lol then headed to Main Street to wait for The Festival of Fantasy parade. After that I headed to The Emporium to get my Wishes farewell merch and headed to The Contemp to get my favorite Pot Roast meal and a sandwich for my roommate. Picked up the food, took the monorail to The Poly and dropped off her food.

I walked around a bit, was gonna get my favorite mango sushi from The Poly but decided against it and went home instead.


Also, the blister I apparently got on my birthday week (I mean I knew it was there but it wasn’t like bothering me or anything) decided to pop or something on its own. I didn’t even notice/I completely forgot about it until I felt that extra skin while in the bubble bath last night.

I don’t have much experience with blisters, even though Bubba kept telling me to pop it. I don’t know how you would pop a blister and I really would rather not. So I just left it to pop when it decided to. The skin was really weird and icky and squishy! It grossed me out! But now I don’t have to worry/remember it’s there anymore, whew.

Also a little fly decided to die next to my bath. Bubba kept telling me it might be a baby roach and that freaked me out so I drained my bath, flushed it down the drain and refilled my bath so I could retake it nice and peacefully. Ugh. Florida life. And Florida bugs.

It’s getting up to 95* – 98* this week and I’m feeling the ickyness of it all. It’s wayyyy too early for it to be getting this hot in the year.

*turns up AC*
*stays indoors*


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap; April 23rd – April 28th”

  1. I agree, the discount for the Sephora sale wasn’t huge but it’s totally an excuse to buy stuff!
    I always pop my blisters – I use a lancet. Once it drains, it heals a lot faster, in my experience.

    1. I swear Sephora use to do more than 10% off! It’s so eh cause they barely ever have sales really! But still, any bit helps lol! Yeah my boyfriend kept telling to pop it or let him pop it because it would “feel so much better” but it was the “drains” part that scared me so I was like NO *hides feet for the rest of the week* I didn’t really notice it to be honest so I didn’t even know it popped when it did! I typically just leave mine alone, they’re never big enough to really bother me thankfully!

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