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Weekly Recap; April 30th – May 6th

How the heck is it already May?!

How the heck is it already Sunday?!

Does time just zip by faster the older you get?!


So it’s Sunday again which means… another weekly recap! Yay!

Yeah I don’t think much happened this week. I did write a follow up email for the last moving company I’m waiting a response on and… nothing all week. I called yesterday and was sent to the main corp line since the offices were closed the weekend. So if I don’t hear anything tomorrow I’ll call again. But then Sophie also has her check up tomorrow and I’m really hoping she will be good and not crying and alla that. It’s my first time taking her to a check up by myself, so this should be interesting. Should I vlog this? #lifeafter30 #after30withacat #whatismylife

These Hawaiian cookies I found at The Polynesian Resort… let me tell you… they taste like a tropical getaway in my mouth. I wasn’t aware there were different sets of flavors. I didn’t pick one with chocolate and now I really wish I had! Grrr! Next time I head over there.

I forget that sunburn itches. And my feet for some reason get sunburned the worst. Like right now, after all the itchyness mumbo jumbo has stopped they look so burnt. And it’s so crazy because the rest of my body does not burn like that! Anyway, the itch was real apparently because I scratched so hard I started bleeding and didn’t realize it until I got in the bath that night and it STUNG LIKE CRAZY. But you know what. That didn’t stop me from scratching after that bath because scratching sunburn like that is it’s own kind of heaven and I have NO regrets. I don’t wear flip flops of show my feet that often anyway (and now I’m glad I don’t especially in the 5 years I’ve lived in FL) so let them scab! Let them scar! See if I care!

Twitter stats are kind of my weekly and bi-daily obsession. It’s so crazy to see that bar move up and where and when it does! I wish Instagram was a little easier when it comes to gaining followers and impressions. It’s so crazy to see how different social media platforms work and how something that works on one might not work on the other. It will always blow my mind and it’s so fun to play with! I just wish my numbers would increase too, but keeping followers on Instagram is SO hard, sometimes I just want to make a post say WHAT WILL MAKE YOU STAY. WHY WONT YOU LOVE ME. But you know, who wants to come off as clingy? Not me, hah (okay maybe sometimes).

FFXIV did another with-purchase campaign with Amazon this year. Last year we got Japan exclusives with the maid and butler outfit and the white Fat Choco mount and some other stuff that didn’t make much sense. I think one was an Ifrit helm, I don’t know. I didn’t care much for last years campaign, I’m a bit of a anime fetish hater. It kinda gets that way when people ask you if you could dress like a maid for them. No, but I CAN slit your throat, wanna see? Asshole. ANYWAY, this year we got the cloud mount which is kind of all kinds of cool and a really cool outfit I haven’t really played with just yet and a staff for Dragoons. I had to wait a whole 48 hours for my code even though I bought mine at 11am that day and Bubba bought his as 5pm and got his instantly. I called Amazon support and the rep who picked up my call was so fun to talk to! She gave me a $10 credit to “go rent a movie or something while I wait”  (her exact words lol). I wasn’t in a rush to get my codes, as long as I got them. But it definitely is fun to fly around on this thing (though I still take my bubbles bird with me on Moogle quests).

I’ve been trying to find ways to kind of breathe and relax. I hate when it gets to this month cause I start worrying and stressing out about moving (you’d think after 5 years and moving EVERY SINGLE JULY I would have some kind of method to this but NO, I DON’T especially since this time I’m moving to ANOTHER STATE). Maybe if I start the bulk of my packing I’d feel a little more confident and less… chaotic.

More Twitter stats because like I said, it’s a thing I’m obsessed with checking.

I was laying down one afternoon and came face to face with a hair spider. Yes, I made that up. But really how the heck does my hair tie itself together like that?


Say that isn’t just A LITTLE BIT weird.

I got yummy mail! Yummy mail is happy mail!

I got my Scentsy order in the mail and I’m SO happy with the choices I made! The first order I made I wasn’t too much of a fan of any of the scents I got. This time I got 2 lemon scents and some really fruit ones. When I opened the box it smelled like the inside of a really delicious candy store. I melted Strawberry Swirl and Lemon Sorbet TOGETHER first and omgosh it made my room smell like a Strawberry Lemonade STARBURST. Seriously obsessed! And one cube lasts FOREVER, the scent throw stays! I typically keep my wax melter on all day and night and sometimes the scents can fade after a few hours but these just kept on going! Goodness! And because I was that obsessed with it this time I made another order, oops.

I also got my Wickedly Prime tea’s and soups and my Godiva gift to myself. Oh gosh how I love yummy mail!


MAY THE FOURTH (be with you) was a thing that happened. I was gonna go to Hollywood Studios to celebrate (since I was banned from doing that for years because of a some guy I may had been married to hiding his whore who worked with him there and HEAVEN FORBID I run into her. Scared much?) but my apartment complex had some kind of inspection and my roommate hadn’t come home the night before which is kinda typical but also embarrassing because her cat WOULD NOT SHUT UP OR BEHAVE and also her thongs were literally all over her floor. Wonder what the inspector guy thought walking into that mess.

This photo was taken during my birthday week by the way, the Troopers march is something that’s incredibly epic that they do now and I’m glad they do. The more Star Wars, the better!

So since I missed May The Fourth Bubba decided to have a Star Wars weekend marathon with me. Which is really sweet of him. He had me order snacks for movie watching and we watched Episode 1 on Friday which KIND OF killed a bit of my #HailVader thing, Ani was SUCH a cute kid! He was so optimistic and driven… WHAT HAPPENED. I mean, if nothing happened there would be no Vader (then who I would I Hail?!) but still, it’s crazy to think that sweet boy grows up to be Darth Vader. Also, I still dislike Darth Maul. I know I’m all PRO DARK SIDE but Darth Maul creeps me out, like please stop looking in my direction I just wanna order Subway #NeverWorkingAtHollywoodStudiosAgain #CastMemberProblems lmao! I’ll never freakin forget that! Though I do miss those days.


So yesterday, as I was on the phone with customer service for that moving company I randomly had a cough that nearly choked me and OUT FLEW THIS THING.

I’ve had these before, and I’ve had them for years but I typically only see them/get them out like once of twice a year. And it’s usually in the morning when I’m brushing my teeth/cleaning my tongue (it’s something I’m a bit obsessed with and have to do it EVERY SINGLE DAY, my family use to tease me as a kid for having bad breath so I’m insecure about my morning breath and my breath in general) but never have I ever just COUGHED ONE OUT. This is the first time I’ve ever had it in my hand and it’s texture is weird. Like it’s definitely a solid and it’s not squishy, it’s like a cross between a rock and hard dough almost. And it smells awful. I don’t remember what it smelled like now but I remember it being pretty awful.

I always assumed these were Tonsil Stones/Rocks but I never actually asked about them when I’d go to the dentist or doctor especially since I don’t run into them often. I don’t remember how I even figured out about these because I remember the first time I spit one out (I could feel it in my mouth and it took me a good moment to get it out, I didn’t realize it was actually coming out of my gums and not actually stuck in the back of my throat like it felt like it was) I thought it was just a piece of food or french fry that got stuck in my throat. I think it wasn’t until the second time that I Googled it just out of curiosity.

But up until yesterday I didn’t put much thought into it cause like I said, I don’t get them often. But coughing one up totally did raise some panic. So I Googled a description of it and once again I came up with Tonsil Stones. I do still have mine, by the way. Then I searched the hashtag on Instagram and yup, that’s definitely what I coughed up. Thankfully mine are all about this size, they’re really tiny. I’ve seen some photos of some people who have some HUGE ones and I’m sure THOSE you could FEEL. But mine typically feel like a tickle or something IN my throat when I do come across them. It’s annoying and not as satisfying when mine come out but ugh. Idk, the whole mouth concept just grosses me out. Like, using spit as lube? EW NO FUCKIN THANKS.

Hopefully this is the only one I have, not that I can tell if I have more. Though I did try to do like the people on YouTube/Instagram do and poke around back there. But my mouth is really tiny and my Tonsils are even smaller so being able to see back there is pretty impossible. I don’t know how others do it! But at the same time, I don’t want to learn how either. I obsess over enough things.


I started playing with my Canon t5 again after not picking it up in a year and actually filmed a haul video with it! I just need to learn how to video edit with Adobe Premier since I lost both my iMovie and my Final Cut Pro on my damn MacBook. Whatever.

I wanna get better at taking pics and learning all the little details and features to a camera even if that is going to take some time. You’d think by now I’d learn all this shit though. Sigh.

Also of all the new B&BW candles that released this Spring this has the faintest scent throw! But it is nice.

Amazon Vine also fixed my paperwork so now my status isn’t pending anymore, thank goodness. I got a new claw scratcher for Sophie and a mug holder for me but I’m not unboxing either of those things until after I move since there’s no reason to do it here or now. I need a new method of setting up my mugs since in the cupboard isn’t ideal with how many mugs I actually have. I also lost my t5 charger somehow so I had to order a new one, I don’t know where I could had misplaced it to, it never leaves this room so it’s just weird.

So this week, after Sophie’s check up I’ll probably start doing some sorting/purging starting with the kitchen drawers. I’ll take this one step at a time and worry about the big stuff later. But for now, this week, I’ll work on the little stuff — organizing papers and little kitchen things. I know there’s some stuff I need to toss… like some stuff asshat left behind so I’ll probably just make my own trips to the dumpster tomorrow and toss those. I know you can donate pillows and stuff to certain places though I’m not sure if I should donate these or just toss them, I’ve had them for awhile. Hm. We’ll see. I know I need to donate a BUNCH of clothes. I’m just so bad at tossing things like makeup and things like that no matter how long I’ve had them even if I have NEVER used them/don’t even remember they’re here.

We’ll seeeeeeeeeee.

Here’s to hopefully a productive week!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap; April 30th – May 6th”

  1. I’ve coughed out those little pieces before and yes they smell DISGUSTING. Yes, they’re Tonsil Stones! I’ve actually dug them out of the back of my mouth before because I could feel them lodged there. You’re not alone!

    On a more pleasant note, that trooper march is so neat!

    1. Stashy, I’ve never coughed one out before this was a first! I’ve like felt them back there and spit them out before… usually after I eat ground beef I can feel them the most (of course I keep thinking it’s just ground beef back there but clearly it’s not)! Digging them out is so hard since my mouth and tonsils are so small! It’s so frustrating! Thankfully I only get them twice a year or less. I don’t run into them very often but they are a cause for wonder!

      And oh goodness I love the Trooper March! I wish there was more to it!

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