Weekly Recap; May 7th – 13th

Uhm, excuse me May, but can you like… stop moving so damn fast? I need to start packing this week. Or at least seriously start sorting through and throwing things away. Which doesn’t help when I keep getting mail.

I suspended my Candy Club box until Aug, I might just cancel it. I’m not sure yet. Which still leaves Julep, Graze, Ipsy, Sephora, Owlcrate and the 1up box I just signed up for. Yeah I might just have to suspend some of these so I don’t have to worry about losing packages in the mail.

So this week will be focused on sorting/tossing things I don’t use, haven’t used in the last 2 years and don’t see myself using after the move. It’s going to be hard and it’s going to suck a bit but it needs to be done.

Last Monday, on the 7th, this little girl had a check up appointment. She gained a pound (she’s now 6 pounds)! Her eyes are fine, the gunk she gets in them is normal. Her teeth are fine. She had a bit of dirt in her ears and a small infection. They did clean it out though and gave me medicine to give her (which she’s been fighting like crazy). They did a blood test and found that her Kidney’s are at that stage of her life where they start declining which might explain why she’s pooping everywhere and why she’s excessively throwing up. So I switched her diet. I opted out of getting the water pouch to stick into her back because she does drink a lot of water (which they said was normal and good since cats typically don’t drink enough water) but she has to go back in 2 weeks to get a follow up check up and a urine test. I Googled about it and apparently it’s a common cause of death in cats, there’s no way to reverse it and the most you can do is change their diet to what she’s on now and make sure she keep drinking a lot of water.

So since Sophie’s been a little sicko lately she’s been spending more time in my room with me.

I was on a 24hr war with a roach I found in my bathroom one morning. I opened my bathroom drawer (like I do every morning) and his fat ass was sitting there staring at me. I screamed and went pee, leaving the drawer open. It’s like I was scared for a second but obviously I wasn’t that scared if I went pee and didn’t try to kill it. I mean, I thought of it but really had to pee. So I spent that day clearing out the drawers in the bathroom (I need to pack them anyway) and didn’t see him. Didn’t see him after my bath and shower either. Then I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and he comes dashing out of the bathroom as soon as I open the damn door scaring the shit out of me. Ugh. So I go back to bed and I see him in the corner of my eye and I grab the RAID waiting for him for about 15 mins. He finally comes out again and I spray him and he starts spazzing out and crawls under the pillow Bubba got me and I heard him stop struggling but I haven’t moved the pillow to make sure he’s dead just yet. And this was a few days ago. They’re just so freakin big, and gross, and ugly. Like even if it is dead I’m sure I’ll still scream if I see it. Ugh, dammit. DAMN YOU FLORIDA BUGS.

I got my Julep box which this time I opted for more skincare and less polish since I have more than enough of those considering I’ve been a subscriber of this box for about 4 straight years now. Plus I like their skincare and makeup a whole lot! I also got my Ipsy bag which is super different this month. I kinda like it! I’m curious to see if this is a new thing they’ll be doing! I loved the pouches but I like seeing them change things up a bit too.

The other day, like a day after the roach thing I ordered UberEATS like I normally do. Sophie was in my room under the bed and I got put my stuff down and hear this buzzing sound. And I’m face to face WITH A WASP IN MY ROOM. Are you shitting me. Why. JUST WHY. AND HOW. So I’m screaming and crying and I call my roommate and I REFUSE to walk in my room so she walks over like “how the hell do you keep getting these bugs in here! Where’s the RAID, I got this!” and so she goes and grabs the RAID and sprays the thing down dead. And she keeps spraying it until I stops moving. GOOD GOD WHY. But thank goodness for my brave roommate! \o/

I’m so over Florida.

And these damn bugs.

I got my Yankee Candle order which I had THE MOST trouble with because I had tried to make the order on my phone and apparently their website on mobile phones sometimes but I managed to make my order and I got a few of their new woodwick mini candles just to try them out and I got the Lavender Gelato melt along with the Sicilian Lemon and the Coconut one. I hate the Lavender and Lemon ones which is weird since I typically love both those scents but I don’t know… this Lavender one has an underlining scent of like… cough medicine. The Lemon one… I don’t know what it is but I just… don’t like it. Ugh which sucks because there isn’t a Yankee Candle that close to me where I can exchange things so… yeah. I may have to just take the Uber there and pay $14 just to exchange things, sigh! Maybe it’ll be fun, maybe I’ll make a day of it. Who knows. Or maybe I’ll just wait until I move to go to Yankee Candle though it might be farther there. Who knows.

It’s still crazy to me that I’m actually leaving Florida. I’m actually leaving Disney World and Orlando. This place has been my HOME for the last 5-6 years and leaving it just seems so… weird. Like, why? Why would I leave? I mean I know WHY I would but at the same time… I don’t know, it’s still just a little sad. Which you know, is totally normal. It’s not like I’m never coming back to visit or anything but I’ll still miss it.

Though I AM excited for my new adventures and I am excited to discover a whole new world on its own that I never even considered moving to. And I’m sure the differences and the homesickness will be just like it was when I left CA and moved to FL but I also know I’ll be closer to my parents and closer to CA too.

I’ll be fine 🙂

It’s just so strange to think about sometimes.

So this week, like I said, is going to be focused on cleaning out my room/bathroom. Getting rid of things, sorting through things and hopefully starting to pack the bathroom at least.

My whole linen closet in my bathroom (oh how I’m going to miss having a master bedroom) is filled with candles. Candles, body sprays, wax melts… mostly candles. It’s crazy. Then under one of the sinks is alllllllll bubble baths and hand soaps! But this is like years of collected stuff. I’m trying to cut down on some of it but it’s so hard! I need to pile some up for exchange since I don’t think I’ll use some of it.

I also need to pack the boxes I’ll be sending to Bubba to hold stuff for me since my stuff will take about 3 days to get there.

I need to get another bin (or 2) at Target, some toilet paper and some damn Starbucks cause I’ve been craving lol. But I don’t know what else I need to get. I’ve also been looking for some house stuff on Amazon. Some of the stuff is super affordable. The TV won’t be in my room anymore so yeah. I need to find a TV stand to put it on in the living room. I wish I had taken more pics of everything while I was there in my apartment. I mean, I’m sure I can figure it out but it woulda been nice to get an idea.

I’ve also been looking into YouTube tips and stuff the last few days. It’s such a struggle and so much harder than it was in 2009, which sucks.

Every time Bubba says stuff like, “As soon as they all leave, I’m calling you.” it makes me all swoony. I don’t know why. He just always makes it sound like he always wants to call me and talk to me.

Ugh I wish I hadn’t blown all of the money I got last month. Dammit.


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