Weekly Recap; May 14th – 20th

May, you are moving WAY TOO FAST FOR MY LIKING.

Just saying.

My kitchen smells like ass right now, not that THAT’S anything ever new. Which I’m between so fuckin tired of it and fuck it.

I’m so excited to have my OWN OWN PLACE that I DON’T HAVE TO SHARE WITH ANYONE pretty soon. Like, SO EXCITED. Ya’ll have no idea HOW EXCITED I am about this!

This week wasn’t as productive as I had wanted it to be, fancy that.

I’ve been burning the hell out of my Bath & Body Works Stress Relief candle that I’m almost out. Damn on that. I’m out of the bubble bath too.

I was hoping to sort through my “homeless makeup” bin but I didn’t really get around to it… OCD stops me from doing a lot of things I want and need to do, it’s a never ending battle. But it desperately needs to be done!

I tend to forget my roommate leaves notes on the fridge sometimes. It’s so weird to remember because no one’s actually used stuff like that but I guess I SHOULD be seeing it every time I open the fridge, go figure. My bad Harmony!

I got another Scentsy order in and… I’m not really sure how I feel about these scents tbh. I’ve only melted Lime & Sugarcane which didn’t have a strong enough scent throw for me, Lucky in Love smells like Love Spell from Victoria’s Secret which is okay but it gets very overwhelming, and Coconut Flan which I felt like the scent throw didn’t last as long. Which is crazy because I mean when you melt these they’re pretty strong but some of the scents tend to fade quickly too. Whereas the $2 melts from Wal-Mart are strong for days. So, I don’t know. Maybe some day I’ll do a review post on hazearella all about wax melts.

I took a trip to Target because I needed to get a bin… which I didn’t get because it was a lot bigger than I had thought and the idea of getting up 3 flights of stairs didn’t seem like a good idea after all. I mean I might still get one… maybe. Who knows.

I started off getting Pei Wei since it’s been awhile and it was SO good. SO SO GOOD. Then I went to HomeGoods where I vlogged I wouldn’t be buying anything but then I ran into some amazing candles for $3 and well, that turned me into a liar, clearly. They had a bunch of sea salt and summer candles with anchors! Oh I was weak! Also that flower set up was fake flowers but I really liked the way they looked! The vase they were in made them look less fake, if that makes a difference any.

Then I headed to Target where I ran into the new M&M’s flavors including Caramel and Coffee Nut! I didn’t get to get in on the voting for the Coffee and whatever else nut they had but at least I get to try one of them!

I found a bunch of the Green Giant Cauliflower stuff that I’ve been searching MONTHS for! I’m so excited about this, it’s ridic. I ended up getting the Mashed Cauliflower with Bacon and it was GOOD. It wasn’t as filling since it IS a veggie and not starch but it was still so so good. I ate the whole thing in one sitting.

Found MORE candles that were really Zen-ish and I grabbed one (I was weak that day, alright).

Got my first Smores Frapp of the summer which I don’t know why, but the person who made it didn’t put enough chocolate so it tasted like just the Marshmallow Whipped Cream mostly. I want to try the non Coffee base but we’ll see… I feel like the Coffee base may be what’s giving it more of a roasted flavor.

I came home to find a Batman wristlet from Crate Wear in the mail… which is weird. Bubba cancelled my Crate Wear after I got the Beauty & The Beast scarf and I didn’t get anything for April so it’s weird I got something for May. Though I do like how spacey this wristlet is and the gold Batman zipper on top! I’m definitely going to be using this for date nights!

I also got a bruise on my hand because I dropped one of the candles from HomeGoods on my hand. I was surprised to see it there since my hands barely bruise, at all. And believe me, I’ve tried.

The candles that bruised me, but are so worth it. I need to get more.

Bubba figured out how to get into his FB so he finally added me back lol I was creeping his page (as a curious girlfriend does) and omgosh he was SO freakin adorable in high school and in college! But he seemed really flirty and mean lmao. Though it’s not too far off from his personality now, though less flirty. Then again it might just be because I’m around, who knows.

The product shot I took of the M&M’s, which I need to switch up my product shot’s I feel like. I don’t have much room to work with where I’m at now, but I kind of want to set up an area in my new place (well I’ll also have an island in the kitchen I can use) to take product pics. Again, my OCD, it blocks me from doing damn near everything.

I’ve been having Ulcer-like issues lately and I know McDonald’s is NOT the answer, not even a little bit! BUT I was really craving chicken nuggets so, that happened. Though it seems like this week my McDonald’s has been fuckin up my order left and right which is making me kinda grumpy. The other day I found a long ass strand of black hair in my food. Like I bit into it and noticed it so I opened up the burger and it was just you know, a hair. It was a LONG ASS STRAND OF HAIR. Like, how did you miss that while putting the burger together? Were you grazing the ketchup with your pony tail? I don’t understand. I called UberEATS and complained (which I really hardly do) and all they did was refund me the burger, that was it. Which sucks because even if I were to reorder it, I’d have to still pay the $4.99 delivery fee for ONE burger. Like you coulda credited me the delivery fee. I feel like the more UberEATS gets bigger, the less they’re able to really help you with your problems. But shit, at least they finally have a phone number, I guess.

My hair is growing so long and so fast I’m LOVING it. I’m not loving shedding all over the place though and having to unclog the bathtub drain even more but I’ve missed my long thick hair and I told Bubba to talk me out of it if I start talking about cutting it again (as I usually do every summer and/or fall) but sometimes it just gets too heavy! Though if I do cut it again I’m going to bleach it. I miss dying my hair!

Can we talk about HOW CUTE the Sephora Play pouch is this month? It’s so cute! And it feels so nice and durable! I love how Ipsy and Sephora Play are doing new types of bags this month. I’d definitely get some use out of this bag! The products inside however… ehhhh… sometimes Sephora Play has some really good products and sometimes they don’t. Still I prefer Sephora Play and Ipsy over the other $10 beauty boxes out there!

Since Bubba added me on FB, his family has been slowly trickling in. I mean they’ve heard of me and seen pictures. I met Mikey and his mom but that’s about it. But I played Overwatch with his brother Rex for a bit and his mom and his cousin added me on FB. He’s really close to his family which is fun to watch, but considering how I grew up is the opposite of my experience with family and this has always kind of been an issue for me. I like being alone a lot and I spent a lot of time growing up alone and isolated. I know it’s something I’ll have to face or deal with sooner or later but yeah, I’ll worry about it when it gets here. But now they get to see into my life. Which I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. I know you’re not suppose to apologize for your past but I also know my past would raise a lot of questions too. Though I’m sure it’s probably not as bad as I keep worrying it is.

Bubba doesn’t seem to have a problem with any of it though and I’m thankful he gets in, or tries to get it. That he keeps encouraging me to keep growing and to keep dealing with things as they come. I am beyond lucky to have someone like him in my life. Like, lucky is such a huge understatement. But I’m so thankful for him. Every day.


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