Weekly Recap; May 21st – 27th

And here we are, the end of May!

I. Am. So. Excited. For. June.

For hella various reasons.

But today I’m irritated af, though I doubt I’ll be writing why. I know this blog is suppose to be about me and my life and all my word vomit goodness but I’m not sure WHY it isn’t. Or why it’s so hard to talk about my thoughts and feelings and day. I use to do this every day after school in high school, like without fail. Why is it so hard now?! Sigh. Adulthood makes no sense sometimes.

Literally nothing really happened this week. All my photos on my Camera Roll are screenshots of new food that are coming out this summer that I’m excited about.

Bubba and I took pics with Levi, I really like how this turned out. I miss taking random pics with him in the game. I still need my pony from here and Titan and Shiva. All the primals I’m not TOO fond of. Except Levi, that fight sucks but I kinda like it. I feel SUPER accomplished if I survive and don’t fall off the dock. I just hate Titan, period. And I feel like crying after Shiva. That fight is just ARGH. But yeah, I need to get the rest of my ponies then my birbs. Which I haven’t even unlocked all those primals (nor do I know where to) yet.

I saw McDonald’s on UberEATS brought back the Bacon Cheeseburger (I know you could probably ask for bacon but it’s so much more different when it’s offered on the menu, anyone else get like that?!) and I was SO looking forward to it! I bit into it and noticed something in it so I opened it up AND A THICK STRAND OF BLACK HAIR WAS IN IT. Like it wasn’t just hair. It was HAAAAIR. Like it was a long strand of hair. Like HOW DID YOU NOT NOTICE THAT WHILE PUTTING MY BURGER TOGETHER?!? I was so grossed out which is weird cause I’m not normally grossed out by hair in my food. Then again it was never just a long ass strand of hair just chillen in it either. I feel like the bigger UberEATS gets, the less their customer service does. Before if you chose to re-order they’d cover the delivery fee for you. Now all they do is refund you for that ONE item which takes 3-5 days to show up on your account meaning you have to PAY AGAIN to reorder + the delivery fee. So yeah, I don’t know honestly.

The other day (shows how many actual pics I took on my phone this week eh?) I was going to get the mail and I heard a loud crash and glass shattering. I turn and my roommates cat knocked down two wine glasses from jumping off the fridge. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t teach your cat to NOT jump on counters but she jumps on counters, on top of the fridge, on top of the cabinets in the kitchen. I don’t like cooking because there’s always cat hair and cat foot prints on the fuckin stove and it just grosses me the fuck out. The wine glasses weren’t even near the edge of the counter so I don’t know how the hell she managed to do that. But it was a bitch to clean. I had snapped about it and it upset my roommate I guess, but hey whatever. I just had to clean glass that was totally unnecessary, excuse the fuck outta me for being pissed off. She’s always knocking shit over or doing something mean to my cat. So whatever. Let Sophie beat your ass, you shouldn’t had been messing with her.

Yesterday I had a Target day \o/ I going to miss these so much. Though I know I’ll find my own places in Texas that I might love more — that I KNOW I’ll love more.

I went to Chiptole cause it’s been awhile and oh goodness was the food SO DAMN GOOD. I was tempted to get a French Onion Soup from Panera to go with it but nah, fuck all that walking! It was surprisingly NOT busy for lunch time on a Saturday! So that was nice!

The weather yesterday was amazing! I went for a walk to HomeGoods where I got my of those Navy Life candles. I’m obsessed. The Coconut Palm (the white) ones smells like Pina Colada! Oh goodness! I’m so glad I found this set of 4 pillars! The blue ones are new, I didn’t see those last week! There was also purple ones but I didn’t dig the scent too much so I didn’t get them. I literally wanna go back and get more of these! I’m so hooked and they’re so affordable! I have a serious candle problem, I KNOW. A little ladybug landed on me \o/ I didn’t notice until I was checking out at the store and I had him on a piece of paper and brought him outside.

Then I headed over to Target. I got my Pink Drink (new tradition, I think so!) and looked around. I grabbed Gushers cause… I mean… I had to. Then headed down to the Dollar Spot and checked out the cards section in front on the way there. Didn’t see any of the card packs on Bubba’s wish list but I did get him sleeves even though I bought him some already — in case those do suck. So yeah. I got a few things from the Dollar Spot. I didn’t grab anymore of the star candles though. They’re pretty big for $3 and I may or may not light them though I’m sure I’ll be back there before July 4th so if I feel I need an extra set I’ll get it then. I did manage to find more cards, the pack I wanted to get Bubba was $30 though T__T. I don’t remember what else I picked up on the way there, I remember putting a lot of stuff back. I was gonna get another towel to cushion my candles in the box but figured I could probably do without it for now.

They also had a new line (or two) of more healthier frozen dinners that looked interesting. I grabbed one with chicken and spinach pasta (I’m a sucker for spinach pasta) and one that had… I don’t remember what kind of meat but it had couscous! The only thing is, I made the spinach pasta one today and it was like half a serving, like the portions are dummy small and not really worth $3 but maybe the others will be different. We’ll see! It’s the dinners on the left that I’m talking about btw, the ones on the right I haven’t tried yet. My fridge and freezer have been taken over so you know, no room for any of my groceries… for now. I’ll wait until next week to stock it. I’m so excited it’s ridiculous!

I tried putting SnapChat filters on Sophie but like, they wouldn’t work! How do people make it look so easy?! But she was looking very pretty yesterday! She was also being super lovey. I love when she gives me tail hugs and wraps her tail around my leg and when she thumps her tail on my leg when she’s happy. My silly little girl! I hope she doesn’t give me any problems at the airport. Speaking of, I need to find her a harness and leash just in case.

Today however I was eating Cheetos and I forgot how much she loves cheese and Cheetos. I accidentally dropped one and she ATE IT. Like I didn’t even get a chance to pick it up! What a fatty! lol

I need to get back into the habit of washing my bed sheets every week again and cleaning my room. But people leave their laundry in the washer/dryer for DAYS so yeah, that’s frustrating. My hair falls out so much that it gets uncomfortable to sleep in my bed so I’ve been making it a habit to wash my sheets every Sunday since like 2013.

I need to organize my stuff and figure out what I’m packing and what I’m shipping and what I’m going to leave to the movers. Oye.

Let’s start a new tradition!


  • Organize stuff
  • Write lists of what is being packed and what is being shipped (and which box it will be in)
  • Back up laptop files
  • Call new apartment on Tuesday about: How to set up internet and electric && put down a reference to see if I can save more money
  • Pay deposit for moving truck
  • Go to Uhaul to get: Mattress sleeve/cover, bubble wrap and boxes
  • Literally organize stuff
  • Get Sophie a harness and leash
  • Try and read something this week
  • Work on leveling Fisher, Miner, BLM, WHM and BSM
  • Gear up SCH

I know I won’t get all of that done, I like to over list rather than under list though I’m sure under listing would make me feel more productive.

Off to level my BLM and do my Beast Tribes! I’m going to wash my bed sheets hopefully tomorrow!


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