Weekly Recap; May 28 – June 3rd

And June is officially here.

Meaning I officially need to start packing.

Like, forealzies.


I do this to myself every year, and I’m sobbing on the inside.

This week hasn’t been that eventful or productive at all, for shame!

I filmed a bunch of unboxing videos. I also got my Try The World box for Greece and I’m ehhh, not too impressed with it. The box is a lot bigger than it was before and it has some pretty good stuff in it but I’m just not feeling too much of Greece I guess or I kinda wish they included different items. I posted my video for my May OwlCreate box { here } if you want to watch it or you know… comment. Subscribe maybe? Eh? Eh? #ShamelessPlug

I unlocked Niddhog’s Rage on FFXIV, I’m trying to get some of my side quests done before the expansion comes out. In like a week and a half. I had two years-ish to do these side quests and never did them. WHOOPS. So yeah, there’s that. I think this one is another birb farm so yay! I’m trying to unlock all of these primals so I can farm the birds.

I’m a bit obsessed with the fact that UberEATS delivers McDonald’s and I’m also a bit obsessed with these new Happy Meal toys enough that I may or may not had been ordering Happy Meal’s for the last week… or two. McDonald’s also came out with a Strawberry Shortcake Sundae. I am a sucker for ANYTHING Strawberry and especially Strawberry Shortcake (and ironically I’ve never been to the Strawberry Festival that’s here every Spring in Florida, sigh!) so OF COURSE I had to get this. I may write about it in it’s own post; it’s not that epic but I do really love this idea!

My Bubba ordered my mama roses for Mother’s Day. ON Mother’s Day lol so we couldn’t get it to her on the day and June 2nd was the earliest we could get them sent to her so we went with it. He wrote the CUTEST letter inside the card. My mom LOVED them, she loves blush tone roses and stuff so I’m glad she liked them! She said her and my brother (who I don’t really get along with or talk to, ever and is super judgmental) read the card and I was like “oh, okay” then like five minutes later I realized what she just said and I was like “wait what? what did he say?” and my mom was like “he just said ‘I like this one’ and nodded.” The fact Bubba passed the brother test (I guess we’ll call it that) that no one else has ever ever (not even my ex husband) passed? Hm, I don’t know what to think about this. I’ll need a moment. Or a year to understand this.

I thought it was an incredibly sweet gesture that he got her flowers and wrote her a letter. He’s such a gentleman without even trying which makes him even more freakin adorable! My mom was like “he’s such a nice guy, we’ll keep him!” okay mama, whatever you say lol.

Oh my roommate moved out too! Well, kinda moved out. Some of her stuff and trash is still here and she still has her key so yeah, kinda moved out. All I know is she needs to get all her stuff out SOON so I can hire a cleaning company cause this mess and her room is not okay. NOT. OKAY.

Also, ignore the cat who’s face is all up in those flowers. That’s just Cocoa, she’s fat. She thinks everything is food.

Got on the very first character I ever made on the account I have now on FFXIV. I made this account 2 years ago and had been playing on and off until I got a PS4 last year. I had 2 other accounts; the one from FFXIV when it came out in 2010 BEFORE A Realm Reborn and the account I made in 2013 when the A Realm Reborn Beta came out. I’ve debated on getting the last account back since I figured out the username but I worked so hard on the account I have now that I don’t really want to, if that makes sense.

But yeah I didn’t remember what my first character even looked like! I remember wondering why she wasn’t a cat and making another character that was a cat (this was before I knew what a Fantasia was). But apparently this character is a level 20 CNJ but she only has one dungeon unlocked, no full gear sets, no saved gear sets and no Chocobo. Uhm, what. How did I make it to 20?! The hell?! Hella weird. Debating on leveling her again or not… and apparently I also had a FC I never knew about. I mean I guess I knew back then but forgot about. I remember my ex was in it with me then he randomly dropped it to join another one. He was always doing shit like that — leaving me behind in this game and so no one was in the FC except for me. Yeah, whoo-hoo. But yeah I don’t know if I want to destroy it or not. I might.

I woke up to a roach on my ceiling yesterday morning. We spent about 4 hours staring at each other. He didn’t move for 2. No one at the front desk could help me, my Uber drive couldn’t either. So I waited for him to crawl off to the wall when I sprayed him and tried to get him in the window but you know roaches they fuckin move too much so he fell on the floor where I pretty much sprayed the rest of the bug spray bottle at him. I don’t know if he died, I assume he did. He crawled behind a chocolate box and hasn’t moved as far as I know. But I’m not brave enough to move it and find out either. Either way, I need new bug spray. And I fuckin hate summers in Florida.

I spent yesterday/last night on some of my alts on different servers. Bubba was busy, 3 of his siblings graduated yesterday so they had a get together and stuff so I didn’t get much time to talk to him. I haven’t had much time to talk to him or spend time with him since Memorial Day actually… at this point I’m just like eh, whatever and find something else to do. Granted I have a lot of stuff to do and I should be busy. But I’ve been kinda down lately too, like my soul just feels heavy.

June kinda sucks, to be honest. It’s not my favorite month, at all.

And I wish I could just completely forget/delete the last two June’s. I’ve been on a bit of a quest to get rid of everything I either bought or acquired while in my last relationship just because I don’t want that juju around me anymore and I kinda just wanna start over. Like I’m finally moving somewhere that’s just ALL MINE. No one else is moving there, JUST. ME. Like it’s *MY* FIRST VERY *OWN* PLACE! And I’m so excited! I can decorate how I want to and NO ONE CAN SAY ANYTHING TO ME. So with that being said, I just wanted to get new stuff and start over and you know, leave all this bad shit behind. I’ve gotten rid of some of the stuff already, the furniture though I’m working on. So yeah.

I don’t remember if I wrote down goals for last week but clearly I didn’t accomplish them soo…

Also, I just put my pillow in the dryer. I read somewhere on Pinterest you could “refluff” your pillow by doing that so I did + a balled up sock and it is significantly more fluffy. I’m so excited! I’ve been suffering from stomach cramps/ulcers and headaches for the last two weeks. I just want to have nice blissful sleep for once!

So if I were to set some goals for this week —

  • Empty furniture you’re thinking of giving away
  • Sort though kitchen drawers
  • Finish food in the freezer
  • Sort through boxes in living room
  • Start packing candles, even if it’s just one box
  • Put in deposit for moving truck
  • Call new place and ask about things
  • Cancel sub boxes you don’t need
  • Change addresses to sub boxes you do need
  • Change address with the post office
  • Pack cubbies
  • Pack bookcase
  • Figure out contents of the boxes you plan on shipping

Also I need to get Harmony to get her stuff out and get me the $200 for rent. So yeah. Blarh. I need to buy my plane ticket and all this other stuff, ugh. I’m trying not to stress about these things but some of it is just so hard. Siiiiigh.


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