Weekly Recap; June 4th – 11th

Let’s pretend today’s Sunday, yeah?

This weekend was… kinda awful and anxiety inducing. Actually the whole week kinda was. I’ve had issues with bugs making their way into MY BEDROOM which is not cool; I hate bugs. Like, I hate them, they scare the shit out of me. I had 2 roaches, a random beetle and TWO FUCKIN WASPS make their way into MY BEDROOM. Apparently there was a gap or something in my window frame that was allowing them to come in. Like, what the fuck. Which is weird because I live on the THIRD FLOOR and I’ve been here for ELEVEN MONTHS and I’m just now having this problem?! Like, what changed? Wtf? It’s so weird and crazy! Like, WASPS? REALLY? What are they doing this close to a building? There’s no tree’s in front of my window. There’s nothing, it’s just a freakin parking lot out there so I’m totally confused. Anyway, maintenance came and fixed it but I feel like it’s not totally fixed, but I’m also paranoid, so there’s that.

The first wasp my roommate handled rather quickly. The second wasp; I was laying in bed talking on the phone and out of nowhere there’s a fuckin wasp flying around my room. My blinds are shut, by the way. The door was closed. So yeah, I promptly screamed and jumped up (thankfully the person I was on the phone with has seen me freak out before so it wasn’t anything new or funny or anything to them). Apparently maintenance had left for the day and so no one was around to get rid of it. I told my roommate and she came with bug spray after work and we spent half an hour moving stuff around my room and looking for it and COULD NOT FIND IT. I set out sweet traps that didn’t work and I ended up staying in my bathroom ALL FUCKIN NIGHT. I got NO SLEEP. I read that wasps hide and they actually sleep at night but I wasn’t risking it. At around like 6am I decided to dash out into my living room. At like 8am I decided to sit on my bed, my back was hurting like hell and I wanted to lay down so badly. I ended up falling asleep for three hours. Like KNOCKED THE HELL OUT asleep; I didn’t hear my phone ring or anyone knock on the door which sucks cause I totally forgot I ordered groceries! They ended up leaving them at the door though, so whew on that. Only one thing needed to be refrigerated. I ended up waking up cause I kept hearing buzzing, like really loud buzzing and it woke me up. It would stop and start again. I figured the wasp was still in the room after that and apparently he was caught behind the blinds. My roommate had taped the gap shut and lined the window with Raid. I was wondering why he was unable to get from behind them this time when he didn’t seem to have a problem the first time and how he ended up behind there if he wasn’t there the night before when we were looking for him. Weird. So maintenance comes and I warn him there’s a wasp behind there, he opened up the blinds and it was laying on the window sill dead. I guess lining the window with Raid worked. So yeah they fixed the window which just “wasn’t closed right” or something but still, looking at it from outside, it still looks like there’s a problem with it. I re-tapped the area just in case. And I actually have to go change the tape like tomorrow, I’m not taking any fuckin chances. But I’m so ready to be out of this apartment!

 Really? I only have 6 pictures to show for this week?! Wtf…

I’m still collecting the McDonald’s toys that are out right now, I have a handful of them so far. I would list them all but I can’t remember them all at the moment. I have doubles for all of them except for 1, which is weird cause that’s the only one of that I’ve gotten! Kinda random!

It’s been storming here every day for the last like 2-3 weeks which is annoying. It’s not like all day storms but it’s enough to keep me from going to Disney *sigh*. Or out. But I’m gonna have to suck it up soon cause I have to go to the post office to ship some stuff. And I still need to make one last trip to Disney — somehow. I say one last trip because the Uber ride there isn’t something I’d pay every week for, which sucks. I thought moving back to Orlando meant more days to go to Disney but nope, I guess I forgot how big Orlando actually is. Whomp whomp.

I started burning some of my pillar candles; the first one being this Coconut Palm one I got from HomeGoods. I’m obsessed with the scent on cold sniff but burning it didn’t have a huge scent throw. Also, I don’t know how to make the wax melt evenly and not like, slop over to the side like that. I also burned one of the stress relief ones and that one is burning straight down as I guess a pillar candle should but I’m not sure how to even it out… maybe I’ll give up, chop it up and turn it into wax melts instead. I’m kinda picky about how my candles melt.

I’m sorting through all these boxes to see what I can throw away, reuse and which boxes I can also reuse and I found Sophie’s first bed ever in one of them! She LOVED this bed and she has a habit of licking it all the time, I don’t know why but she always has. So now she won’t get off of it lol. At least I have a few of her FIRST things as my ex boyfriend’s shady ass threw away most of her stuff (and mine) like he had a fuckin right to. Shit wasn’t even his house, he didn’t even fuckin pay rent. I should threw bricks at his car and his Xbox out the damn window. I hate people sometimes. Thank God all his bullshit, negative energy and all his negative whack ass “friends” are out of my life. Shit. I’ve deleted most of our “memories” and pics off my stuff everywhere. I’d prefer to act like that relationship never even existed. I’ve also gotten rid of a lot of stuff so far from that relationship and the more and more I get rid of the lighter and lighter my soul feels. Like, I’M FUCKIN FREE.

Because boxes tend to try out your hands and so does dust; and because I have OCD and I’m constantly washing my hands (I should really start using gloves to prevent this), my eczema has came back. Like I can feel the layer of dry-about-to-crack skin and I accidentally banged my finger on top of the dryer trying to pull some stuff out and my finger instantly started bleeding. It didn’t even scratch nothing, it just cracked. Ugh. I haven’t had eczema cracking probs since I lived in Cali and that dry winter air would FUCK my skin up so badly. I’d have to many cracks and cuts all over my hands. I moved back to FL because the humidity helps to prevent it from cracking. I went 5 years without that happening. Sigh. The struggle. I took a pic to show Bubba and he commented saying my hands looked swollen. That day they FELT swollen and itchy. I also tend to scratch it in my sleep so yeah, they stung pretty bad when I woke up the next morning, sigh.

I wasn’t going to light this candle since I was going to ship it but after that fuck fest of a weekend I needed some heavy lavender in my life and the crackling of the wick both relaxes me and makes me paranoid lol but I decided to take my chances. My usual lavender candle is running low and I’m not going to light a new one just yet. I’m going to save that one so yeah. I’m loving the scent throw on this one even though it’s not as heavy as I would like it to be. I have yet to find a really good lavender candle that makes me feel like I’m sitting in a lavender cloud.

I got some really weird news this week I can’t/don’t really want to talk about. It kinda makes me mad and kinda frustrates me but I guess when it comes to people, what can you really expect? When people show you who they are, believe them the first time and alla that. Some people just don’t change, despite the past experiences that SHOULD had taught them something. But it’s whatever, not my problem anymore.

Also have been playing some Overwatch with Bubba and one of his brothers. I suck at that game like I SUCK. I mean I don’t suck as hard as I suck at like COD but still, my aim is like, non existent lol.

I’m trying to finish up some more products, candles and tossing out things I don’t see myself using in the next month or when I move. My stuff won’t get there until a week after I do so I’ll have some time to find new favorites. Which is always exciting. I’m a little nervous and stressed out but I think I’m just stressing myself out and I think once I’m done packing and figuring out a few things everything will be fine and I’m really just stressing out about nothing.

Less than a month left.

I’m excited to start over new but I’m sad to be leaving Florida. This is the first place I made my home and so much… really depressing stuff has happened here, ohmygod. Like things I wasn’t expecting to come across. But I’ll still miss being this close to Disney and the epic thunderstorms. Even if they do stop me from going out these days.

But at the same time I’m done with this backwards ass state lol and it’s lack of good cultural food. I’ll be excited to be closer to home and a place where bloggers and vloggers and foodies can enjoy themselves and a place of new adventures! I can always come back to Disney, but maybe I won’t even want to. Who knows.


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