Weekly Recap; for pretty much June

Uhm, hai.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a weekly recap. Mostly because nothing really interesting happened besides a whole lot of bullshit, stress, packing and trying to figure shit out. I was hoping to make a documented vlog and blog series of the moving process and packing process but then I figured I’m setting myself up for people to see how laggy I can be and like I said I was going through a bunch of bullshit and stress that were making me sick and giving me migraines so half the time I wasn’t really in the mood to even talk.

Which sucks.

I should stop letting other people and their crap bother or impact me and my energy simply because they’re not worth my time or energy.

You live and learn. And build walls. Lots of walls. And never let anyone in. Ever.

Assume everyone is out to screw you over, no matter who they are and expect nothing from no one!

My former roommate assured me all her stuff would be out and her area’s would be clean (including the microwave which she was constantly fuckin up) and after 2 weeks of asking her to get her stuff and clean her area’s then 2 more weeks of telling her she NEEDS to get this done; all I got were excuses after excuses until she eventually threw in my face everything she “did” for me while she was living here (which was like 1 thing versus the fact I finished almost every load of laundry she started or else it would sit there for 4 days, did her and her damn boyfriend’s dishes every week and clean the fuckin mess they’d leave in the kitchen, deal with her cat since she would leave it for a whole weekend and not tell anyone among other things including catching her and her boyfriend SMOKING A BLUNT ON MY BALCONY WHICH FACES THE FUCKIN ENTRANCE TO THE COMPLEX WHERE PEOPLE COME IN AND OUT OF — NOT TO MENTION — WEED IS ILLEGAL IN FLORIDA and her excuse was it’s “decriminalized” in our city. Okay so if I called the cops on yo asses you’re saying you wouldn’t get in trouble? Shoulda tested that!) and at that point I about had it with all this bullshit and trying to be nice and understanding if she was just gonna pull this bullshit knowing I was moving SO VERY FUCKIN SOON. Clearly her word doesn’t mean shit since she doesn’t come through with anything ever anyway. I don’t know why stupid me even though to believe her when everyone else at this point didn’t. She also offered to pay me for the kitchen stuff I didn’t want (which was everything from my mixer to my blender to my coffee maker) which she didn’t. Don’t offer shit or make up obligations if you’re not gonna come through. Just fuckin don’t.


So I’ve been trying to madd burn up some candles, ironically they’re all lavender and yesterday I managed to use up 3 of them. Wicker cracking candles aren’t as relaxing as you think they would be in a bubble bath. They sound like they’re struggling. I’m also trying to use up the rest of my bubble bath since I have new ones waiting for me in TX. I really like those B&BW bath salts! I can’t tell a difference but honestly their scent throw is SO strong! I freakin love it!

I was craving sushi hardcore so I went to Pei Wei since Florida sucks when it comes to really good sushi and it was ehhh… didn’t curb my craving but it was worth a shot.

Then I headed to Target; and I found some really cool things I haven’t seen before! One being this really soft and fluffy body pillow cover that I REALLY want (and I’m super against body pillows lol), some cool mugs and this new-ish brand of body wash! I ended up putting the Lemon one then putting it down then picking it up again before I just threw it in my cart. Fuck it, if I’m going to spend that much time debating on it I’ll just get it. It smells SO good and so fresh. I’m a sucker for lemon scents!

I also spotted these guys! The Chuao Caramel Apple isn’t new, I’ve picked it up before but never tried it (I have a habit of doing that especially with seasonal snacks/candies). I finally AFTER MONTHS of searching for these Godiva Birthday Cake truffles I finally found them! They also had like a “cake” truffle box which had these, Red Velvet truffles and I think like a Dark Chocolate one too. I just wanted to try these ones so yeah. Hello Lindt chocolates have the CUTEST packaging and every summer I get the raspberry one with pop rocks in it but I haven’t seen it yet this year! They did come out with a “Frozen Yogurt” type that I’m super excited to try! But really back to the Caramel Apple ones, I’m so ready for fall already!

Packing seems to be an organized then messy then organized then fuckin messy then everything is boxed up and organized again type of situation. You never really realize how much shit you have until you have to pack it all up and move and I’m wondering where did all this shit come from?! I’m trying to purge as I go but Bubba is making it a little difficult with what are you throwing away STUFF I DONT WANT IN MY JUJU ANYMORE lol dang. But even with as much purging as I’m trying to do and stuff there’s still a lot of stuff hanging around. I’m gonna have to sit down and really sort through some of this stuff soon cause ugh. JUST UGH.

On a related note my freezer is looking pretty empty and I don’t know why but that makes me slightly happy. My former roommate took over the WHOLE fridge and freezer. Literally I had no space for ANY of my stuff it was so damn frustrating! Not to mention she’d leave food to rot in there for 6 months, it was annoying! So now when I open the fridge and freezer and everything is empty and tidy it makes me ridiculously happy.

My bathroom counter looking empty is another story; for some reason that makes me sad. I remember first moving in here and putting up all my fall stuff and my counter was covered in fall candles! It was so awesome! But that was months ago and now it’s just… empty. Though seeing this makes it more “real” that I’m leaving very very soon! And through this apartment was never really home to me, I will miss having a big bathroom attached to my room. I sort of hate one bedroom apartments because of the set up. Though this one has a door that leads from my room to the bathroom (the washing room and my closet between it though).

4 Rivers finally had the damn Birthday Cake cupcake in stock for once when I ordered. I’ve been trying to get this damn cupcake for like 3 months and it’s NEVER in stock! Freakin crazy!

I got Sophie some crinkle toys to go in her carrier for the flight in hopes it helps her relax a little bit since she likes crinkle paper so much. My Uber driver the day I had to run errands was nice enough to wait for me while I picked up her food and stumbled on these toys and dropped me off at Pei Wei after.

The final few days are coming up so it’s time to wrap things up and finish things off!

I’m both nervous and excited. My stuff won’t get there for a few days though so my apartment will be empty except for what I sent over to Bubba and whatever I pick up when I’m there. I won’t be able to get to Ikea for awhile since Bubba works the rest of that week so yeah… all I’ll have is the floor and my air mattress lol. I’ll probably spend some time walking around and Ubering places since everything will be new to me. It won’t be Disney and it won’t be the Winter Garden shopping center but it’s okay. This year is suppose to be about [ G R O W ] -ing so… THAT’S WHAT WE’RE GONNA DO!

There’s a cool gelato place by my place I wanna check out and a brunch place. Plus I still need to try a few food places by my place I didn’t get to try while I was there the last 2 times. I feel like the last time I was there just zipped by way faster than the first time I was there for some reason… probably because I was looking for a place and there wasn’t a lot of time to really go to places I wanted to try though we did manage to fit a good amount in!

Setting up the new place especially because I have OCD is hard. Setting up new shoes is hard. Lots of things are just hard but once I get into things I should be fine and usually when I first move into a place my OCD doesn’t FULLY hit until something stressful happens.

Here to hopefully a productive next few days… well not hopefully. They HAVE to be productive I don’t have much of a choice lol!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap; for pretty much June”

  1. You’d lose your crap here in Toronto. The smell of weed is EVERYWHERE. It’s so common nowadays. It’s technically still illegal here but no one cares anymore.

    I miss Target a bit now they’re no long here. But our Canadian Target was crap compared to yours – our shelves were always EMPTY. That lemon body wash sounds good – I love citrus fresh scents for the shower in the mornings.

    GOOD LUCK with all your packing, and with the move!!!

    1. I don’t mind the smell of weed, I actually like it! But I’m from California and rules there were WAY different than here in Florida. I knew what I could and couldn’t get away with. There’s too much drama happening in Florida to even want me to risk anything having to do with anything illegal here! Not to mention the girl refused to be on the lease so her fuck ups may fall back on me since it’s my place. Which irritated me the most.

      I’m so picky with which Target I go to! I like Super ones over the normal ones but I didn’t even know there were Target’s in Canada! What happened? Why did they pull them away?!

      And thank you! I’m getting so tired of making boxes at this point lol!

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