Oh hai!

I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated; I’ve been here in TX for 3 weeks now and I’m having so much fun! 

But because of previous debt with ATT (my ex said he’d return $300 equipment when we moved about a year ago and HE DIDNT so I had a pending payment of $350 with ATT I didn’t know about since I paid EVERY SINGLE BILL, so mad) I wasn’t able to afford to clear it until now so I’ll FINALLY be getting wifi this week \o/

I’m so excited!

The moving process itself was both hard and… no it was pretty hard and stressful which I’ll get into later IN DETAIL once I can hop back on my laptop and actually construct a real blog post 😂!

But the moving company was a bunch of jerks who overcharged me every chance for every small thing they could (I know it’s hard to trust a moving company in the first place and they DEFINITELY don’t make it easy; no matter how chill or “decent” a person is in that industry they’re not worth giving the benefit of the doubt to), my former roommate who never came to get the rest of her shit (but she sure did take everything in my kitchen without hesitation) or pay me back for having to hire cleaners to clean her shitty room and disgusting af bathroom (how do people stand such fuckin filth!) has been blocked for TALKING SHIT ABOUT MY CAT (like really? REALLY?) like everyone was saying fuck the money just block her and move on but yo, that was damn near $90! Fuckin people!! And my AC here was out for a week in 102 weather!

I’m still trying to stay calm and think of the good things; I’m here! I finally got out of shit ass Florida and their shitty people and places! Sophie was getting so much attention at the airport and she hardly gave me a hard time, she also behaved really well on the flight! My Uber driver who took me to the airport bumped himself up to friend status. Bubba’s family likes me. Sophie gained a new family and like 10 new friends in that family. My AC is finally fixed. My OCD hasn’t been as loud or controlling. Bubba has been above and beyond helpful!

There aren’t many formatting options on the WP app lol I can’t text cut or fix the test alignment! Oh well, I guess I’ll do all that as soon as I can get on my laptop!

I’ll see y’all in a few days and I might just “fake post” (as in set the publish date to the date it was suppose to be up) my weekly recap for last week or I might just do a whole monthly recap 🙂 

How has your summer been so far?


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