Weekly Recap; July 31st – Aug 5th


I feel like I’ve been gone forever! And I’ve been here in Texas for almost a month! Whew, took forever to get my internet back due to… issues with a previous account. I guess I should do a recap of moving but holy hell that would be a long entry. SOME DAY! SOON!

For now let’s just talk about his passed week.

My AC randomly stopped working for a week… you know while it was like 100-105* here in Texas? Yeah. So I sent Sophie to stay at Bubba’s until later so she wouldn’t die in the hot ass apartment. Even with no air she still managed to be a happy go lucky little girl whipping her tail around! But Bubba and his brother Mike came to pick us up and Mike wasted no time carrying Sophie and playing with her in the car. Bubba made Sophie a bed at his window and she spent the rest of the night watching the boys play video games. Rex is always tryin to watch a movie or play a game. We watched The Grinch until we all pretty much fell asleep. The next morning Bubba took me and Rex to get food and Boba cause I kept complaining that I wanted Boba lol!

I finally strung lights around my headboard again, I took them down at my last place because the bulbs were dying out and because OCD sucks but I’m happy to see them on my headboard again, here’s to hoping happier memories follow!

Cheesecake Factory released a “Celebration Cake” and I tried it. It’s pretty nice to get CF delivered to me and to live like 3 blocks away from one. The delivery fee sucks though, I could just walk there and get it myself if I wasn’t so lazy lol! But the cake itself was pretty good, half cheesecake and half cake. Maybe I’ll write a blog in it! I need more things to talk about here rather than JUST a weekly recap lol.

Fall is coming! And I’m super excited! I started decorating for Fall already and I’m thinking of starting up with the Halloween decor too, is there a difference between the two? I don’t even know. But either way, EXCITED! Now for the weather to get cooler…

I finally charged my DS after a year or two and started playing Animal Crossing again. It looks like the last time I donated stuff was in Aug of 2013! That’s insane! I’m missing some fish and bugs mostly from Fall and Winter it looks like.

Bubba introduced me to 5 Below; I’ve seen it around but never actually went IN it. But it’s kinda cool, there’s a bunch of useful stuff in there for sure! I found a bunch of stuff for my apartment and zen corner I’m building (more on that later) but I also found these face masks! You can also find them at Target for $.55 more.

A week prior he got me some of the new Fall candles from Bath & Body Works and as I was moving stuff around I noticed A DEAD ANT IN ONE OF MY CANDLES (the Apple Pie one, ironically). Like 1) HOW DID AN ANT GET INTO MY ROOM and 2) HOW DID IT GET INTO A SEALED CANDLE?! I hope the struggle was worth it and he died a happy death… asshole.

I pulled out this Lavender candle B&BW came out with last month and a Sleep Aromatherapy bath my mom sent me. The combo together is pretty amazing. And pretty darn relaxing!

I also started audiobook-ing this read: A Court of Thorns and Roses after seeing some fandom candles for it. Plus it’s probably about time I read some Sarah J Maas in my life. I just wish I had the ebook to follow along to! [edit: I caved and bought the ebook]

Friday’s are probably my favorite days — and not because Bubba spoils the hell out of me (even though he does, grrr)! We went to a mall nearby that I hadn’t gone to yet and I came across this store called Earthbound Trading Company, it’s like a zen store basically. They had dream catchers of every size, salt lamps, meditation pillows, wall art, a bunch of awesome aromatherapy stuff and just lots of zen elements so I scouted the store for some stuff. Bubba ended up buying me 3 oils and an elephant oil warmer for my zen corner. They had this rollerball I REALLY WANT and I’m totally going back for!

We walked around the mall some more, I sniffed some new Fall scents from B&BW but didn’t buy any. But I did ask my mom \o/ lol! Saw some “stone sets” at Spencers which I thought were cool but I don’t know if they’re real or legit. Boooo on that! We also went to ThinkGeek to check out if they had any other figures but didn’t. Bubba got me Sees candies, it’s been SIX YEARS since I’ve been to one! Imagine my excitement! I also got 2 things from MAC since my mom gave me a Macy’s gift card. We got some stuff from 5 Below again, one was one of those “fin leg blankets” instead of the mermaid one I’ve always seen around he got me one that looks like a shark is attacking me lol! And 2 fabric bins with positive affirmations written on their lids.

Bubba got me some KFC when I got home cause I’ve been icky all week and it helped me feel a little bit better and I ended the night with a bubble bath!

I’m majorly addicted to Milk Tea with Flan this one is Almond Milk Tea I think. I was debating on getting Coconut but I figured Almond is sweet, let’s go with that. AND IT WAS FLIPPING AMAZING. Milk Tea delivery? YES PLEASE. But that delivery fee T_T! Gah.

Got a small BBW haul from their $3 sale they had online a week or so ago. Who’s ready for Fall? ME. Kinda. I’m loving the Salted Caramel Apricot scent so far… I’ve done Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte for years and decided since my #onelittleword this year is GROW to change it up a bit. Now does that mean I’ll NOT be rock Twisted Peppermint in the Winter? I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll see! Apple Pumpkin is still one of my fav candle scents for Fall which I just discovered last year so it’s still fairly new to me. But Leaves is still gonna be my first Fall candle burn <3.

On Saturday’s I write out weekly goals. I’m running low on paper for this pad. I might have to get a new one soon! If it’s still around. I bought this thing like 3 years ago. Insane! But it helps me stay organized especially since it sticks to your fridge.

And there’s a small preview BEFORE pic of my “zen corner” that we’re building. We’re getting there!

It’s a pain writing this blog post on the floor. Ugh I miss having a desk! Hopefully I will have one on Friday!

Have a good week everyone!



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