Weekly Recap; Aug 13th – Aug 19th

These weeks are passing by faaaaast.

I feel like my anxiety has taken over a little bit and I haven’t had much sleep lately. It’s been driving me crazy. I’ve always hate the dark and the night and I’ve tried to get myself in a mindset where it won’t bother me as much but my anxiety has a way of spinning things way out of control too. That’s what I remember most looking back at this week was the lack of sleep I’ve been experiencing. Sigh.

Sunday I snapped some photos of my Julep box which this month I didn’t really get anything — I opted for a nail polish and a primer. I still have to try their concealer I got a few boxes back. I need to learn how to rotate my products actually lol! But I have combo skin/mostly dry and since winter is coming up soon I figured opting for a primer. It doesn’t say it moisturizes exactly but it “nourishes”. Also I wish you could see the full effect of this polish, it’s a beautiful duo-chrome that I think would be great for the change of seasons! I tried to find a way to use my headboard lights as a prop/background but it just wasn’t working out, I’ll have to play with it more!

For lunch Bubba took me to this Mexican grocery store to get real Mexican food and it was SO GOOD. SO. DAMN. GOOD. I got the barbacoa tacos plate with beans and rice and OMG the beans and rice were my fav part. The tortilla on the tacos were really good too and I got a pineapple drink which was super refreshing. Bubba got the coconut which tasted exactly like the coconut ice pops my mom made when we’d go to the Philippines! I’ve been craving that taste for YEARS I almost didn’t want to give him back his drink! They also had Cup of Noodles with lime. Like every flavor, with lime. The shrimp and lime so far is my fav! Before we left Bubba went to get me a small coconut drink and the rice one that starts with an H that I can never spell or say lol! I’ve always wanted to try it and now I’m glad I finally got to! It wasn’t what I was expecting, that’s for sure. It tasted like a melted gingerbread man! Haha but I liked it! Just not more than the coconut.

I spent some time with Sophie and tidy’ed up trying to get rid of all the cardboard boxes in my apartment. Cause you know, #anxiety and stuff.

Also rearranged the Wizard of Oz shelf because I realized the books were out of order! Idk why I thought the green one was last. I also added the Wicked book my mom sent me from home. Now I have to figure out how to find space for the rest of the books in that series on the self… and they’re thick books!

I also pulled out the glitter leaves Bubba got me from Bath & Body Works and tried taking some photos with them. The glitter fall out isn’t too bad which is nice!

I found some old pics from my life in Cali… except the bottom left one that one was from 2013 when we came back to work for the Disney the second time; back when I use to do my hair and get pixie dust in it every single chance I got! I don’t know why I get into those modes of doing my hair and not. Then I get mad at myself for looking not as cute as I could cause I don’t try. SIGH.

I definitely miss Borders and Seattle’s Best like you wouldn’t believe. It was my fav place to hang out in Fall/Winter. I miss roaming around book stores. I know there’s still B&N and BAM (which I really like BAM) but it’s no Borders, sigh! Books piled up from a book signing event I went to that was my fav so far (I miss going to book signing events too, there were NEVER any in Orlando, FL! I’m hoping there will be a few at least in Dallas! Especially since a lot of authors are from the south). A pic of the room I converted into my book room very slowly. A pic of me eating a big pile of noodles at this random Chinese place where I also tried Jellyfish (and didn’t like it). See, I use to have my hair and nails done and everything! And a pic of what some of the labels for the B&BW and YC candle labels looked like back in 2012!

I miss taking so many pics… I feel like I don’t take as many anymore.

My mom sent me more stuff from my room back home — some of my Vinylmations I’ve missed, also my Wicked Playbills and Wizard of Oz comics I was collecting in 2009. These aren’t even ALL of my Wicked Playbills and my Jersey Boys one is missing. I’m friends with both the Fiyero’s from the San Francisco Wicked production when it was here for a year. The story of how I got Cliffton’s signed photo is still probably my favorite life moment lol I didn’t even ask for it! And I try to follow Nicolas Dromard to whatever musical he’s at when it’s near me. It’s so crazy though, it was like looking into a past life almost!

Bubba and I made alt Lala’s on our old FFXIV server Faerie and I had a minor flashback of playing my Taru on FFXI during the summer event too \o/.

Then there’s the Pixel Pals of Link and MegaMan trying to help me sleep — and failing.

I spent one of the days this week making booktube videos — even though two of the OwlCrate unboxings are laaaaaaaaate. One being SUPER LATE. I also filmed a Caraval book video review that I’m not 100% happy with but I’m just jumping back in so I can’t be TOO mad about it, at least I’m trying.

Also I’m loving the natural light I get from my bedroom window next to me. It made these videos look so much better!

I was going through some of my stuff/organizing and I came across these gorg MAC shadows I got last year in December (the first time I came to TX actually!) I have barely used! I can’t wait to start using these! The only prob is that they’re sort of that bouncy texture and I’m scared I’ll mess up the pattern! Also realized my TLOS book is my signed one, I had my mom send me the other… I didn’t know I brought this with me when I moved here!

I had nowhere to put this bookish magnet I really like from my OwlCrate and I had it on my power box on my wall but thought it would be bad juju for some reason to leave it there so I stuck it on my bed frame on Bubba’s side… now I wanna get more lol!

I had to get Sophie more food cause she was almost completely out and on the way home I got a Poke bowl from Oni Ramen with just salmon, white rice, avacado and mango. Next time I’ll get it without mango since I feel like it threw everything off. I was a little upset they had such little rice but OMG it was filling af! Also, their Gyoza’s are AMAZING! Just sayin.

I also got Sophie some Halloween toys; one being this purple owl filled with catnip she ended up falling asleep on lol!

I took some shots of the wax melts I found at Wal-Mart. They’re not the new fall ones but these are some I thought would be nice. I ended up melting the one in front and it smelled so good! Though I can’t tell if it was more fall or winter. Either way it worked with the apple scent I already have going on.

I finally got around to painting my nails \o/ I don’t know why I slack so much on this but I wish I didn’t. I’m actually really enjoying this color. Bubba wanted me to go for a black and I found this one so BAM, there it is.

Also I’ve been spotting these tiny ants (I think they’re ants) around my apartment lately; mostly in my bathtub or around my sink! It’s driving me crazy cause I don’t eat in my room at all and I try to keep things tidy and dry majority of the time. Ugh, I just hate bugs!

Bubba and I like taking pics every holiday/season of our characters in FFXIV. And we do a photoshoot every holiday/season. Bubba changes up the front yard of our house and he makes it a photo op for me. He’s way better at taking screenshots than I am, I’m not as creative lol so the photos with us in them were all his shots. Then he took shots of me watching the fireworks for the summer event Square Enix has ever summer; they did the same thing/event on FFXI when I use to play from 2004-2012 so it was nice to see they did this on FFXIV when I started playing too! They didn’t keep much stuff from FFXI and brought it into FFXIV. Which I understand they’re two completely different MMO’s but still, when they do carry things over I get super excited.

On Thursday Bubba spent the night after he got off work; took an early bath and spent the night finishing up season one of Avatar; I really wanna know what’s gonna happen between Ang and Zuko now cause Bubba keeps hinting their relationship changes through out the season or something. Argh.

Also got into a little bit of drama with a FFXIV friend on another friends post about how it’s NOT okay to support pedo’s and he was trying to make some stupid point to try and shut someone else down. It’s a thing this friend does, he inserts himself into posts and starts “debates” as if every single thing any one ever posts is an invite to debate when in reality IT’S NOT. EVER. Then he triggers people and gets mad that they’re triggered saying shit like, “if you knew you were gonna get triggered/have a mental illness why did you put yourself in this position.” and it’s just insulting the way he talks about people with mental illnesses and lately it seems like he’s been really boldy voicing that people with mental illnesses should not be treated like a normal person.

On Friday he woke me up super early, like before 6 as he always tends to do when he wants to take me to breakfast. So I slept in a bit longer cause I was cold and we headed out to get breakfast. We got Denny’s which I haven’t had in SUCH a long time. I got a breakfast plate that had eggs, sausage, bacon, hashbrowns and they had these new topped pancakes — I went with the bananas and salted caramel ones and they were GOOD! OH GOODNESS THEY WERE GOOD. I was so stuffed.

We went to Target for a bit to kill some time and picked up some stuff like my dresser drawers I’ve been wanting though they only come in white now. They use to come in the same color as the rest of my stuff, I had one once. I dunno why they decided to change that. And we got some other stuff too.

Headed to the mall where Bubba got me the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette he’s been looking for for me and the nice sales guy threw in a mini UD Vice lipstick too \o/ that was nice of him! I grabbed myself 3 of the Ciate Glitter Flip lippies I’ve been wanting, they didn’t have any of the blue shades though. Then headed to Earthbound Co where I got another oil thingie, hopefully this one works since the nightlight oil warmer didn’t work as well as it would with a wax melt and the Clarity rollerball that I was looking at from last time. Headed to ThinkGeek and Bubba got some figurines and got me a Maleficent lanyard I’m about to switch my keys to.

Headed to B&N to look around and Bubba got 2 more figurines, I didn’t find anything I wanted exactly but I took a look at some books and snapped some pics of ones I wanted to add to my October Challenge list. I was also distracted by pretty Rose Gold pumpkins and desk things that I didn’t notice Bubba had 3 things in his hands not 2. I don’t know how he managed to keep it hidden from me unless I’m really just THAT unaware of shit lol! But as we were walking out he commented on how I didn’t get a book or anything and he pulls this Cat In The Hat mug out of his bag.

It’s a mug I mentioned I really liked a bit ago; he had me reading Dr. Seuss while I was still in Florida once during a mini panic attack and so yeah that’s where that comes from.

We went home and ordered Ramen from Oni Ramen for dinner. It was really good! But next time I think I won’t get fishcake cause it made it taste too… fishy. Or maybe it was the seaweed.

Last night Bubba spent the night and he made me a chicken salad for dinner. We went lightweight grocery shopping and I also found the Oui yogurts I was looking for at Target! Yay! They were out of coconut and vanilla though! But at least I have a few to try! And these jars are also GLASS! I’m definitely keeping them to re-purpose!

We stayed up a bit later because Bubba got off work late which means we had a late dinner and he watched Return to Oz with me which is one of my fav all time movies. I sleep better when Bubba’s here. I hate the nights he’s not.

I’d include what we did today (Sunday) but that’s for next week’s recap!

Now of to attempt to re-make this salad and get ready for a bubble bath \o/

I’m hoping this week I’ll be able to get some reading done and put up a few more blog posts be it here or on readarella or herloverfood because I really need to get to it when it comes to those blogs! I’ll also need to edit my OwlCrate unboxings so I can post them ASAP! Work on the Zen Corner, clear off the counter in the kitchen, set a follow up appt for Sophie and get ready for Fall \o/

Here’s to hoping for a productive week!


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