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Weekly Recap; Nov 5th – Nov 11th

I can’t believe how fast this year is just FLYYYYYING on by! It’s pretty much mid November now meaning Thanksgiving is not too far away and once that happens it’s full blown Christmas until the end of next month.

The temp has been dropping here like crazy and I’m pulling out all my hoodies and I need to find my sweaters as well as reorganize my closet to fit all the winter clothes now that summer is finally gone!

Mint Chocolate was one of my favorite B&BW candles back in 2012, my brother actually bought one and had it burning in his bathroom. I’ve been obsessed with it every since. They don’t bring it back every year but they typically bring something back that’s KINDA like it. This one was from last year and I absolutely adore the label on it, I love how it looks when it’s lit!

A few more details from my tree for this year — I don’t believe in tree toppers so I used this ice blue star on top as my “tree topper” the circle ornament is one my mom sent to me after I moved out on my own. She’s a huge believer in keeping round foods and objects around the house, especially during the holidays to promote good luck. I’m happy to be able to add it to my tree this year. She just sent me another one and I have another circle ornament that’s the same type but hollow in the middle.

I absolutely adore how festive and how pretty our tree’s look at night when they’re lit up!  I think the differences and the contrast is so eye catching!

We ended up having to take the tree’s off our ottoman that we had them on cause this little girl kept jumping up and hiding under them. She doesn’t typically care for tree’s at all, she just wanted her ottoman back. I love how I caught her wide eyed look, then after I walked off she manged to knock over Bubba’s tree which in turn knocked over mine.

So much more glitter on the floor lol.

Some of the Wal-Mart wax melts I grabbed so far, I kinda liked them in the store but now that I’m smelling them I’m not a big fan. There’s a Peppermint Marshallow one I saw someone post on Instagram, maybe I’ll go back and look for that one. When I went they were still stocking all that stuff.

I also grabbed these Chapstick stacks lip balms I’ve been seeing around; this one is in Cotton Candy and Pink Cupcake (I think that’s what the pink one is, yup it is). I tried the Cotton Candy one already which tastes EXACTLY like Cotton Candy, it’s so good! I haven’t tried the Pink Cupcake one yet. I need to get more of these!

I’ve been really slacking on trying Graze snacks lately, boohoo! But this one sounded really good and I was a dummy and didn’t move them off the stove while I was pre-heating the oven thinking it would be fine. I saw the plastic on this one balloon and the caramel was warm. It was pretty good, but the shortcakes were uber dry! Still, it tasted just like banana caramel!

Bubba is awful at keeping present secrets and he let me open one of my gifts. I went for the MAC one since I already knew what it was (and he ended up buying me 2 more MAC things but sadly the single eye shadows were still all sold out at every MAC counter at the mall we were at, sigh!) and I ended up taking product shots!

Every year I buy myself one of the MAC pigment sets, this has been a self tradition since like 2010 or something this year Bubba insisted I DONT buy myself gifts for Christmas like I NORMALLY do for myself; he was gonna handle my wish list. This was one of the first things he got me, he doesn’t like that I’ve been buying myself gifts all these years and it’s really sweet he got this for me! I bought my last one last December the first time I came to Texas, so I kinda beat him to it. Whoops.

There’s been a Passion Hibiscus Tea in my fridge for like a month or two maybe and for some reason I kept forgetting it was there — Bubba tried it before work and he left this note for me on the dry erase board. I didn’t notice it until I opened the door that morning when UPS came by like WHOA BIG LETTERS ON THE WALL lol.

On Thursday we brought Sophie to the vet where they checked her for reasons behind her sudden vertigo; she had been stumbling and falling over and unable to jump the last few days and it was starting to really scare me. I had hoped they ruled it as an ear infection which they did so I was sent home with ear drops. And they also gave her her updated rabies shot. So I’ll need to go update her file book.

I guess I was being a little grumpy for whatever reason and I was accidentally snapping at Bubba all day, he ended up having to go home to do laundry and I felt bad and drowned myself in self blame as I tend to do when I feel like I messed up and ended up just crying through my bubble bath and to sleep; anxiety is the worst some times. I have better control of it now than I did before but sometimes it’s just so damn loud and it won’t shut the fuck up you know? It really does try super hard to make you feel worthless and small for no reason.

I freakin hate it.

On Friday Bubba had asked if I still wanted to go out with him since I was being a potato in my depressed state. He said if I had said no he was going to go get groceries, come over anyway and make me a home cooked meal. How did I get so lucky, seriously.

He came by but he still went to get groceries to make me some food for dinner. Then we headed to Scholastic but their “book sale” doesn’t start until Dec 6th even though there was a huge sign that said “book sale” out on their front window. Oh well, we tried.

Then we headed to Panera Bread for brunch. He had never been there before but I got what I normally look forward to every Fall — my Chicken Cranberry Flatbread except I didn’t get the Squash soup this time, I just got my usual French Onion and I also had a Spinach Bacon Souffle which is so good!

Me: I’m sorry I eat slow
Bubba: No, you just eat… A LOT
Me: I’m just a Tater Tot
Bubba: I hate to break it to you babe, but you’re not a Tater Tot


Also their Blood Orange Lemonade wasn’t that great. It tasted more like Orange Lemonade than anything. I was hoping for something close to the kind from LemonadeLA, ah dreams.

We headed to DIASO which I guess is new cause I swear I’ve never seen it there before and their shelves were missing some stuff, got some snacks but not a lot cause they didn’t really have much (and no Sweet Corn, booo) and Bubba got some gift wrap.

Then we headed to the mall where I got one of the new Starbucks drinks Toasted White Chocolate Mocha which was okay. I stuck around B&N while Bubba went to go get the rest of my Christmas gifts he had in mind and found a few books I thought looked interesting.

I just finished reading Tentacle & Wing and it always amazes me just how hard hitting middle grade books can be sometimes! But I got through this pretty fast, it was pretty interesting. I wonder if there’s gonna be a part 2!

I shopped a little bit — got a new MAC lippie in Sin (which I had never seen before), some Dark Peppermint Moose Munch and I had exchanged some stuff at Bath & Body Works.

Then we headed to ULTA so I could ask about dying my hair and I had to pick up one of Bubba’s gifts there. I ended up getting some stuff for myself too, sigh.

After that we headed home! The plaza ULTA was in was really nice! Hopefully I can go take a walk around there soon.

Bath & Body Works had some of their holiday stuff out and I exchanged some candles for these candles. The White Mint Latte is pretty much Mint Chocolate and the Blueberry Sugar smells like Cotton Candy; I didn’t see the Pink Tea Cakes or something one there and they didn’t have a small of the Twisted Peppermint either. But I did get a small of the Lavender Marshmallow. I wonder if this is ever gonna come out in a 3 wick.

I also got my Poo~pourri sample package! That was super quick! The Lavender Vanilla one I bought at Target when my other one ran out and I’m not a fan of it really. It smells like Fruit Loops but the linger scent isn’t my jam. I think I’ll stick to the original Citrus one instead (cause I know for a fact that one works) the Secret Santa one has Cinnamon, Vanilla and Citrus and it smells like a huge Christmas Cinnamon cloud if I’m being honest lol.

Also Bubba made dinner which was Grilled Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Salad. It was really good. We finished the rest of the The Devil Is a Part-Timer! anime episodes. I’m so sad it’s over, it was so interesting! I don’t see how some anime’s get like 4 to 13 episodes and that’s all! Wthhhh!

But I’m happy he made me dinner. What a sweetheart, seriously.

Yesterday he had to make a quick trip to Michaels to get some stuff and I had to go to Target so yeah.

Got my normal Peppermint Mocha with a Cranberry Bliss Bar (my first of the season!) and some cute Peppermint Bark snowflakes! After that walked around; picked up some stuff I needed and had to refill on but I forgot some stuff too. Dammit. Spent some time in the Christmas section cause hello, it’s the BEST section especially at Target! Bubba has started this thing where if I’m looking at snacks and I don’t need them he’ll literally lift me up and carry me away. It always makes me laugh really hard for no reason!

He got some more single ornaments for his moms tree and I got some snacks 🙂 mostly just Peppermint Marshmallows cut into snowflakes (you’re suppose to put them on top of your Hot Cocoa), more Peppermint Bark and a Hammond’s White Chocolate bar. There was other stuff but I’ll wait on those to put in stockings instead. We haven’t set up our stockings yet!

I grabbed that white and gold Dreamcatcher for my tree inside my room, I don’t know if it’s too big but I’ll make it work!

Spotted the Salted Caramel Pepsi while we were at Target too, haven’t tried it yet but it can’t be worse than the Fireball one lol!

I had Pei Wei for dinner and I got Bubba Subway. The Pad Thai had Cilantro in it, I forgot to ask for no Cilantro but I remembered no Onions, sigh. How did I forget?! It was still really good, it’s been awhile since I’ve had it but I was sad I was too full to enjoy the soup. Wahhh.

I started two books I borrowed from the library but I’m not sure if I’m going to finish either of them; Forget Tomorrow reads backwards and First Frost is the sequel to Garden Spells which I didn’t read. I’m not sure if you HAVE to read it first, so far it doesn’t seem like it’s really needed but who knows. I did also start WARCROSS which everyone seemed to love, I’m only like 23% in and not much is happening just yet. However the technology for this world sounds SO. DAMN. AMAZING.

So yeah I may be crazy and try to finish all 3, who knows.

I did finish Winter this morning, FINALLY.

So I finished The Lunar Chronicles within the year (minus Stars Above) whoot whoot! Now on to Heartless… after these 3 books.


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