Weekly Recap; Nov 12 – Nov 18th

NaNoWriMo really helps you be aware of how far in the month November really is. And how much you didn’t do/get done lol. But I must admit, November so far has been very very interesting…

One of the reasons I can’t share yet, which sucks. Kinda. Not really lol.

I’m obsessed with this candle and this Chapstick lip balm in Cotton Candy. The two together have been heavenly! I love the smell of Cotton Candy! I blame my job at Candy Cauldron at Disney World for my love and obsession for Cotton Candy but it’s just such a happy and cheerful taste and smell!

I read and finished Warcross; I was expecting MORE I guess… there’s so much hype around this title and while it IS interesting I wouldn’t peg it as a GAMER novel but more of a HACKING novel since that’s what the main character does the most is hack. There were a few plot twists, one you can plainly see coming and a few others that hit you from left field. This is the beginning of a series and I’m definitely thinking of picking the second one up just to see where this all goes but I’d still rate it maybe a 3/5 because some of the stuff was just ehhh.

We went to go run some errands — the first one being to do a return for heels I could NOT walk in at Kohls; they had some of their holiday stuff up but their candle section was just so freakin messy it was hard to find anything. I saw this California long sleeve and I really wanted it but it was $15 which was the same price as a really pretty holiday sweater. When did clothes get to be so damn expensive?! We spent a good amount of time in there and I had fun looking at different stuff with Bubba.

I was craving some sushi (there was a sign that said there was a sushi spot in the plaza) and so we tried out this new place and I. Am. Obsessed.

I got the “Winter Meets Summer” roll which had Eel, crab, mango, avacado, some sweet sauce and it was sprinkled with coconut. Bubba really liked it too! I’m glad he did, he’s not too big of a fan of sushi. I also got the Teriyaki Beef Bento over the Udon I was planning on getting and it was so savory and so good! Their Gyoza is like the one from back home at Little Mad Fish I use to go to all the time, so crisp and so good! I’m definitely coming back here!

After that we headed to Michael’s, I don’t remember why. I think there was a coupon he wanted to use — wait no.

I went to get a haircut and when I was done he was at Michael’s so I walked over there to meet up with him and found some icing pieces I wanted to buy… so I could just eat them out of the package. But I in the end decided I against them. I wish it was easier to deck your place out in pink and light green decor but I always feel like they only have HALF of what you’re looking for most of the time. Sigh. I guess it’s more of a “collect as you go” sort of thing.

We then walked over to Target and I got a cake pop as well as a Peppermint Mocha I had been craving and found some really cool stuff — like holiday pet pajama’s and books I want to pick up and pretty Nintendo Switch controllers even though I don’t have one. But I will, some day!

Oh and I might had gotten Sophie a reindeer dog outfit…?!

Okay she hates clothes but you can’t say she doesn’t look stinking cute in this! Now if only she would stay still!

Bubba came and got me Friday morning — he was trying to surprise me with a completely sold out gift set but the site lied and that location didn’t have any left either. It seems like everyone sold out the first week which is insane; why release a holiday collection that not a lot of people will have access to?

We got Starbucks for breakfast and this whole spread cost $33! What the hell Starbucks! All we got was 2 sandwiches (Bacon Chicken which is sooo good and their Holiday one which wasn’t as good as Earl’s but still pretty good!), 2 Strawberry Refreshers, a Cranberry Bliss Bar and a box of Sugarfina Gingerbread Caramels. So glad to get Sugarfina at Starbucks but holy crap why was breakfast so expensive?!

Saw some really pretty/cute stuff at Target that could totally be giftable! I did grab one of these boxes for the only reason that it had a marble print top. I love the look of everything for Target’s holiday sections this year. They’re so pretty! I also love there was a wide selection of pretty makeup, makeup accessories, bath salts, face masks, mugs and a ton of other self care items.

I’m such a self care junkie so this whole section made me so happy!

This Target also had their new beauty section set up! It’s so much more brighter, more visually satisfying and everything is sorted really nicely. It’s so much easier to find something specific. They also had brush samples for all the different brands which is nice.

I’m seriously loving this new look!

Some more cool Target finds — that was a tree onesie with a tree topper hood. Yes. Yes it was.

I’m a little bit disappointed the holiday soy candles haven’t come out yet/there’s only like  4-5 scents and they’re not that great or different. They did come out with the “prettier” ones from last year though. But those scent throws weren’t that great so I didn’t even bother picking any up.

There’s a cool tree topper that projects snowflakes on your ceiling, there were other ones too but this one was the one that caught my attention the most lol too bad it’s $35. WHUT.

Also some cool gift sets; there’s definitely less than there has been in previous years I’ve noticed. I remember Target’s holiday section use to be PACKED with all kinds of things! There’s still A GOOD AMOUNT OF THINGS but less than what I remember them offering in the past.

I decided to do some ShopKicking after we left Target — I had forgotten to do scans for my Shopkicks boooo so we went in to B&N and I found some more cool books I have my eyes on and Best Buy to check out some stuff. I haven’t been there in forever! All their scan kicks were like 10 points and it was hard to get to the games since they were all locked in a case. So yeah, that trip was difficult. I found some cool laptops that I might think of getting though! Last time I upgraded my laptop was in 2014.

Last time I upgraded my point and shoot was in 2010.

So you know.

Sophie’s week of ear drops ended on Thursday but I noticed on Thursday and more on Friday that he lack of balance came back. And now that it’s Sunday, it’s definitely gotten worse. I don’t know what happened… she was healing and she was fine and now suddenly she’s not?? I’m so confused. I may not be able to take her to the vet until AFTER Thanksgiving which worries me a little bit because she’s way worse than before and she’s falling over literally all over the place. We took down anywhere she could jump and placed her fluffy bed down so that’s her only option on where to sleep.


I wish they could just TALK TO US and tell us what’s wrong. I did find there’s some sort of thing that can be triggered by an ear infection that messes up with the brain signals that may be causing her to lose balance. I don’t know how a cat gets tested for something like that but I’m super worried at this point…

It’s been super sunny here the last few days which is great since the last week was pretty cold and gloomy. I thought my dresser/vanity looked really pretty yesterday morning so I snapped a pic. I didn’t edit the pic of my bookshelf and I decided against putting lights up there since I have enough lights going on in my room with the tree there. So that’s why it’s looking kind of dark.

I need to redo my bookshelf; actually I just need a whole new one to be honest. I’m running out of space and I have books stacked on the floor in front of it — which was part of what I wanted it to look like but the book ON the shelf are running out of space too.

I’m still (forever) in the process of setting up my room. I should get to that. Like, now.

Also 2 new obsessions this week —

The pink Chapstick is in Candy Cane which is super minty and refreshing and the small chocolate squares on the left in the second photo are AMAZING. They’re $5 at Target! I wish Wondershop was around all year! I haven’t tried the truffles to the right yet as there’s only one of each and you’re SUPPOSE to pair them with wine. But I’ll definitely be trying them very soon! There’s also this set of 3 truffles in  this cute holiday packaging I didn’t get but I plan on getting them when I pick up more squares!

This week is going to be a bit more busy with Thanksgiving coming up. I feel like weeks with holidays are always cut shorter.

Also making new friends with people you thought you’d never consider friends is actually kinda… interesting 🙂


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap; Nov 12 – Nov 18th”

  1. Ooh the Blueberry Sugar candle sounds great. I’ll have to see if it’s still in stock around here.
    I ate one of those Peppermint Mocha cake pops last week! YUM.
    Aww the reindeer dog outfit on the cat! 😆
    Yay for making new friends. 🙂

    1. It’s amazing! This one and the White Chocolate Mint are my two fav candles from Bath & Body Works this season!

      The cake pop was normal Birthday Cake lol! I thought of getting the Peppermint Mocha one but it looked like so much chocolate but I’ve been craving chocolate nonstop all week so it might be time to!

      And yeah my cat is so tiny I try to make anything work on her lol!

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