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Weekly Recap; Jan 21st – Jan 27th



WHOEVER FUCKIN LIVES UPSTAIRS DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO FUCKIN WALK. Like WHY. WHY DO YOU WALK SO DAMN LOUD. DO YOU NOT HEAR YOURSELF STOMPING AROUND?!? And if they’re not stomping around they’re walking around in heels. AT FUCKIN MIDNIGHT TO 2AM. Not to mention they DROP SHIT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT that sounds like it’s going to break my fuckin ceiling. WHAT IN GODS NAME DO PEOPLE DO TO BE SO FUCKIN LOUD.

I’m literally blasting music to drown it out right now because I’m just not in the damn mood.

We caught up on some anime and started How To Keep A Mummy which is freakin adorable! I reviewed the first episode on Bubba and I’s blog, if you wanna read it you can find it [ H E R E ]! I also fixed the layout for our blog and made a much more organized categories list — something I need to do with this blog! Gahhhh. Not looking forward to that! I’m still debating on if I should write a blog for the babysitter one we watch, I think it’s equal parts cute and weird. I guess it started as a manga? I’m new to this world, Idk!

Spent some time with these cuties! I think we got to level 12 when we were aiming for 15, it’s okay. We’ll get there eventually! And as always we took some screenshots. There isn’t much to take screenshots of just yet since we’re so low still. We still haven’t unlocked Satasha (the first dungeon) yet so it’s still just question and wearing mismatch gear. Like why FF? WHY.

I. AM. OBSESSED. WITH. THESE. COCONUT. HARD. CANDIES. I bought them on a whim when we were at an Asian Market and they didn’t turn out how I thought they would but they’re still really good, the only problem is I end up CHEWING through them so quickly! I’m literally down to my last 2 and I’m SO SAD. Trying so hard to not eat the last 2 until I get another bag… or 3.

I’ve been on a search for these Cherry Sours I use to get at The Dollar Tree back in the 90’s like in 8th grade and they only came out for Valentine’s Day but they stopped carrying them over… oh I don’t know, the last 18 years or so?! But I saw someone on Instagram post them! So I went on this hunt but none of The Dollar Tree’s here have them T___T. Sad times. So Bubba comes home from work one day and tells me he got me a gift while he was at work and they were this bag of Gummy Bears (I haven’t tried yet) and Cherry Sours — WHICH TASTE EXACTLY LIKE THE DOLLAR TREE ONES I USE TO GET!!!


I’m seriously hyped about this.

I got the Christmas Godiva Petite Four box after Christmas because… well… it was $12. Why not lol. I’m a little upset there was only ONE of the cooler flavors so I ate half so Bubba could try the other half. The Lemon was perfect. I feel like Godiva does really great Lemon flavors! The Tea (pink) one was good, it was like a really nice flawless blend of chocolate and a strong herbal tea. The Pistachio didn’t taste like anything! It was like creamy white chocolate and that was it, it was so weird! The chocolate ones were pretty strong like the Hazelnut one and the other I can’t remember now. I’m glad I grabbed one to try and for a good price! Cause it was WAY MORE than $12 during Christmas, I can’t say for sure if it was worth more than $12.

I noticed a new mole on my wrist. I don’t know what it is about my right arm but it’s like… harboring moles or something! IT’S FREAKING ME OUT. It’s not even exposed to the sun! I’m always in long sleeves and hoodies! WTF!

I also took a few product shots, I wish the photo caught how amazing the lighting was when I took this photo. Natural lighting is a love of mine!

Bubba came over to spend the week with me since he wasn’t able to spend the night the week before or the weekend before (he usually stays over on the weekends unless I’m sick or something is happening and he doesn’t want to leave me alone all week — which makes me wonder; how many sleepless nights did he have worrying about me when I was 3 states away if he has them now that I’m literally 8 mins away from him?!).

I’ve been into listening into old school slow jams lately — I was planning on seeing Dru Hill & Avant in concert last week but decided not to because I’m lame. I like to be in bed by 8PM. Pffft. But I’ve also tried to get back into meditation and bedtime yoga; I got my first period after the miscarriage and it was WRECKING ME I tell you! My emotions are EVERYWHERE, my patience is SUPER THIN, my anxiety is INTENSE and the pain in my lower back is just… it’s just more annoying than usual. The emotional part doesn’t bother me as much as it use to (although I came across a photo of Autumn’s stocking stuffers on my phone last night and it made me pause and definitely tugged at my heart strings for maybe 3 seconds), so I mean… that’s good, right? Idk.

Sophie has been spending more time at the window \o/ I guess it helps that the sun has been coming out a bit more lately and it’s not fuckin 12° every night anymore. I thought her position was funny, she’s been SO NOSEY lately. Bubba mentioned she’s been acting more like a kitten the last few weeks. She’s got this endless energy out of nowhere and she wants to know EVERYTHING you’re eating and drinking. Or if you’re fiddling around in the kitchen not even eating anything she’ll still rush over and stare at you. WHAT IS WITH YOU BBY GIRL lol.

I did a review on the Bath & Body Works candle on this blog you can read [ HERE ] if you missed it. I was upset to find I didn’t write anything about a scent I KNOW I tried last year but didn’t remember if I loved or hated it. How frustrating! So now I’m going to TRY to review almost everything I do/use. Mostly for me, cause my memory is complete shit sometimes.

Bubba was at work and I was getting a headache but I had just finished 2 books in the same day \o/ been a few years since I’ve done that! I still need to finish 1 more book before Feb starts to stay on track with my Goodreads goal and Bubba said I can’t open my VDay gift unless I read 4 books before VDay! So I’ve got some reading to do!

But because I had a headache he offered to get me my favorite Caramel Frappe from McDonald’s! Thank Bubba Bear.

We were celebrating PIE Day also! Our first PIE Day together! You can read about that [ HERE ]. We originally had thought to get Blaze Pizza but decided against it and just get grocery store pizza which honestly is also good! I opted for the small flatbreads cause I don’t eat much and I got my usual Chocolate Pie… I kinda wish I had gotten the Lemon or the new Smores one instead. Whomp, next time! Bubba got the bigger pizza and the big Coconut Pie which we’ve looked at for some time now and it IS really good!

So Bubba went to pre-heat the oven completely forgetting I store stuff in the oven (damn small 1bedroom and no space) and he might had… maybe had… started a small fire in the stove. It totally spooked Sophie and the fire alarm would NOT STOP. I hate fire alarms btw. It took awhile to get the smoke to filter out and we had to clean up the stove and it was a bit scary to try to pre-heat it again but we did it and we’re fine and we didn’t burn down the building in the process. Whew. Welcome to apartment life! It’s just so strange I guess because my parents store stuff in the stove too even though we had a full kitchen in our house. I normally store just baking stuff in there and pots and pans. But I had a small plastic container with noodles this time and it was the noodles I guess that set on fire?! I don’t know! So strange. Are noodles flammable?!

We also started watching this baking show Bubba found on Netflix that’s SO interesting. It’s Aussie based but it’s Jumbo’s Dessert Challenge or something. But the things they come up with are INSANE and these are “amature” bakers! Okay so what does that make me — a former Pastry Chef major?! Sometimes I wish I hadn’t listened to anyone and kept baking and didn’t drop out of culinary school; I hate how my emotions make my choices! I loved culinary school. I didn’t love the price. I loved being able to go to San Francisco for school every day. But the shit from my parents every single day (I was in school from 4am to 6pm Monday – Friday btw so I didn’t wanna hear shit when I got home about anything) and shit from my boyfriend at the time’s parents and being massively bullied in my class (the girls in my class literally would push me into the tables and into the mixers and stoves when they passed by me for no reason! I never even fuckin talked to anyone) got to me after awhile and I just stopped going. Shit sucks. I always think about going back or starting up again. But this was before the internet was really a thing and everyone in my culinary school thought it was weird I was taking photos of my stuff in class.

I just tried looking for my old culinary blog but I can’t find it but I found my first ever food blog I started in 2008/2009, I need to fix the images if I ever figure out the log in but you can KINDA read it [ HERE ] if you’re interested! Maybe when I go home I’ll look for those super old photos!

My current food blog I seriously need to update can be found [ HERE ]!

There was a tag going around the FFXIV IG community and I was tagged by like 6 people so I did both Axelyn’s facts and my own facts. Because Axelyn has her own life too lol. This was really fun.

On Friday we stopped by Jo-Ann’s so Bubba could get his supplies to make his pillowcase which is his crafty thing for the month this month and I got mine + stuff to make a Moogle plushie I’m going to attempt and I *HOPE* I don’t screw up. I also got some baking supplies I’ll post later cause it’s actually part of something else I did this morning I want to mention.

Then we had lunch at Olive Garden; I got this Lobster Ravioli with Shrimp and Scallops which was good but I had gotten full off salad and soup beforehand. Shoulda just stuck with my soup and salad idea lol.

Then we headed to the mall cause Bubba got the email that the order he made the week before got there (which was stuff for me) so we went and picked it up; I saw this cute trio set for Sailor Moon I want to come back for and there’s also a shirt I want from UP that says “Adventure Is Out There” Hot Topic literally has better Disney stuff than Disney does. Not even kidding and with the “lesser” characters they seem to never make merchandise of. I mean HT has a freakin HERCULES dress that’s so pretty. Disney Parks would NEVER make any Hercules merch and it’s really frustrating! I also got 2 pj sets that were on clearance. One is a Grumpy Care Bears one and the other is a Yuri On Ice one that says “I Am A Tasty Pork Cutlet Bowl” it was buy one get one for $1 so uh yeah why not! I also picked up the Mickey Diamond Funko Pop.

Stopped by Sephora to check out the 100 point perks and nothing there. Went to Sees and got 1 of the VDay Strawberry Truffles in White & Dark Chocolate, 1 of the Black Forest Truffles and a cup of my fav Dark Patties.

Stopped by Target cause I had to get some cleaning and house stuff. I also picked up Bubba’s gift bag + the stuff going in it like the candies and little things.

Ever since he got me those 3 Pokemon plushies I’ve been looking at Pokemon a bit more lately, I don’t know why! I just like the way they look! Mostly the Eevee type ones.

I saw the new Diet Coke at the check out and while I don’t like diet anything I think these cans look really nice and sleek and wanted to give it a try. It was between this or the Blood Orange, I decided to go with something I know I might like and get the Cherry. It was definitely FEISTY and a little spicy. It almost distracted me from the diet taste but not fully. I’m glad I tried it but yeah, not ever again lol.

Went home and Bubba started on his pillow which came out really good! But of course Sophie had to get in on some of the action. Cats man, they’ll sit on all your stuff! And not even care! Silly girl! He had another one with an owl print he took home to do, I haven’t seen it yet but he stitched that one all the way around instead of gluing and stitching like he did with the Batman one and he said it came out a lot better than the Batman one so I’m pretty excited to see! I had planned on stitching mine all the way around since I know how to sew (oh! and I taught him how to sew!) I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. They’re meant to just be decor pillows and not ones we’re actually going to use.

Here are the things we picked up from Hot Topic Bubba got me — he got me my Kingdom Hearts pillowcases I had wanted and I’m sooo glad! I would had wanted the whole bed set but I don’t like comforters so I opted for just the pillowcases but he got them for me before I could get them for myself! Sneaky.

He also got me the Stitch Diamond Funko I was looking for and the Dumbo I had no idea was being released and he paid for my Mickey Diamond one too. Freakin triple sneaky! The Diamond Edition Funko’s are so gorgeous! I haven’t opened the Snow White and Tinkerbell ones I got a few weeks ago yet but now that these 3 are open I guess I might as well! I need to find my Peter Pan Funko I got years ago but I have no idea where he is… sigh. Which is weird since I always keep him close to me.

I’ve been obsessed with this Fiji Pineapple Palm body spray Bubba got me from the Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale! That paired with that Coconut Colada candle and it’s like summer time in my room! But I’ve been obsessed with these scents lately. I’m trying not to burn all of the Blueberry Sugar (which let’s be real, it smells like Cotton Candy) even though I did get a back up cause I’m scared it’s gone forever. It was a holiday scent and you know how B&BW rolls sometimes. It may never come back.

I’m also glad I got the other 2 scents from this Glade collection, I’m sad you don’t get a FULL BOTTLE like you’d assume you’d get. I guess they use the label to hide that though. Grr. I guess I’ll try not to use it TOO often or something. Blah! I sprayed the Coconut one and it seemed fine, I think I had the Coconut candle last year and didn’t like it but to be fair none of the Glade candles really throw or smell like what they’re SUPPOSE to smell like so that was a bit unfair. Oh well, I’ll make up for it now!

So here’s the baking stuff I got from Jo-Ann’s but that’s not what I wanted to mention.

I was playing around with VSCO to see what the big hype was about with photo editing and I wanted to give my photos a bit of a pink tone to it. I thought of putting a theme on my IG feed like I had always planned to but never did — I feel like I like too many different things and the colors won’t always match up which would frustrate me but I currently kind of hate the look of my feeds too. I wish there was more pink and white in it. Ugh, I don’t fuckin know! Also I don’t have any OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) posts cause I can’t dress and I wish I DID have some. Or photos of me that ARENT SnapChat selfies. I want to take more photos of myself this year but I’m so awful at posing and I get so insecure which doesn’t make any sense! But I guess it’s a fear I’ll hope to overcome this year — maybe. Plus I’m not too creative when it comes to selfies. I’ve literally had thought of doing this goal as a 365 when a girl named Alice on Flickr did it back in 2009. And she had a normal Canon Point & Shoot back then. Sigh. I’ll figure something out!

So anyway!

The big left photo is the filter/editing I use now and the ones on the right are ones I edited with VSCO. I don’t know how I feel about them just yet… there’s so many options on that site. I know it’s more of a TRY AND FIND YOUR LOOK kind of thing but trying to find your look + posting these “trys” on your feed kind of messes up your feed but I guess you’ve got to start somewhere and I DO like seeing the progress of my things…. I just want to see a more organized/uniform color scheme going on. Even if it’s just brightness or contrast. I’m tired of seeing photos in shitty lighting which sometimes that’s the only lighting I have… I do try and take majority of my product shots during the day but when it comes to life it’s harder to schedule that. I do like darker photos with background bokeh lights or fairy lights. Maybe I’ll take some self photos at night and incorporate fairy lights somewhere on my wall or bookshelf or something.

Ugh, Idk. I’m feeling all kinds of jumpy and ADD and anxious right now.

It’s this damn period I bet.

The Instagram I’m trying to theme/retheme can be found HERE. My bookish Instagram which I will be posting some of my fav lovey contemporary reads about can be found HERE and it’s blog is HERE. My gaming Instagram I’m going to be starting up soon can be found HERE.

Hopefully I find a theme or SOMETHING to make me happy with how it looks overall.

Here’s to hopefully a productive week + finishing another book!


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