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Weekly Recap; March 4th – March 10th

Welp, I got most of the cleaning done this week that I was aiming for. There’s still some stuff left to do but the desk, kitchen and my bookshelves are done. Granted I want to move around some more stuff around my desk but I just don’t know what or to where. So for now, it’s done.

Buuuut I gotta wait until next week to get my desktop. So, whomp.

Went out to look for a few things last week; I don’t remember what now that it’s been awhile. But I know we went to the mall. I couldn’t find anything I REALLY wanted at Think Geek and Bubba kept asking me if I wanted anything. He spotted this Kingdom Hearts purse and I freakin LOVED it. I still do! It’s literally so much smaller than the last purse he got me but omg it’s so cute! I’ll make this shit work lol.

He also stopped me by Francesca’s and got me like 2 outfits and this pretty pastel green dress for Easter. I just need to find white shoes and a white cardigan. I had a white cardigan (and I think I still have white wedges, I don’t remember) but I legit have no idea where it went! It was in my closet like a month ago and now it’s gone?? I don’t even remember wearing it in the last month! Freakin weird.

Sophie is getting ULTRA fluffy. She was sleeping on the chair while I was gaming and she’d roll over and chirp in her sleep. Silly kitty.

I jumped on Rhysand for a it and got him to a pretty decent level. I was doing quests and jumped off a cliff into a town which doesn’t usually kill you UNLESS a mob attacks you as you jump or apparently your Carby does (which sometimes Carby does his own thing and it pisses me off, like STOP IT. I’m NOT trying to go into battle right now)! I’m super tempted to just jump his levels, I mean I’ll still have to do Main Story Quest so in reality there’s no point in ACTUALLY jumping him besides that I’m getting impatient lmao.

I also jumped on the first Axelyn moon kitty I made. Back when she was a shit ton more pale and angry looking.

It’s a little frustrating when I talk about my alts (cause I have A LOT) and someone tells me I should switch to their server. My BFFFFF is on a totally different server and we’ve never asked each other to switch for the other person or even thought to! If we wanna play together we’ll cross-world or hop on an alt. There’s no REASON to ask ANYONE to switch to YOUR server, if you wanna play with them YOU should switch to THEIR’S if anything. Which btw it’s $18 to switch your character to another server.

Not to mention I play this game FOR ME. I don’t play a game cause my friends play it. I don’t rely on having someone to play with ALL THE TIME. I’m pretty much a solo person and a solo player even in something like an MMORPG. I’ve been left behind too many times to care if someone wants to keep me company or not. I play things I enjoy, not for any other reason.

Mexican food as been my weakness since I’ve moved to Texas!

I love Rosa’s! Their taco bowls are the best!

Bubba also took me to this Mexican bakery. I’ve wanted to try that bread on the right for awhile but I just never went back to the Mexican grocery store, or I haven’t in awhile. I keep meaning to. There’s a lot of Filipino stuff that’s comparable to Mexican stuff and since there’s no Filipino bakeries here in my area I figure might as well find something LIKE it. But he took me to a legit bakery instead. There were SO many options! But most didn’t have tags or a description so I went with whatever looked pretty.

The bread to the right was actually really fuckin good. It’s sweet but not too sweet and even though there’s sugar sprinkled on it, the texture didn’t bother me. It’s definitely something fun to eat for breakfast. I need to get more! My BFFFFF told me the one on the left is BREAD and NOT cake! I legit thought it was cake! Whaaaaat. They definitely had a bunch of pretty, colorful and interesting stuff! Next time I go I’ll take a photo maybe.

In the process of cleaning my desk I had to take photos of my pop dolls before taking them out of the boxes.

I don’t exactly know where to put the Sailor Moon ones, I have a place for them in the living room but it’s the whole set of them already. The Mickey ones might stay in their box and be placed on one of my bookshelves.

And unfortunately you can’t tell that the princesses have glitter on their dresses! I’m missing Belle but I thought these were cool especially considering I’m not a huge princess fan.

I was so excited to see my favorite Bento Box/Sushi place back on Ubereats! I’ve literally never actually GONE there to eat but I order Bento Boxes from there all the time cause they’re a good amount of food for the price (like $10) and it’s SO good!!

The process of clearing off the desk went a lot smoother than I expected, thankfully! I just have to figure out where to put that mailer thing in the back since my desk is no longer big enough to fit everything that my old desk was able to fit. Which is strange. I know that you can expand this desk with an extra piece though at the time I got it, I just opted for the smaller size. Good thing about IKEA stuff, you can always add on if you need more space!

Randomly spotted a Carpet Beetle on my freakin bedroom wall! I use to run into these ALL THE TIME when I lived in CA (their larva is fuckin gross, they shed and when you touch it, it turns into dust. Literally) and Silverfish too (which I saw one on my wall a week or so ago) and I HATE THEM. I hate any bug and I especially hate bugs IN MY ROOM. So I tend to go on a mad cleaning spree usually.

Finally got the counter cleared off and the Halloween runner off of it lol. It took me long enough, damn. Though there’s still some stuff I’d like to get rid of on the other side but that’s going to take a bit more time of finding somewhere to put most of that stuff. I don’t know how the hell I ended up with so much stuff. But I’m happy to see it at least partly cleared off, it makes me feel less stuffy.

Asked Xyl to make an alt with me on a completely diff server on a completely diff data center and she jumps on lol! Yaaaaas my BFFFF is better than yours! We both made cat boys to ward off other dudes yet our own boyfriend’s voiced they would had preferred we made chick characters again…? Guys are weird. But whatever, they both left the game so *shrug*.

Bubba got on for a bit with us on another server where we stood and sat around and did nothing lol. GOOD TIMES.

Then Bubba and I got on our main characters where he bought this dress I’ve been wanting FOREVER but just cost so damn much on our dead ass server. He mentioned thinking of coming back maybe then the next day mentioned he doesn’t want to anymore. So I’m getting slightly confused, though I know he’s BEEN tired of the game. Whatever, I’m thinking of just selling my house and switching back to Faerie. I don’t really enjoy the server we’re on, at all. And all my friends who are willing to help me get my clear’s and things done are on Faerie. So.


Speaking of Faerie and friends; I needed a dungeon called Doma cleared for my Main Story Quest and I dragged both my favorite ‘brother in law’ Sho and Edge to help me clear it. I’ve missed running things with these two even though sometimes they get on my nerves.


Edge also helped me get my last pony from Titan. FUCKIN FINALLY. AFTER ALMOST TWO DAMN YEARS. I finally get my last pony!

I wish I could go and farm the birds but no one’s farming them anymore and I’m sure if they are it’s with their free company which I don’t really have one, so.

But at least I got my last pony T_T. I’m so happy.

Super thankful for the help I got from these two though!

I’m a little salty my ex roommate took all my kitchen stuff saying she’ll “pay me for them” but she never came back to clean her room out before I left AND she never paid me for allllll the kitchen stuff she took and offered to pay for OR paid me back for having to hire someone to clean her room since she refused to.

Buuuut I got over it when I was offered this for review.

I’ve wanted this for maybe a year. I know it’s more of a pain since the pods aren’t really easy to find and they’re not as cheap as K-Cup pods. But this comes with a FROTHER. And some pretty intense coffee. Not to mention this machine is around $400-$500. I’m SUPER. SUPER. PSYCHED. I got this for review! Like. You have no idea. How badly I wanted one of these.

Now if only I can get a KitchenAid for review eh?

Bubba was craving pancakes so we went to this pancake house down the street from me and close to this shopping center I really like. He got breakfast and pancakes and I got Chicken and Dumplings. The place was really cute and the food was really good! It wasn’t expensive either! Maybe next time I’ll try their breakfast.

Stopped by the shopping center and headed straight to Bath & Body Works since I was on the hunt for their Easter candles that had gone up on Monday. And thankfully they were out! Bubba also managed to find a Bubblegum candle that I had been looking for from The Sweet Shop collection they recently re-released! It was the last one they had too! What are the odds! I also got a large Easter candle and 3 of the mini Easter candles. There weren’t many options for the mini candles this season so I just grabbed 2 of the small Bubblegum ones and 1 of the Easter one. Last year they had this really cool chocolate scented one and this really nice strawberry one. I never understood how B&BW works their scent rotations…

Also stopped by Williams Sonoma which is one of my favorite places to get seasonal candies for Easter and Halloween. I’ve been grabbing these sour bunnies every Easter at Williams Sonoma for the last… I don’t know? Ten years? I typically only like the green (Key Lime) ones so imagine my surprise to find A WHOLE BAG of mostly just green ones! OH. I’m going to enjoy THE HELL outta this! I also wanted some Jordan Almonds but the bigger box was a bit much so I got this smaller one for half that price. They’re SO pretty and SO colorful! I want to eat them now but I need to take more photos of my Easter candies and such. Though I should be eating them soon as I should be doing reviews or something with them! But ahhh the thought of breaking open those Jordan Almonds and messing up its pretty colors lol!


The Flower & Garden Festival at EPCOT in Disney World has started — this is the FIRST year in FIVE YEARS I won’t be there. I’m definitely missing my Lavender Lemonade Slush which is what I get EVERY YEAR. I’m honestly a little heartbroken to not be spending my birthday there this year. And I don’t know when’s the next time I will — maybe I should aim for next year. I’m also a little sad I won’t be spending this birthday at Disneyland or Vegas like I had planned when I moved here. Sigh.

I saw some of the snacks they’re offering at F&G this year and some of it looks really good! Hopefully next time I go they’ll have something new and exciting to try then too!

It’s just hard for me cause traditions are so important and when I have to start over and create new ones I always feel so lost.

Bubba built my new book shelves while I started my TERA download. It’s just the beta for this weekend and I don’t remember much about the game — I played it 3 years ago on my laptop back when my laptop was able to run games and didn’t lag like crazy. Then again, it’s also been 4 years since I’ve gotten this laptop too and it’s traveled a lot with me.

And Sophie being fluffy.

These book shelves are actually A LOT bigger than I thought they would be! I have SO much space both for my books and in that area now. I have no idea what to do with myself lmao. But I’m loving how much space it looks like I have now compared to before. And also loving the new furniture scent coming off these guys!

Bubba also took me to Popeyes (one of my fav food places — ever) and I was so excited! Oh how I’ve missed Popeyes! There was also a Dollar Tree we stopped by in that plaza and I loaded up on a bunch of Easter snacks and there was a Wal-Mart where I found some new Spring and Summer wax melts I’m pretty excited about! Included a huge size of one of my favs from 3 years ago! I didn’t find the Taffy or the Pink Velvet one that came with that collection though… hm. I wonder if they come in bigger sizes at other stores too.

Also spotted some Yankee Candle plug ins. I’m not a huge huge fan of Yankee Candle. At least not a fan of it like I am with Bath & Body Works for various reasons but YC’s Lavender Lemonade has always been my favorite scent and their lime one I don’t really remember the name of right now… Vanilla Lime! These YC room plug ins are pretty strong though and they work pretty well! It’s their candles that can be a total hit or miss when it comes to scent throws. Sadly. Though they do always have some super cute candle accessories and they use to have these really soft wax melts that I LOVED but they’ve since discontinued those a lonnnng time ago. I remember they went on sale for like $.20 and I stocked up on pretty much all the ones that store had lol! The thing I loved the most about those wax melts was that when it cooled down back to solid wax you could easily slide it out instead of having to struggle with changing out the wax like you do with other wax melts. Sigh.

Finally got on to make my TERA character and I don’t know; the character creation is kinda… weird I guess. Like there aren’t many options and their starting gear is awful. I might delete these two and remake them. The beta ends Sunday anyway so it’s not like there’s much time to get to the cute outfits or do any of the cute things you see PC players doing. And I haven’t found any info on when the game itself is actually releasing for the PS4. I’m hoping it’ll be completely free to play like it is on the PC and I won’t need PS+ or anything.

There was some FFXIV Instagram drama going on this week.

Some guy got caught “seeing” 5 other girls.

Here’s the thing about that though — like people take finding an SO on this game SOO seriously. Like it’s insane to see how serious people take it. Everyone’s looking for their next boyfriend or husband or shit baby daddy. And it’s kind of frustrating. Like guys, THIS IS A GAME. It’s not an avatar version of Tinder. If you meet someone, then cool. But don’t go off acting hella thirsty to find you a man.

Not to mention there’s now mods to make your character look naked and all these chicks are posting photos of their characters giving other characters head or having sex and it’s just, I don’t know. It’s getting really weird really fast. Not to mention that one of the chicks who’s crying the most about this has photos like that with multiple people all over her Instagram and her Tumblr making sexual jokes with anyone who asks if she’d suck their dick. You play along with these people with shit like that then get mad you attracted a fuck boy? YOU put YOURSELF in that situation.


The sad part is this dude “cat fished” all of them — meaning no one knew what he ACTUALLY looked like. So it makes me wonder — did ANY of you actually GET TO KNOW THIS dude? Apparently he talked on the phone with some of them and they claimed his phone kept going off when they did. You didn’t think that was weird? Homeboy couldn’t even mute his notifications lol. Ya’ll sloppy. But still, it makes me wonder just how much time these girls took to get to know this dude before claiming they were “in love”.

I understand meeting someone online and in a game. I met Bubba on the same game. There’s nothing wrong with that. But some of these chicks (and dudes too) jump so fast into these relationships wanting the end game rather than building the relationship INTO a friendship or relationship. Like. How can I feel sorry for you when you should had known better? Then they go around getting mad cause “no one warned them”. You should KNOW BETTER as AN ADULT what you’re doing. No one’s here to hold your damn hand.

I don’t know, I just don’t understand it I guess.

So yeah, that was pretty much my week lol.

Now on to fill up these book shelves and start organizing the closet. Which is going to suck.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap; March 4th – March 10th”

  1. The Lavender Lemonade Slush sounds intriguing! Well, maybe you can start a NEW tradition for your birthday now.
    Um online gaming drama is funny… don’t we have enough drama IRL?

    1. Oh it’s amazing! I’m trying to figure out how to make one here… that doesn’t involve liquor lol!

      And yes! I just don’t know WHAT KIND lol. I never intend to make traditions when they happen though, so I’m curious to see what I’ll stumble on here in Texas around that time.

      AND RIGHT. But I figure most of these people who start drama don’t have friends or drama IRL so they start crap with those of us they game with cause I mean, they “see” us almost every day. But still, it’s like dude. I didn’t sign on to deal with your crap lol!

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