Weekly Recap; April 30th – May 6th

Not even gonna comment on how fast time is flying. Months just zoom by and it’s so crazy. I’m highly convinced that the older you get the more the days speed up! Like now it’s 4pm and I swear it was just 230 like 5 seconds ago!

This week was pretty good and again I’m including Sunday since I’m writing this on Monday.



I got myself the April Julep mystery box as a bday gift to myself and I don’t know… I’ve been a subscriber for like 5 years and I use to love these boxes but their other ones included makeup and skincare (which their makeup and skincare? I LOVE) but this one included mostly polish this time around and I don’t wear blush so… it doesn’t have any use for me. Not to mention I’m not too impressed with the polish shades that they included. I mean nudes are always nice to have around but I guess I was just hoping for something MORE.


I also finally gave this a light and I LOVE it!

It smells like a watermelon Jolly Rancher! I didn’t end up going back for the Cactus one but it’s still heavy on my mind. I also heard that Bubble Gum was back up on the site last night but when I checked this morning it was all gone. Man that’s quick! Some day I’ll catch another one lol.

But highly impressed with this scent and throw. Not to mention I love this packaging though it’s very similar to the Fall one from last year with the “camping” collection. So I’m a little confused why they used the same theme. But the frosted jars are always nice.


Bubba: We’ve got chicken! We’ve got beef! We’ve even got Chocobo…. don’t listen to that Kickinwang.

Kickinwang is his Chocobo, the one standing behind him lmao.

I’m having trouble with finding glamours in FFXIV that I like; this one is my Weaver (crafter class) on the left. I’m surprised I managed to match the pink from the top to the hat. Bubba’s wearing his Red Mage gear… well he changed it already but it WAS his RDM glamour and I really liked it!

I finally upgraded my Summoner (Magic DPS class) gear on the right. Spent a mil of in game money to do it. Now to make that mil back is going to be hard lmao. I don’t know what sells good on this server anymore, we’ve been gone for about a year and a half so it’s back to crafting or gathering various things and seeing what sells good. I got impatient and upgraded everything instead of running dungeons and gathering gear that way. I wanted to do the new raid which weekly raids were my favorite thing to run last year so I had to upgrade everything to meet the gear requirements to get in lol.

Stumbled on some photos of Axelyn (my FFXIV character) from 2 years ago; times were so different then. I was on a different server with different “friends” and doing different things while being in the midst of being sexually harassed by a “friend” and my real life boyfriend doing nothing but ignoring me and accusing me of stupid shit.

I always loved Final Fantasy MMO’s but they’ve always been lonely even back when I played FFXI from 2004 – 2012. So I never relied on friends or help or anything, I always just did my own thing and despite playing both of these games with real life significant other’s, they always ditched me for other chicks. It’s crazy, to be honest. I’m glad I stumbled on the FFXIV Instagram community 2 years ago because man, they saved my sanity and kept me company (and they still do now)! I focused on taking screenshots and documenting Axelyn’s life on Instagram and if I made friends along the way then I did. It was fun and I’m glad it was there to occupy my days.

I’ve been enjoying running dailies with Bubba lately since he’s trying to catch his RDM up to my White Mage so we’ve been running dailies and we got Ifrit which is a primal run (I love primals) and he used the limit break 3 for RDM and it was SO COOL. I took a video but I’m unable to share those here unless I upgrade my account, pffft. So you’ll have to settle for photos. I love the last photo.


I got my Ipsy bag which I’ve also been subbed to for about 3 years and I’m always heavy debating on cancelling it because some months are eh. I like that they include a themed makeup bag though cause they’re useful as hell but sometimes the products are a bit… lacking.

I always like when they include brushes and hand creams though. Those I definitely use. I’m a little sad I let go of my Sephora box but their products started to repeat so. Another one I miss that I really enjoyed most months was Glossybox!

There was a lot of FFXIV going on this week it seems like lmao.

A Free Company member (a guild) was showing me how to jump up on the Market Board from THE HOUSE and I just could not get it. I’m awful at the jumping puzzles people find on this game but I finally got it the other day so I had to snap a photo of my accomplishment!

May The Fourth came around again and it’s always fun when it does. I wrote a post about my Star Wars journey on PLACES AND PEONIES you can check out.

Tbh I never got to celebrate it until I started dating Bubba. Last year we took the whole weekend to marathon Star Wars movies (I finally watched Episodes 1-3 and I was MAD) and ordered pizza. I’ve had a few Star Wars related memories while living and working at Disney but not very many and none for May The Fourth.

It’s surprising just how selfish some people can be…


This year Bubba came and picked me up after work and we stopped at Target to get snacks and got some food and we spent the day watching the new-ish Star Wars movie.

I have such mixed feelings after watching this. About Luke. About The Rebellion. About Kylo. I enjoyed the new character Rose and I enjoyed that Rey and Finn both had different journey’s through out this movie. I’m curious to see what will happen next but I don’t remember if they’ll be filming more after this one.

But get you someone who will wake you up saying “May The Fourth Be With You” and will celebrate a fandom, no matter how small, with you.


Bubba stayed the night/weekend and so I popped this bath fizzie I got from Bath & Body Works the week before into my bath. Oh it was lovely. But it got rid of my bubbles lol but it did make the bath a pretty shade of purple so it’s okay. The scent throw didn’t last very long through. But I would definitely get it again!

On Saturday Bubba went to go watch a movie and left me shopping money and I picked up some bath bombs from Victoria Secret that were on sale for $1 AND they were buy 2 get 3 free! They’re pretty much the same as the Bath & Body Works ones as they’re owned by the same company but they didn’t have this pretty moon one.

NY & Co has been a guilty pleasure of mine for years. I love shopping here for casual and dressy clothes. But they’re so expensive! I remember when they were THAT expensive when I first started shopping there and they always had deals.

I saw this line the other day and thought it was really really cute. Even the shoes! But I walked out empty handed lol.


I did pick up some stuff from Sephora though! I’m always excited when they have travel sizes of things I want. Like this Too Faced Peach primer. I did without the Rose Gold Elixer but it was a heavy debate. I ended up getting a Too Faced Peach lippie, my first HUDA palette which I’m excited about and some skincare stuff. I’ve been looking to replace my face moisturizer for awhile so I was looking for something for that primarily.


Box Lunch had the Movie Moments with Aladdin and Genie, they only had one but the Dorbz Ride for Aladdin was still there too. I didn’t find any other Pop’s that I wanted or anything else really but we did come back for the Movie Moments.


The damage I managed to do on my own lol. I was mad that MAC had put two small items in that large ass bag for no reason! It’s been a longgg while since I got to go shopping at a mall by myself. This was soo relaxing. I just wish there was a LUSH and a Williams Sonoma at this mall too lol.


I also finally got to try this! It was so good and surprisingly really damn filling! Despite it only being corn with butter, mayo, sour cream and cheese… this thing was NOT a light snack lol! But it was really damn yummy!


Spotted this really cute hat at Forever 21 but it had foundation all on the inside of it. Why do chicks do that… like you’re wiping all your damn makeup off on a product you’re not even going to buy! And ALL the pink hats had it! It was so gross. So I put it back like nope. Maybe I can find it online or something instead.


Also thought this was really cool. The pantable seed paper idea seems really nifty. I wonder how it works! I may go back and get it if it’s still there next time.


And since it was Cinco de Mayo I wanted tacos for lunch. This place was SO good. I got the pulled pork tacos and the pulled pork was so juicy it was ridic, however I kinda wish I had opted to get it in a burrito, the crunchy shells threw off the whole experience a bit for me. But everything was so good and fresh!


Also got to try ShareTea but they didn’t have snacks. Or a Coconut Milk Tea. So I opted for Coffee Milk Tea instead and ehhh I didn’t like it. However Bubba’s Oreo drink was really really good.


Also didn’t realize it was Free Comic Book day when we stopped by a comic book store we always pass by. I snagged these two free ones, they were out of the Disney princess one by the time we got there.

Also this comic book store has a store dog! He was dressed like Thor. He was a Thorgi. HOW CUTE RIGHT?!


Also finally found these at QuickTrip. I’m so excited. I don’t know why I only grabbed one but I’m slightly regretting it now lol!

I’m seriously so glad to be back on Faerie and around people I know! I’ve been wanting to get some stuff done for a really long time but my main character was on a different server so it made it hard to run into people or ask people for help sometimes. I’m also excited to be in a FC that’s open to help people get clears and run farms for things.

Now to just figure out what to craft!

I’m hoping to get more blog posts up, more reviews written and some reading done this week. I also need to start apartment hunting pretty soon. And possibly sorting through things.

How was your week?


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