Weekly Recap; July 23rd – July 29th

I’m trying to get back in the habit of doing these, so… yeah.

The weeks feel like I’m spending them waiting for my bed. Waiting for my vanity. Waiting to put my room together. JUST WAITING.

I had an interesting weekend though, so.


It was Penny and Axe’s 2 year wedding anniversary on the 21st and we celebrated by going to the movies (saw Incredibles 2 which was so good) and dinner and I got to walk around my fav little plaza!

We tried this BBQ place I wanted to try but not the fancy side, just the normal side. Their sandwiches were HUGE! That was one, split! But so good and so filling. They don’t have fountain drinks tho, bummer.

We also tried the new Gelato place; Bubba got “Energy” or something. It was really good. I got Strawberry, Passion Fruit and Lemon Sorbet with a Raspberry ice cream Macaron. It was good, really sour and tarty like I like but good. I think next time I’ll put in a non Sorbet flavor to balance it out though lol!

Then we went to Olive Garden cause POSTMATES KEEPS PLAYING WITH MY FEELINGS. Bubba got me the new Green Apple drink with Cotton Candy. SO GOOD. I hope this stays around forever!

I’ve been letting Sophie out on the balcony every morning lately. It’s to the point where she’ll sit by the door while I’m eating lunch and wait. Stare me down. And wait lmao. She’s so cuddly sometimes I can’t deal. With her sweet face.

I love how her eyes get super serpent when she’s outside too.

Then she comes in and just plops on the floor and sleeps lol!

My mom’s package with the Korean skincare stuff she got me from the Philippines and I’m so excited to try everything! I’m so curious about the snail stuff the most!

My Wet N Wild haul that Bubba got me also came in. They did a Zodiac collection and the bundles were sold out but you could put together your own bundle so that’s what I did. I was mainly there for the Aries but I also picked up some of the other shadows and glosses I was interested in and a rose gold brush to get the free shipping. The Air palette broke though. I emailed them about it… they’re usually good with sending replacements so I’m hoping for that soon.

I thought taking the “Water” one would be cute with my pool as a background but I drew a blank for Fire and Air lol! Shit.

I managed to catch my BFF on, for once and quickly snapped this photo before she logged off! Crazy right? We text like every day all day but for some reason we’re never on FFXIV at the same time unless I ask her to jump on lol!

I was craving Dickey’s bread so I ordered some ribs which were okay… the BBQ sauce they included wasn’t that great imo but the sides were awesome and so was the bread. I mean the ribs were okay by themselves.

I’ve been getting tacos every other day; I’m obsessed with their pickled cabbage and also the bowls feed me all day. Also it encourages me to go walking. So it’s nice to have food places (and delicious ones at that) within walking distance.


My mom also sent me some of my fav Filipino candies in another package. I didn’t know these came in other flavors, I just like the normal ones. Though homemade/fresh ones are best. But I can’t find these here… there’s no Filipino BAKERY. Or I just haven’t found one yet.

Got my Owlcrate for July and I guess they’re jumping into Halloween early too? The funny thing is that I was just talking about buying this book like 3 days before I got this box lol. Loving this exclusive “spooky” themed cover though!

Can’t wait to jump into this one, I saw the trailer for it on FB and it looked so interesting and I’ve heard nothing but awesome things!

Took a break from Leaves to match this bubble bar from LUSH I wanted to use the last it of. I paired it with Blueberry Sugar which came out last Winter but it smells like Cotton Candy. It’s definitely one of my favorite B&BW candles! I hope they release it again, or something like it this holiday season!

Bubba ended up having to work Sat afternoon, even though it was his day off and he didn’t get off till like 4 so our Dallas trip was pushed back a day. Instead we went to another mall.

We tried rolled ice cream finally but this place literally used REGULAR milk and I noticed a lot of their toppings were Great Value brand which is the Walmart knock off brand. Like their “Oreos” and various other cookies and toppings. Tbh, I think it’s a little unprofessional to have stuff like that just sitting in their packaging and not like in a jar or something.

But I got “Coconut” with Sprinkles and White Chocolate Chips. It also came with hair. Which doesn’t always bother me but it’s still like what the fuck. I also saw on my bank statement yesterday they charged me $22 for two cups. Uhhh…. what? How the hell did two cups end up $22? Never again.

From the mall Bubba got me some stuff; I got my Happy Benefit foundation. How cute is this bottle?! It’s so lightweight and the finish is so nice and soft. I’m enjoying this foundation A LOT!!

I also go the under eye brightening Tatcha Pearl which I’m also enjoying. It only comes in 3 shades but it blended so nicely into my skin and it didn’t feel cakey at all!! Yay!

I got a Paint Pot from MAC in Soft Orche to use as a base. I haven’t used one of these as a base in SO LONG. I’m trying to get back to my roots lol.

Sephora was giving away free face masks that weekend so I picked my one out of the two. I haven’t tried Sephora brand face masks yet but my face needs all the hydration help it can get right now.

I also got a new Disney princess mug from ThinkGeek that I’m pretty excited about! There were 3 but I picked Snow White cause I liked the saying on the back the most and Snow White is one of my fav princess… even though I’m not a princess fan. I’m more a villain fan. I just wish it was a different shade of red.

I got some stuff from B&BW too; I exchanged a soap and a candle and Bubba got me the other candle and the cute pumpkin candle magnets.

The little Overwatch thing was from ThinkGeek too, he’s so cute! I miss playing Overwatch sometimes.

I’m loving the Blackerries + Lavender soap and especially the marble top! But it smells so good! Also I’m not a BIG fan of the Fall labels this year… I feel like there’s no theme to them and they’re kinda just… blah. I loved the cute woodland creatures labels from 2 years ago and I wish they’d do something like that again. We’ll see though, maybe another collection with a better label is on the way. Hopefully.


My mom finally sent me all my old CD’s with all my burned CD’s from my car, all my data disks and all that other good stuff from 2004-2010.

It was interesting listening to all my old CD’s and trying to remember what songs they were.

But when it came to my data CD’s and my old pics…. I mean…. I enjoyed looking at them but all of the ones that had my ex husband in them…. I just didn’t really wanna see that shit anymore. Like it started to irritate me. I knew some would be on there but I don’t know. I just got tired of seeing his stupid face. And they’re data CD’s so I can’t like delete them.

I thought of pulling my pics and wiping the CD’s though. Kenz had asked me if I thought I would be able to wipe all of the old pics and I was like: yeah, I think I’m in a place now where I wouldn’t really care if I did. And it feels amazing to be able to say that.

Also I can’t believe the FFXI PC CD and my WoW trial CD along with my AOL one was here too!

My eczema has been going nuts lately so I had planned to get some stuff from LUSH for it cause ugh. I’ve been itchy and dry and stuff everywhere the last like I don’t know? Week? It’s been super frustrating! I feel better today since getting the LUSH stuff though.

I finally got my Black Lady which was really the only SDCC Pop I wanted and Bubba grabbed her from Hot Topic first thing that morning \o/.

Also, I downloaded Favor which is like DoorDash cause I saw someone in the taco shop I go to with the Favor shirt on getting someone’s order and I was curious to see what they offered since Postmates hates me.





Okay, if you didn’t know. I’m like a Popeyes fiend. I’ve loved Popeyes since I got kicked out of normal high school and had to start going to the ghetto one. Like Popeyes is MY JAM. MY ROOTS. ME. You know? I also once applied for a job there and ended up declining because I got hired at Six Flags for like 3x the amount instead.




This is like, dreams fuckin come true right here.

They also have a bunch of other places and some good delivery deals and the Favor driver I got was super nice and he kept me updated every step of the way and everything. So yeah, it was a really great first experience!

We started the Dallas trip with Edith’s which is QUICKLY becoming one of my fav Dallas Eats! I feel like this should be a tradition.

I got the same thing I got last time: French Onion Soup and Mac & Cheese and Bubba got Sliders like last time but decided on Chicken and Croissants this time. They ended up giving us double Sliders. No photo cause we inhaled them. THEY ARE FUCKIN AMAZING. I wish they’d make a WHOLE burger of it cause man. MAN. I eat every bit of those.

The Chicken in his dish was so good. I don’t even know why or how but that skin was UMPH. For real. I’m dreaming of that chicken skin!

I ended up getting 4 Macarons from their case too, they have a ton of great sweets and I sampled their brownie… heaven. And I’m not even a big chocolate fan really. So that 4 I got were: Smores (shown by itself), Coconut, Strawberry with Chocolate and Neapolitan. My fav was the Strawberry with Chocolate cause it was Ganache and I’m a fuckin sucker for Ganache.

We went to my favorite mall in all of DFW (so far)!

Spotted the gold Funko Disney pops but I wasn’t really ehhh too impressed so I passed.

Also did a bit of shopping including getting a free lipstick from MAC in honor of National Lipstick Day. Bubba was one of the last 10 they let in. There was only 2 shades left by the time we got there but one was the shade I wanted anyway so.


Sugarfina put out new white chocolate bars and I’m so excited. I LOVED their Bunny Bark ones and the only other white chocolate ones they had had Rosé which I’m allergic to so I was so excited to see these 3 out. It’s part of their new Candy for Breakfast line! We ended up getting all 3! And for joining their rewards program I got a free tester packet which I love these. They’re the perfect size for me. The Ice Cream Cone gummies are some of my favs. So yay for getting a free one every month!

We passed by Uptown while looking for Target and I was so curious about it. So Bubba drove use through the shopping area of Uptown and I had so much fun looking at all the shops and eats and cute buildings. I saw a lot of great spots for OOTD photos too!

Oh and I spotted this cool wall that belongs to a place that closed down! It’s so sad. It was like China themed and I saw on Yelp even the inside had like those Lunar dragons on the ceiling and stuff. It looked so nice. So sad it closed down!


Bubba also got me the Spiced Mandarin soap — I loved Spiced Strawberry from 2 years ago and they never came back out with it but I saw they were offering this this year and was hoping it would kinda be the same.

I plan on stocking up on these.

And the Blueberries + Lavender.

He also got me the Caramel Apple bulb cause I was talking about how much I loved the candle. So now my kitchen smells like Caramel Apples. Kinda. I might need another to put on the other side cause the kitchen space is kinda big lol.


I honestly love how this space looks but I feel like it could e a little more organized? I don’t know. But I still need to put a coffee machine up and leave space for whenever I get my Kitchenaid.

I’m still ticked the complex left that paper towel roll and the toilet paper one with the little pretty thing on them lol!

So the pieces for my bed have been coming in and I need to order the frame. I also need to order my night stands and go buy my vanity. Ahhh. Hopefully by the next weekly recap I’ll have a semi at least done room to show you!



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