Why I’ve been MIA…

The last few weeks have been hell! I’ve been nauseous and my anti nausea meds haven’t been doing much of anything except their side effects of headaches and constipation have kicked in, so that’s not really been fun.

I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant.

I was fine. Totally fine! Up until the 5th week hit then BAM, morning sickness. Ugh. I HATE morning sickness (then again idk anyone who enjoys that shit)!

I’ve had my first appt already and did a shit ton of blood work; I didn’t get an ultrasound though. I think I am my next appt which is really really soon but really really early in the morning. I’m worried they’ll need to do more blood work which I’m not down for, the last time I ended up throwing up in the car (I had a plastic bag, don’t worry — I’ve learned to keep them near especially in car rides) really fuckin violently like I was starting to see spots from how hard my insides were trying to come out! They took like 10 little things of my blood and I’m fuckin anemic! Not to mention this baby is also sucking my blood so I mean… hello?! Y’all gonna just be greedy like that?!

There’s a pretty hearty list of things the baby makes me throw up and I have ZERO interest in ANY sort of food right now which is just downright depressing.

I’m not gonna go into too much detail about how I’m doing; just thought I’d make this quick post in case any of you were wondering where I had gone off to!

Will update soon, hope you’re all doing well!


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