Hello, Recap

Life’s been eventful — I got engaged!

I know I’ve been slacking on posting here; I’ve been trying to post more on my other blogs but have epically failed Blogtober there as well. Eep.

We went to our second Texas State Fair together and thankfully it was a pretty day unlike last year where it rained that morning!

I thought being pregnant would give me some food room since you know, baby and all… but it didn’t lol I got full pretty fast. Well faster than I would had liked! We tried some really good stuff!

Some of my favs were the Deep Fried Shepard’s Pie and the Cotton Candy Taco. After the fair we went to the mall to go look for some stuff, I don’t remember now what but I ended up getting some of the MAC holiday collection and the Too Faced lippie Holiday set I was looking for!


We had agreed not to get anything from the MAC Holiday cause nothing really impressed me but I saw swatches of the single shadows and I hated that I missed out of last years. This years didn’t sell out AS FAST as last years so I decided to grab them anyway. Bubba added the brush set which I like. If these were full sized brushes they’d be really pretty!

To be fair we’ve been talking about marriage for awhile. And he mentioned earlier this year that he had planned to want to get married within the next year or two. This was beforeeeeeeeeeeee we even got pregnant. I thought saying within the next year or two was a little too soon… when we found out we were pregnant again he had mentioned that he as looking for rings the week before. But that was about the extent of that talk though he started mentioning marriage a bit more.

He’s been doing “test runs” for about 2 years now though so I never know what he’s up to.

We had planned to do a baby shower in Cali to celebrate with my mom and my family and I haven’t been home in 7 years; but between the gender reveal and the amount of time before I can’t fly anymore there wasn’t much time to plan the baby shower I wanted. Besides I’d end up having two and I don’t really need two baby showers. So instead Bubba had suggested we do a Disney trip instead which if he suggests a Disney trip I’m not going to say no!

He had told me all the different ideas and plans he had through out the last few weeks so I never knew what to expect when it came to his ACTUAL proposal. I kept asking him where he hid the ring but I didn’t wanna see it until he had proposed. He had a ring ready that was passed down from his mom that he was going to give me for now but still planned on getting me my own ring later on. The only problem is getting it resized since my ring since is literally a 3 and it’s a bit hard and time consuming to resize it down that low depending on the ring. The more simple the ring the easier it is if you’re not special ordering a ring. Small ring sizes are a painnn.

The last week or so he joked that he was going to just carry the ring around with him everywhere but I just ignored him and brushed it off as him being silly.

So Friday night he gets off work after a week of having to stay late. He called my gate code but didn’t even tell me he was off work and so I had buzzed him in. He came in and I was already in bed half asleep just waiting for him to come home. So he storms in IN HIS OUTSIDE CLOTHES (my OCD doesn’t let outside clothes in the bedroom) so I was a little worried something was wrong for him to storm in the way he did and in his outside clothes but he got to my side of the bed and I wish I could remember what he said! But I was in a moment of sensory overload with the anxiety of the outside clothes and trying to focus on what he was saying and trying to register what was actually happening. I LITERALLY don’t remember much of ANYTHING he ACTUALLY said and ugh! I wish I coulddddddd! But he gave me the ring and it was a little bit big cause it was only sized down to a 4. Which is fine, we could either get it resized again or get a spacer which I opted for a spacer because if my fingers end up swelling during pregnancy like I heard it does then there’s no point in getting it resized.

There’s so many ring selfie pics I plan on taking over the next month and on to our Disney trip.

I had hoped he woulda waited for Disneyland but he just couldn’t wait anymore I guess lol.


On the left is Penny proposing to Axelyn in July of 2016 and on the right is my first engagement ring pic I took yesterday! I had it in front of this Christmas photo op they had at the mall.

In other news we hit 17 weeks yesterday and Baby Lo is definitely showing at this point! Even my biggest sweater doesn’t hide it anymore lol! It’s so crazy to see my tummy grow! Every week it gets bigger and every week, I don’t know, it just SURPRISES me for some reason! We won’t find the gender until next month and I’m SO READY to know already! We haven’t bought anything for the baby yet and we probably won’t until closer to the due date to be honest.

The idea of labor is on and off anxiety inducing. Oh god. I have such a phobia of the idea of labor!

Now to get ready and set up for Christmas!


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