Weekly Recap; April 8th – 14th

I’m sad my birthday month is half way over!

Though it seems Spring is playing hide-and-go-seek here in Texas. One day it’s 90° and the next you’re waking up to 40°. The weather here is so freakin crazy! But at least today there’s sunshine!

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On past birthdays…

It’s my birthday week.

And though I’m not turning a significant age I thought I’d look back on all my past birthdays. As a reminder, if you will.

I’m a little sad I’m not going on vacation or doing anything epic this year for my birthday. I am going on foodie adventures through out the DFW area though which I am REALLY REALLY excited about especially since there’s a few places I’ve really wanted to try since I moved here!

But I was thinking the other day and this morning; I had mentioned to Bubba I never look forward to my birthday. Like ever. And though I’ve had traditions that I’ve held on pretty tightly to through out the years I wonder, really, how do I FEEL about my birthday?

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Weekly Recap; April 1st – April 8th

I got to upgrade to an iPhone 8 (WITH 200+ GIGS OF MEMORY BOIIII) from an iPhone 6S. It’s taking me a bit of time to get use to it. I keep forgetting both sides of the phone are glass. Thus making it slip off of things even more easily.

When I handed the guy my phone at Verizon he took it from me, looked at it and said: “Do you not believe in phone cases or have something against them?” I’ve NEVER had a case on my phone ever since getting the iPhone 4. I had an Otterbox once that broke (and I never even dropped it so how the hell…) and I had a Snow White case when we moved to Disney the second time. But other than that, I DONT have a case on my phone.

I’m not gonna say I NEVER dropped it cause I do, sometimes frequently but even if it lands face down on hardwood floor I have NEVER broken my screen. The only damages I’ve done to my phone was probably water damage. Like, the first iPhone I ever got. But since then I’ve had a pretty good track record of keeping it in mint condition even without a case.

It worries me a little bit that this phone is glass on both sides. But I still don’t have a case, even though Bubba keeps insisting I get one. It’s my OCD, it doesn’t like cases on my phone (or anyone’s phone to be honest) so it makes it hard to find one that my OCD is okay with.

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Hello, Travel

Weekly Recap; April 9th – 16th

My birthday week celebration \o/

I’m skipping this last week cause it was pretty much me being lazy and trying to recoup from the week long vacation/staycation.

Bubba flew down here on the 9th to spend my birthday week with me. It was his first time on a plane by himself, the first time he’d ever been to Florida and his first time at ANY Disney park. Which blows my mind considering how much of a Disney fan he is! But I was pretty excited to have him here and share all my favorite things and places within Disney limits with him!

This post is gonna be LONG and super picture heavy.

A P R I L   9 T H

He landed at 945am, I took an Uber to the airport since my roommate had her guy over and I didn’t know so walking in on that was awkward. Anyway, I had a really cool Uber driver who made the drive that early in the morning that much better. And I sat and waited for him. He told me 915 but meant 945, his flight left TX at 615 is what it was. It’s okay, at least I wasn’t late. Went on an epic adventure to find the Magical Express once we got his luggage.

Got to the resort, checked in, paid off the rest of the stay and had them hold our luggage/bring it to our room when our room was ready (I love how convenient Disney makes everything!) and headed to Disney Springs. This day we settled for just relaxing and spending the day at Disney Springs just to introduce him around. He ordered my birthday cake and we had lunch at T-Rex which he enjoyed \o/ we also got a night show for Power Rangers at the dine-in theater. Beauty and the Beast wasn’t until 3pm and we were gonna head back to the hotel around that time so we couldn’t make that time frame. After lunch we walked around, I showed him around. At 3 we headed back to the hotel, they texted me about an hour after we got to Springs that our room was ready (wayyy before 3pm!) and our stuff was already in there. We went to make sure. And it was all there! I took him around the resort; I opted for All Star Movies (which I had stayed in before and loved it) and he was loving all the big figures around the resort. We were put in Fantasia which was nice and close to the pool (I was in Dalmatians before and it was farther back). We hung out in the hotel for awhile, it was really hot so being in a cool AC room was nice.

We headed back to Springs right before the movie.

The movie itself was epic except… when did Rita get so damn creepy?! Also the food was SO disappointing! I got the Teriyaki bowl and the rice was SO dry and it had NO sauce! Also the vanilla milkshake wasn’t the best even if it came with an ice cream sandwich. I couldn’t take pics of any of the food cause it was so damn dark. So yeah, BLAH. BLAH on that experience! At least the movie was good.

After the movie we walked around some more.

I loved seeing how excited he was about seeing everything. He kept telling me to take pictures of EVERYTHING lol. I guess I’m spoiled since I see this stuff all the time that I never know WHAT to take pictures of! But I remember how excited I was about everything the first time I ever came to Disney, though in 2011 it was VERY different than it is now!

Also, can you spot the hidden Goofy in the last picture?

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How I spent my 28th Birthday!


I took off about a week for my birthday like I usually do when I’m here.

So on day 1 we didn’t do anything too exciting; tried to catch lunch at The Wave at The Contemporary Resort but failed we dined there for lunch anyway since I’ve been wanting to try their dessert trio’s for like, two years. Had the appatizer and a Pina CoLAVA which I fell in love with. It was delicious! The desserts were pretty good too. Then we hopped on the monorail and spent the rest of the day in Magic Kingdom doing random stuff. Headed to the Swan Resort for dinner at Kimono’s (oh I love Kimono’s). Can’t go wrong with Udon and Sushi! Walked over to my resort to bug a few of my friends. Rachel was set on dropping that cookie while her and Kristina were trying to talk me into buying a wine/champagne which worked. I ended up getting the Fairytale Celebration one (which I didn’t dig too much).

Day 2 Martin left early in the morning to go to one of his friends birthday lunches which I said he could go to even though this was my birthday celebration week. I mean, I wasn’t going to be one of those wives. The only thing that irritated me was that he got back SUPER EFFEN late. I got dressed and headed back to my resort to have a spa day but whoever I had called the day before LIED and there weren’t any open slots that afternoon but there was one open that night so I went with that even though it was four hours away. We headed over to EPCOT and had dinner at Chefs de France which is something I’ve been waiting SEVEN YEARS for because (as you can see in the picture above) Remy stops by your table for a little chat!! Rodents + the culinary world + France? That’s pretty much my perfect movie. And of course at France you always get a cute waiter which our waiter was pretty darn cute. And I’m a sucker for that French accent. The food was delicious. I had the Spareribs with pasta and M had the Escargots which were… interesting. The Baguette with the Lobster Bisque was heaven. Since I ordered the 3 course meal, it came with a dessert and when I had put in my order, I saw the waiter coming towards us and then walk away for a few minutes. I was a little confused, maybe he forgot something? But he was gone for awfully long. So the next thing I hear is pretty much every server in the restaurant singing happy birthday in French and they all walked over to our table. Very thoughtful of you cute server. It seriously made my day. Those Disney birthday pins are magic, I’m telling you. Went back to get my facial and it was such a nice relaxing experience. I had never had one before and it was just wonderful. 50 minutes flew by!

My mom had sent a birthday package and everything was wrapped up separately. I waited until midnight to open it. Literally, sat and stared at it for like ten minutes before midnight. It was really sweet of her to get me so much stuff. I ♥ my mama!

The next day was my actual birthday so I got dressed up and headed to The Polynesian Resort to have breakfast at Kona Cafe. Pineapple Macadamia Pancakes? Uh, yes please!! Then we headed to Magic Kingdom and rode some snazzy rides and some rides we never bothered to get on before. Headed over to EPCOT again and I got my Veggie Lasagna that I’m crazy about from The Flower and Garden Festival. I’m so sad that once the Festival is over no more Lasagna! Colored a Perry in an attempt to rest. I’m obviously an idiot when it comes to breaking in new shoes and decided that a day at EPCOT would be smart to wear brand new shoes. For dinner we headed to ‘Ohana which is one of M’s favorite places. I enjoyed my Salad, Pineapple Coconut Bread (OHMYGAWD I LOVE THIS STUFF) and noodles. I don’t really eat too much of the meat there even though that’s the whole point but M likes it and usually eats our bill in shrimp so whatever lol.

The next day I stopped by work again because they were doing the monthly birthday celebration so it was me, Chelsea and Amanda who are the April babies. We did this big photo thing of us around our cake, cutting our cake, our pieces of cake, you get the drift lol. M was welcomed into the core which was nice and he got to meet David B! After that hung out with the girls and Rachel to grab some lunch and just hang out before Chelsea had to go to work. Hung out with Rachel and Amanda by the pool just watching everyone else enjoy our massive pool lol. Then headed over to EPCOT again, don’t remember what we did this time but I’m certain I got lasagna again lol!!

I was a little sad to not be able to see my Snow girl or go to Vegas. I know this is my second time here but it’s just so weird that when you’re use to something or something is a tradition and you move somewhere else to have to make due, it just feels weird. I celebrated my 26th birthday here and I had a blaaaast but then Disney World was still pretty new to me. I sure did have some pretty magical moments over my birthday week but I did miss my fluffy maldita at home and the glitz and glam of Vegas (:

I think I’m gonna grab some lasagna today. The Festival is almost over. Oh woe is me!


What 26 taught me…

I won’t lie, I got this idea from, I thought it was a pretty inspiring blog topic.

Obviously, if you know me, you know I turned 27 exactly one week ago. And even though I’ve been 27 for a week, I don’t know… I think after maybe 23 the 20’s kind of just start to fuse together almost. I never really know what age I am most days lol. But knowing that I’m that much closer to 30 is sort of depressing. My cousin left me a comment a few nights ago saying you don’t really live until you’re 30 lol! I’m hoping that’s true.

When I turned 26, I was finally living on my own, in a completely different state, across the country and working at my dream job. And I thought, at 25 I had it allllll figured out. Myself, anyway. But because life is an asshole sometimes, obviously I was wrong. I think removing yourself from your comfort zone forces you to see things you probably never would had to face if you never left. With that said…

  1. Contrary to what I’d like to believe, I’m a pretty jealous person (and trust me, it PAINS me to admit this). But I realize I have irrational fears about things that aren’t true and I need to learn how to overcome these fears, I just don’t really know… how
  2. I’m fully capable of living on my own and taking care of myself, and I do a pretty damn good job of it
  3. Washing your hair every other day instead of EVERY SINGLE DAY is sort of liberating
  4. Sleeping at 4am now is not the same as sleeping at 4am when you were in high school, you. will. regret. it
  5. Staying away from soda and fast food does indeed make you feel like a whole new person
  6. I prefer the hot and humid over the cold and dry (it does wonders for my hair and skin)
  7. I CAN work a whole month straight and not call in or or be late if I really wanted to
  8. Old habits die hard
  9. I can find comfort anywhere I go, I just have to be open to find it
  10. I’m not as boring as I think I am
  11. I’m capable of making friends — not everyone is out to get you, some people really are interested in being your friend
  12. M does try his hardest to make you happy, give the boy a little more credit than that
  13. Just as you strive to be your own person, don’t be an asshole, M strives to be his own person too
  14. If your passions suddenly switch gears, IT’S OKAY. Don’t beat yourself up for it
  15. Bad things in life will happen, and even on the nights you feel alone, you’re not, I know that’s something that’s hard to get use to… but just know you’re not
  16. Stress. will. fuck. you. up
  17. If you stroll through the mall with $100 in your pocket and find nothing to blow it on, IT’S OKAY. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU, PROMISE
  18. If you don’t take days to do nothing at all (shh calm down, it’s okay) then you’ll hate yourself the rest of the week
  19. Cooking is actually really fun and I actually don’t suck at it

I don’t know why I wrote that in 3rd person and then in first person… it’s my blog, I can do that I guess lol.

Point is, I’ve learned a lot in the last year. A lot more than I thought I did… but living on your own teaches you a lot. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be either, I kind of enjoyed it (I didn’t however, enjoy realizing how many rolls of toilet paper I go through in a week). I think it’s both frustrating and interesting when you’re put in situations that force you to realize maybe you don’t know yourself as well as you thought you did. And even though I’ve been married for almost 2 1/2 years, I think figuring out how to be in a marriage is sort of like figuring yourself out, it’s going to take a lifetime to understand! But that’s okay, I think if you have someone who’s willing to learn with you it’s not so bad. I just need to learn to stop being jealous, things that happened in the past can’t hurt me anymore if I chose for them not to.

Here’s to being 27, and hopefully learning a little bit more about life.

Sorry if this entry is sort of all over the place, I have a big ass headache and all I can think about is goawaygoawaygoaway!!!