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Weekly Recap; April 9th – 16th

My birthday week celebration \o/

I’m skipping this last week cause it was pretty much me being lazy and trying to recoup from the week long vacation/staycation.

Bubba flew down here on the 9th to spend my birthday week with me. It was his first time on a plane by himself, the first time he’d ever been to Florida and his first time at ANY Disney park. Which blows my mind considering how much of a Disney fan he is! But I was pretty excited to have him here and share all my favorite things and places within Disney limits with him!

This post is gonna be LONG and super picture heavy.

A P R I L   9 T H

He landed at 945am, I took an Uber to the airport since my roommate had her guy over and I didn’t know so walking in on that was awkward. Anyway, I had a really cool Uber driver who made the drive that early in the morning that much better. And I sat and waited for him. He told me 915 but meant 945, his flight left TX at 615 is what it was. It’s okay, at least I wasn’t late. Went on an epic adventure to find the Magical Express once we got his luggage.

Got to the resort, checked in, paid off the rest of the stay and had them hold our luggage/bring it to our room when our room was ready (I love how convenient Disney makes everything!) and headed to Disney Springs. This day we settled for just relaxing and spending the day at Disney Springs just to introduce him around. He ordered my birthday cake and we had lunch at T-Rex which he enjoyed \o/ we also got a night show for Power Rangers at the dine-in theater. Beauty and the Beast wasn’t until 3pm and we were gonna head back to the hotel around that time so we couldn’t make that time frame. After lunch we walked around, I showed him around. At 3 we headed back to the hotel, they texted me about an hour after we got to Springs that our room was ready (wayyy before 3pm!) and our stuff was already in there. We went to make sure. And it was all there! I took him around the resort; I opted for All Star Movies (which I had stayed in before and loved it) and he was loving all the big figures around the resort. We were put in Fantasia which was nice and close to the pool (I was in Dalmatians before and it was farther back). We hung out in the hotel for awhile, it was really hot so being in a cool AC room was nice.

We headed back to Springs right before the movie.

The movie itself was epic except… when did Rita get so damn creepy?! Also the food was SO disappointing! I got the Teriyaki bowl and the rice was SO dry and it had NO sauce! Also the vanilla milkshake wasn’t the best even if it came with an ice cream sandwich. I couldn’t take pics of any of the food cause it was so damn dark. So yeah, BLAH. BLAH on that experience! At least the movie was good.

After the movie we walked around some more.

I loved seeing how excited he was about seeing everything. He kept telling me to take pictures of EVERYTHING lol. I guess I’m spoiled since I see this stuff¬†all the time that I never know WHAT to take pictures of! But I remember how excited I was about everything the first time I ever came to Disney, though in 2011 it was VERY different than it is now!

Also, can you spot the hidden Goofy in the last picture?

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Cause it’s not too often I feel content


That’s an emotion I don’t have the pleasure of meeting up with too frequently. Maybe a handful of times my entire life? Happiness? True happiness? I don’t wanna talk about it.

But while it’s the 5th of November and I’m behind on both my read and my word count for NaNoWriMo I’m still… content.

I’m doing well in school. Passed my last class with an A- an A fuckin minus. Can you believe that? I worked hard for that A! I’m so proud of myself! I’m learning French finally and there’s something amazing about learning a new language and recognizing words and being able to instantly translate them in your head.

My NaNo project this year has no plot. It has a theme. A theme that helps me moving forward but no plot. Thinking back, none of my books have plots. I’m a little afraid of plots. They finalize things but books need plots! What’s a story without a plot? But NaNo is practice. Getting to that 50k words in 30 days. Just knowing I can do it would be enough. Even if I go this whole month writing a plot-less novel with 50k words, if I just finished I would be happy. If anything I’d have my words and I’d have a theme.


There are people who you meet and majority of these people you don’t think will make a major difference in your life.

12 years ago I met a boy who was different than any other boy I knew at the time. He was interesting, he was funny, he was intriguing, he knew all the right things to say and for some unknown crazy reason he thought I was interesting too. Through the years we’ve gone through a lot together, being support to each other. He also put me through a lot of heartbreak.

I may never know why (beyond that he says he was an asshole) or how he really felt about me back then. If it was anything in comparison to what I felt about him but all these years later, none of that should matter. What matters is that through all the phases in my life he was there. Through all the times growing up, when all I wanted was someone who cared he was there. When all I wanted was someone to make me feel special, he was there. He never failed me.

Growing up is funny, now that we’re older he’s everywhere and anywhere. It’s harder to keep track of him and sometimes he’s gone for months at a time. I know that it’s ridiculous to think that someone will always be there when you need them. That’s unrealistic. It’s unrealistic that someone will drop everything to make you feel special. At 28, you should be old enough to make yourself feel special. And beyond that, it’s not his job anymore.

But I am so thankful for him. For so many reasons. For so many reasons I can’t even put into words. Happy Birthday Bumble Beez, I hope you’re having an amazing day. I heart you, always. You’re the most amazing friend a person could ever ask for. When you’re not being an asshole.