Weekly Recap; May 21st – 27th

And here we are, the end of May!

I. Am. So. Excited. For. June.

For hella various reasons.

But today I’m irritated af, though I doubt I’ll be writing why. I know this blog is suppose to be about me and my life and all my word vomit goodness but I’m not sure WHY it isn’t. Or why it’s so hard to talk about my thoughts and feelings and day. I use to do this every day after school in high school, like without fail. Why is it so hard now?! Sigh. Adulthood makes no sense sometimes.


Weekly Recap; May 14th – 20th

May, you are moving WAY TOO FAST FOR MY LIKING.

Just saying.

My kitchen smells like ass right now, not that THAT’S anything ever new. Which I’m between so fuckin tired of it and fuck it.

I’m so excited to have my OWN OWN PLACE that I DON’T HAVE TO SHARE WITH ANYONE pretty soon. Like, SO EXCITED. Ya’ll have no idea HOW EXCITED I am about this!


Weekly Recap; March 19th – 25th

I can’t believe how fast the month is going!

Two more weeks and Bubba will be here to spend a week with me for my birthday \o/ which also means… two more weeks until I turn 32. Ugh.I feel like I should feel old. I don’t look any older than 19 and I don’t act any older too, but I feel like time-wise, I could had done more with my life and my time. I don’t know exactly how since it’s not like I wasn’t trying or taking risks but sometimes things just don’t go as planned and that’s okay, what’s not okay is to sit around and mope about it like I have been for the passed few months now.

True things are harder without a car and things are harder when you’re doing them on your own but it’s the challenges in life that help us build who we ARE and to show us just how STRONG we can be if we just don’t quit.

Though quitting is so much easier than the other thing.

I feel like the majority of my 20’s was a waiting game. Waiting for a sign on what to do next. Waiting on a new dream/goal. Waiting for my marriage to magically fix itself. All of which didn’t happen so I feel like my 20’s were just me waiting around, for nothing. And I hate that and I hate thinking back to it but there’s nothing you can do about the past except plan better in the future.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling, you’re not here for that today.


Food | Snack Review; Peeps Oreo


I just realized how long it’s been since I wrote anything about food on this blog.

I decided to review these Peeps Oreo’s.

I’m a sucker for limited edition snacks and I always seem to buy into them but I never end up reviewing or talking about them — which is strange. I don’t know why I have a habit of doing that.

Oreo’s aren’t really my jam unless they’re the Lemon ones, I don’t know what it is about Oreo’s, I just don’t really dig them too much. But they keep coming out with these LE flavors that just keep sucking me in. I mean just LOOK AT THOSE COLORS.

I’m not too much of a fan of Peeps even though I am a fan of marshallow. But there’s something about Peeps that’s just… I don’t know, weird. Though I was hoping that the marshmallow + Oreo cookies would be a nice combo.


The filling is a bright pink color incased in two golden cookies.

I wish I could tell you what it tastes like because in my opinion, the Oreo as a whole didn’t taste like anything.

I know some people were saying it’s so good and other people were saying it’s gross but I personally didn’t taste anything other than the cookies. The filling to me had absolutely no taste to it.

All in all this experience was a bit disappointing.




Weekly Recap; March 12th – 18th

I should post more than just Weekly Recap’s here but sometimes I just don’t know what to say. Daily blogging use to be my thing, my release, my therapy. Even if I had nothing to say, I’d just talk. Maybe I should do that again, it helped me a lot when I was growing up to deal with my problems and find answers or to help me understand that some things just don’t have answers.

This week wasn’t all that eventful; I didn’t leave the house for one. I don’t want to be tempted to spend money since Bubba and I have a big vacation planned coming up (and quick)! So I’ve just been handling some stuff with the new place, bills, trying to some how get ready for the move and figure out how social media works (cause it’s a never ending learning experience).

I’m a bit of a blind box addict (thanks Disney World job and D-Street and Vinylmations!) and that Hopper up there is something I’ve been chasing for about if not over a year now. I’ve gotten pretty much everyone in that collection about 2 or 3 times EXCEPT FOR HOPPER. I don’t know why! But it’s definitely driven me crazy once or twice. When I was in Texas and I told Bubba about this he immediately searched for it on Amazon and had it shipped to me! I finally got him and I couldn’t be happier! Hopper means a lot to me because my last job at Disney was at Animal Kingdom in The Tree of Life with the It’s Tough To Be a Bug show and Hopper was always my favorite part of the show. Every morning when we would make sure everything was good before opening I’d always be so excited to see him and the days when Hopper wasn’t working were very sad and boring work days!

I also got the package that Bubba sent that was the stuff I couldn’t pack in my luggage when I got home — this boy. He spoils me so much that I actually have to ship a box back home every time I see him. SIGH. But every single thing he gets me is something thoughtful. I forgot I had put my Tsum Tsum Pastel Parade’s in there so I was super excited to see them again… and also the Hot Cheetos with Lime that were lining the box. And the World of Final Fantasy guide. And my Beauty and the Beast music box. And BATB plushies. I didn’t take pic of all that was in there but I should had! Maybe piece by piece I will :).


Weekly Recap; March 5th – 12th

I’m sleepy. I’ve been sleepy all week. Wth.

Why is everything formatted to the right? Dammit WordPress, if something’s not broken why fix it?!

Now I feel like everything’s backwards.

I’m a little annoyed; Sophie pooped behind the table. So since I was cleaning that shit up I decided to just clean more stuff because why not, I’m already here. I still need to mop my bathroom though, and I will, after I write this post — if I ever finish it.

I’m gonna start with last Sunday (damn it’s been a week already?!); I was in Texas apartment hunting last weekend and I got there on Friday and left on Monday, I’m not gonna recap my whole trip in this post. I already did on my lifestyle blog hazearella and I might do one here, you know, just for me.

But we had brunch at Nerdvana, a cute chic cafe with video games scattered around. It’s in Frisco, TX in case you’re wondering. Our booth had a Super Nintendo with Mario Kart. I realized how shitty I am at playing MK now that I’m use to a joystick and not a d-pad. We kept falling off the stage, Bubba did much better than I did though lol. I had the Crab Cake Benedict and he had The Chicken Melt; both were really good. Maybe some day we’ll actually go for dinner and I’ll try one of their potions (how cute are the things they name their stuff?).


On eating healthier & other stuff…

So lately I’ve been feeling like crap. I’m at that point again where I don’t want to get anywhere near fast food because it just makes me sick thinking about it. But it’s so hard when you don’t have a lot of time. But isn’t that just an excuse too? Ugh.

I stopped drinking soda while I’m at home. Instead I drink juice, water or tea (yes, I started drinking tea. My brother got one of those super cool fancy coffee/tea makers). I mostly drink juice and water during the day and I drink Sleepytime Tea before bed. I’m happy to say I don’t crave soda as bad as I use to, thank goodness (but what I would do for a root beer…)!

I started stocking up on healthy stuff — my bags of lettuce mix, Snapea Crisps (instead of chips), sliced apples/grapes to snack on, freeze dried fruit… okay I also bought snack packets of Capt’n Crunch yesterday but guys, why didn’t they have this when we were younger?! Besides, I justified it as my “breakfast” for when I wake up earlier than usual. Grab a small pack of Capt’n Crunch and make coffee from the coffee/tea maker. I usually avoid getting up before 11a or 12p because I get hungry faster. Uh, I don’t know what kind of logic that is, just roll with me k?

I know some of these alternatives might not be super healthy on the verge of vegan but it’s a lot better then the crap I use to eat so as long as I’m not craving soda, candy and chips all the time, I’m happy with the results. I do try to eat fruits and veggies through out most of the day though because I’m pretty addicted to both those things.

In other news

I feel like I’ve either broken my wrists (from excessive cracking maybe? Maybe not…) or maybe slept on them wrong. Either way, they ache today. Blah! Oh we gave Snow baby (who might be a boy… feel a little awkward calling Snow “princess” til we find out for sure) a booty bath. Snow’s been runny pooping the last few days, don’t know what that’s about but I was tired of feeling matted poop on her/his bumbum so M dunked Snow’s butt in water and washed it all off. Snow didn’t struggle at all though the whole process. It wasn’t until the drying part that the struggling started. But now Snow’s got a clean bumbum and I’m so proud how calm she/he was! This is insane. I’m going to keep referring to Snow as “she”.

This so wasn’t the point.

I bought some materials for my new craft projects. They won’t be out-out until closer to Autumn but I figure I could get a head start and trying to figure it out now. It’s something I was thinking of doing last year but just never really got around to it… so I’m pretty excited this year! I hope I come up with some fantastic idea’s to be able to show!

I’ve also been thinking of doing some clay work. Granted I’m not good at drawing faces on things but I think with a bit of practice I could do pretty darn good with what I have in mind. I just have to figure out how to bake them… that part always makes me nervous.

Also thinking of getting back into jewelry making, sorta. Maybe not jewelry but like jewelry-ish bookmarks and cell phone charm stuff.

By the way everything I’m thinking of making is going to be fairy tale inspired.

And lastly, I think I’m going to finish teaching myself how to crochet. Because I really want to and I want to learn how to make my own beanies and stuff. Oh and plushies! Then maybe I’ll move on to knitting!

I also have to get back into reading because I haven’t read a thing all week and well, that’s really messing up my deadlines…




State Fair 2012

The other day M and I went to the State Fair. I skipped The Little Mermaid musical for it (hey sometimes sacrifices have to be made, sad, I know) and it wasn’t as epic as the previous years we’ve been there. But we still had fun (: also they had a deep fried booth this year, so yay for that. But boo for it being too hot to try anything.

Before heading to the fair, we stopped by my favorite sushi spot for my new obsession. Deep fried shrimp with cream cheese topped with crab, salmon and sweet mango sauce! Also, I snapped a picture of my new purple/red hair because the purple was really showing that day. Now if only I can get it to stick to the top. But I think it’s sticking to the bottom so well because it was double bleached. My hair has always given me a hard time when it comes to crazy colors. *Sigh!

Snow faces & such…

It’s so hot today!

Anyway, I’m awful at blogging. That’s the thing with blogging day by day and not you know, being able to schedule things. It takes more time and effort because you have to blog as you go. I think I’ve been spoiled by nitch blogging the last few years haha!

So stuff has been happening.

Math I is finally over, I barely passed but I passed (yay for at least that) but Math II is up next and I don’t have much faith in myself (so there’s that). I’ve been wearing the same two blue shirts all summer. No joke. I don’t remember the last time I really shopped for clothes. It’s not really my thing anymore. I’m not into the trends for the last five years *shrug*. This heat is preventing me from doing anything. It’s awful. And I really really need to stop drinking soda. REALLY. Hot nights + air bubbles in your chest from soda = NOT A GOOD LOOK.

On to more exciting things…

We “adopted” a new kitten. Her name is Snow. After the FFXIII character (who I haaaate, but whatever. Martin never gets to name a pet so there you go). She’s a fluff ball of cuuuute. She chirps and jumps and bounces when she’s excited and she cries when you’re stopping her from doing what she wants (like crawling under the bed). She plays very actively for about 20 minutes then sleeps for like 2 hours. And she SLEEPS. She doesn’t have nightmares during her naps anymore (she would cry while sleeping) and she doesn’t cry all night anymore either, so that’s good.

Like really, how do you say no to a face like that? She’s such a daddy’s girl though. Always cuddling up with M. Like here, right before she fell asleep for about 3hrs. I wish cats stayed that small forever!

Villains #3 Vinylmations are out and I didn’t even know until I placed an order last week (I only placed an order because I was after the $5 Peter Pan Pop Doll). There’s only two I want from this collection and it wasn’t these two lol but it wasn’t such a bad thing either. At least I didn’t get Gaston, then I woulda been mad.

Randomly wanted to mention these because well, they’re pretty delicious. But hard to find! I think they were re-called? Eh, who knows!

Had a dinner snack at Grott’s last night. I thought this was pretty funny. I love places with snarky things on their cups/bags (:

I’m part of a new company which I’m pretty excited about. I won’t really say much else about it until I find out more. But yeah, super excited!

Writing a different fairy tale re-telling but I’m eh about it. I love re-tellings but I don’t think I’m creative enough to write my own. But I have to remind myself, it’s a rough draft, it’s okay if it’s CRAP. No one will see this and that’s what revisions are for! We’ll see how it goes. I’ve got a cool concept. I just have to do it justice. Somehow…

Because sometimes, I’m out of control!

Yesterday I went to feed the cats and sneak a peek at the kittens. Most of them were around but when I got closer, they all hid lol. These two cuties stayed still though.

Ignore hubby’s finger in the way. He obviously doesn’t know how to take pictures with an iPhone lol. The one on the left hisses but he’s like “the protector” sort of and the one on the right looks like a fluffy long hair! There’s another one that looks just like it but it has more white and looks like the mommy. They’re such cuties!

You know how I previously mentioned (at least I think I did) that when I fall in love with a dish/place I always want to go back? Well yeah, yesterday was one of those days. You know, four days after the first visit? Yeahhhhh.

So we drove an hour away so I could get my yummy pasta dish and didn’t realize the place closed at 3 then opened back up at 5 for dinner (it’s one of those places…) but they were nice enough to let us stay and order, so we did. But I felt really really rushed and I kinda hate that. I didn’t enjoy my dish to it’s potential but it’s okay, I guess. Nice to know for next time.

After that, we went around walking. I got some more salted caramels and tried a truffle from the shops case line (so I can write a more proper review on the place). Well it was a chocolate covered salted caramel… that salt really punches you!

We walked around some more, spent some time at the book store and I spotted the Oz set pictured above. I can’t wait to have my own library and put together an Oz book set of my own! We also stopped by the ice cream shop to have a look. I decided I wanted retro candy instead so we asked for directions to the candy shop.



I’ve found my heaven!!

I really wish this picture was a little more crisp and clear but if you can’t tell, they have a corner in the store full of WONKA candy and they play the old school Willy Wonka (the BEST version by the way) movie on an endless loop. The frames around the TV are signed pictures of the cast. Seriously. Most amazing thing ever. Willy Wonka was one of my favorite movies as a kid, I guess it was forshadowing a bit of my future? lol

I wish I had taken more pictures of this place. I slowly admired every single wall, table and inch of this store. Lucky me that hubby is a patient guy and knows when I’m really excited about something. They had a bunch of retro candy and they had my favorite — Long Boys in Coconut and Chocolate! FOR TWENTY CENTS! They also had truffles and gelato. I didn’t try either though. I got hubby a box of Crybaby gum balls BUT it has the sour powder inside. We’re always on the hunt for the most sour Crybaby gumballs (swear they toned it down since we were kids) and guys, these things are NO JOKE lol. Now if we could find some really intense War Heads… lol

After that we headed back to the car, it was really windy. And we stopped by the burrito place next to my pasta place. We didn’t really have high hopes but we decided to take one to go and eat it at home. Got it enchilada style and OMGGGG. It was DELICIOUS!!! I don’t have a picture because we sort of inhaled it after being stuck in traffic for 2½ hours buuuut wow. You know how usually enchilada style burritos leave you feeling a little icky and bloated cause it’s so oily? Well this one didn’t! It tasted so fresh and healthy and I wasn’t bloated after but I was full. I’m convinced every food place in Marin County satisfies without the bloated feeling. Now why can’t places in my town do that?! Obviously health out here isn’t a concern.

I found out they have the burrito place in the next city over and the city next to my school. Uhm, hell yes lol.


I decided to dedicate July to Middle Grade novels, we’ll see how that goes lol. Also I saw 7 of the kittens today! They’re so tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnyyy!!! I still need to finish Ordinary Magic (which is for review but I’m so not feeling it right now) and A Tale Dark and Grimm. I started Dark Companion too. Gah. I’ve been reading nothing but books for review over the last month or so, I want to read a book for funnnn! I’m so sad a lot of people are at ALA which is in LA and it’s like this book convention where there’s signings and you get ARC’s for books that don’t come out til next year… and I was suppose to go this year but it didn’t work out. I’m avoiding Twitter lol. It’s cool, I have too many books for review already, what am I gonna do with more books for review? Exactly. Freak out lol.

Which by the way, I need to start reading books for “fun” on my shelf so I can either keep them or donate/give them away. I’m running out of room to put books! Ahhhh!!