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Weekly Recap; April 30th – May 6th

How the heck is it already May?!

How the heck is it already Sunday?!

Does time just zip by faster the older you get?!


So it’s Sunday again which means… another weekly recap! Yay!

Yeah I don’t think much happened this week. I did write a follow up email for the last moving company I’m waiting a response on and… nothing all week. I called yesterday and was sent to the main corp line since the offices were closed the weekend. So if I don’t hear anything tomorrow I’ll call again. But then Sophie also has her check up tomorrow and I’m really hoping she will be good and not crying and alla that. It’s my first time taking her to a check up by myself, so this should be interesting. Should I vlog this? #lifeafter30 #after30withacat #whatismylife

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State Fair 2012

The other day M and I went to the State Fair. I skipped The Little Mermaid musical for it (hey sometimes sacrifices have to be made, sad, I know) and it wasn’t as epic as the previous years we’ve been there. But we still had fun (: also they had a deep fried booth this year, so yay for that. But boo for it being too hot to try anything.

Before heading to the fair, we stopped by my favorite sushi spot for my new obsession. Deep fried shrimp with cream cheese topped with crab, salmon and sweet mango sauce! Also, I snapped a picture of my new purple/red hair because the purple was really showing that day. Now if only I can get it to stick to the top. But I think it’s sticking to the bottom so well because it was double bleached. My hair has always given me a hard time when it comes to crazy colors. *Sigh!