Hello, Reflecting

Hello Spring \o/

Shut ya mouth, it’s Spring.

There was a Silverfish spotted on my wall — IT’S SPRING.

I’ve been sneezing my ass off for weeks — IT’S SPRING.

Bitch it ain’t 11° every night here in Texas — IT’S SPRING.


Also Valentine’s Day is rolling up way too fast! I have SOME blog posts in the works and SOME I’ve thought of writing but I definitely don’t have 14 of them hoes and I need to. Wtf was I doing all end of January. Oh. Stressing, that’s what. Pffft.

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Weekly Recap; Nov 12 – Nov 18th

NaNoWriMo really helps you be aware of how far in the month November really is. And how much you didn’t do/get done lol. But I must admit, November so far has been very very interesting…

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Hello, Reflecting

Weekly Recap | Jan 8-14 2017

When you realize your week was much more full of product shots than what your week was actually… about.


I started transitioning from Winter to Spring; I don’t know why Kurmoi felt the need to push Kerropi over but she’s rude af. I’m loving the Bath & Body Works Lemon Zest energy aromatherapy candle. Wish I had grabbed more than 2 but I’m sure it’ll come back for the next semi annual sale (and I’ll be there to grab it again)!

I also started reading (and finished) The Cozy Life. I’m trying to include more Hygge into my lifestyle.


I filmed an unboxing video and actually posted it. I unboxed my Sanrio Small Crate that Bubba got me for Christmas, you can see the video here.

I used my new IT Cosmetics CC cream and I love it! It feels so good on the skin! I also used my Too Faced Peach Palette for the first time and I totally dig it. I wish I was more creative with my looks but it’s a work in progress.

I headed to Target to see if they had any more Valentines Day stuff — which they did — but I didn’t really end up picking anything up. I did get a drink from Starbucks which OMG I miss those on a daily basis (no pic cause I drank it too fast). I did spot some new candles from Target and I picked up one of the Pineapple Cake ones which smelled amazing on cold sniff but it doesn’t have a good scent throw sadly… and wasn’t really worth the $10 if you ask me. Also headed to VS to pick up more panties cause I’m in love with the way the PINK panties feel! Also grabbed some more stuff from their semi annual sale too like the hand cream and lip products. The rest of the stuff was my first round there earlier this month.

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A bit of this… and that

I really need to organize my blogs.

I also don’t know why sometimes in the WP editor the font is either Georgia (which I prefer) or Ariel.

So welcome, all, to my yet again new blog. I’m starting to think I’m incapable of being one of those people who can reference their blog posts from like way back in the day. I don’t know what it is, I just like starting fresh, I guess. Or I might just be really picky about my user name. Who knows.


There’s a lot of in between  going on right now, I guess. Playing a few waiting games. School at UoP is starting up again next week and I can’t really say I’m excited. Cause I’m not. I’m a little upset because our new financial person failed to mention that our previous class was going to cost an extra $600. And  that put a HUGE dent in my grant which put a HUGE dent into how much I have left for my next classes (annnd as extra cash, just to be honest). So yeah, I got about $2000 less than what I was expecting back. Which blows because we have some built up fee’s to pay back.

In a way, this is also my fault. My fault for not taking care of the built up fee’s long ago. For not having a source of income since moving back. For not saving enough money while I was away and just a million other reasons. But of course, no one likes to think something is their own fault and I can’t say I’m not the same. Even though I know, deep down inside, it’s kinda sorta really completely my fault.

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