Weekly Recap; May 21st – 27th

And here we are, the end of May!

I. Am. So. Excited. For. June.

For hella various reasons.

But today I’m irritated af, though I doubt I’ll be writing why. I know this blog is suppose to be about me and my life and all my word vomit goodness but I’m not sure WHY it isn’t. Or why it’s so hard to talk about my thoughts and feelings and day. I use to do this every day after school in high school, like without fail. Why is it so hard now?! Sigh. Adulthood makes no sense sometimes.


Weekly Recap; May 7th – 13th

Uhm, excuse me May, but can you like… stop moving so damn fast? I need to start packing this week. Or at least seriously start sorting through and throwing things away. Which doesn’t help when I keep getting mail.

I suspended my Candy Club box until Aug, I might just cancel it. I’m not sure yet. Which still leaves Julep, Graze, Ipsy, Sephora, Owlcrate and the 1up box I just signed up for. Yeah I might just have to suspend some of these so I don’t have to worry about losing packages in the mail.

So this week will be focused on sorting/tossing things I don’t use, haven’t used in the last 2 years and don’t see myself using after the move. It’s going to be hard and it’s going to suck a bit but it needs to be done.


The Moving Chronicles | From FL to TX

This is stressing me out. So I figured, why not make a document it. Cause you know me… I like to document everything.

I’ve never moved from state to state that required a moving company and furniture. The last time I moved from CA to FL and back… and back again I had 3 pieces of luggage and that was it. So the move wasn’t that stressful or hard. I mean it was but in different ways. That didn’t cost me over a grand to do.

But this time I have furniture, stuff, important documents and a cat. All of which I need to get from FL to TX. Granted it’s not across the country but it is still proving to be a bit pricey.

My roommate leaves at the end of the month and I found this service on Amazon. As far as I know she hasn’t really ever cleaned/deep cleaned her room or bathroom so I figure I’d use it for when she leaves and they’ll fix everything up. I’ve always been a huge fan of Amazon services since like 2006 so yeah. And it releases some of the stress of me trying to figure out how to pack, clean, sort everything, take care of Sophie and alla that.

I’m just trying to find ways to make this move and process as stress free as I can.


Weekly Recap; April 30th – May 6th

How the heck is it already May?!

How the heck is it already Sunday?!

Does time just zip by faster the older you get?!


So it’s Sunday again which means… another weekly recap! Yay!

Yeah I don’t think much happened this week. I did write a follow up email for the last moving company I’m waiting a response on and… nothing all week. I called yesterday and was sent to the main corp line since the offices were closed the weekend. So if I don’t hear anything tomorrow I’ll call again. But then Sophie also has her check up tomorrow and I’m really hoping she will be good and not crying and alla that. It’s my first time taking her to a check up by myself, so this should be interesting. Should I vlog this? #lifeafter30 #after30withacat #whatismylife


What would make you happy?

I don’t know.

I honestly don’t know.

And it scares me and irritates me and causes anxiety and panic all at the same time.


If you had asked me 5 years ago the answer would had been simple; I just want to work for Disney.

It was like my one goal in life. My biggest goal in life and now that I can cross that off my bucket list I really… am at a loss and I know I’ve talked about this plenty of times before. I want to work for a publishing company in New York. I want to have lunch in Central Park. I want to experience snowfall. I want to work in a cubical I can pin pictures of my cat and inspiring words around and maybe have a little pot I can name Boq. It’ll be a mini cactus. I want to see Broadway musicals on my day off. I want to come home to a small cozy apartment with a modern look and a fluffy couch for me to plop down on and watch Netflix.

But now I’m 28. I’m married. My life isn’t just mine anymore, it’s my spouses as well. There are tons of other things to factor in — how to pay rent, how to pay for our car, how to pay those damn utility bills, how to pay for food, how to pay for cute seasonal clothes (I’ve never been able to indulge in this but I feel like if I moved to NY it would be a MUST) and various other things that may or may not make my head explode just thinking about it.

And while he tells me he doesn’t mind if we find ourselves in NY with me working in a publishing company, how would I get there? Falling into Disney was a lucky chance. But I doubt I’ll be that lucky with moving to NY.

I just wish money wasn’t something I was constantly worrying about. How to pay my bills, how to stay on top of things, debt — DEBT EVERYWHERE. And it really does fray the edges around what could be happiness. What could be a good thing and I know it could STILL be a good thing, but I have bigger responsibilities now. I’m not a 20 year old daydreaming about her life. I’m a 28 year old who’s living A life and trying to live ANOTHER life.

I will be happy again, I just have to work harder. At various areas of my life.

Damn I, I loved you, you were my boiiiii

SPiNNiNG: You Don’t Have to Call by Usher

I’ve been listening to drowning in songs that remind me of my past. It’s a thing I do from time-to-time. Sometimes for writing purposes, sometimes because I’m bored, sometimes because I just like making myself sad. Anywhoozie, a bit has changed since the last time I updated and I haven’t really had time to update lately. Or to do anything, which is why I’m slightly regretting going back to school. By slightly I mean, extremely but I’ve taken a long enough break. Honestly though, I don’t know what I’m going to do about school. I’m at a fork in the road and blah! I’ve just spent so much time trying to figure things out. I think I’m just flippin impatient and I need to just sit down, shut up and ride it all the way through. For once. Quit trying to beat time, cause I ain’t gon’ win.

So we moved. And that wasn’t fun but it was a lot easier than moving back to Cali, that’s for sure. It’s just that the place we’re in now is slightly smaller than the previous place we were so you know, I have all these bags/boxes of stuff and nowhere to put them. Too bad real life isn’t Animal Crossing and I could buy a dresser and have like 4 pages of storage space. Then again, if real life were AC then I could sell bugs for money too. I dig the new place though, my anxiety has backed off a little bit and that’s always nice. Too much anxiety in a day can really drive a person madd.

Hubs has been really pressuring me into hitting the gym and eating healthier. Seriously, this guy throws a fit if I get NEAR cakes and cookies. It kills me. I loves me some sweets! I had a delicious salad for dinner and some chips and salsa which I’m still snacking on. I’ve been cooking a bit lately, trying to figure things out. The do’s and don’ts. My brother tried convincing me that cooking was way easier than baking and I was all, “nah-uh!” but uh it kinda is. Not sure if it’ll taste good? THROW SOME BACON IN THERE. Seriously, throwing bacon in everything solves all my culinary problems. I think the bacon thing is a whole ‘nother problem lol!

Started making YouTube videos again, I just really hate the camera quality but I think it’s because of the lighting in here, it makes it orange/yellow and ugh, no. Will have to figure out how to tweek the lighting. Plus the better the lighting, the better the camera quality so I don’t think I’ve reached the camcorders full potential. All good, all I’ve been doing is review/haul videos lately so nothing that really needs good lighting but I will soon cause that auto-focus is crazy and I wanna use it!

Fall is coming and I’m excited, even though everyone talks about how Florida doesn’t GET Fall. I hope that SOME trees at least turn colors. I don’t have high hopes it’ll get cooler into like hoodie weather but here’s to hoping. I wanna wear hoodies and boots and scarves! When I visit Cali I bet I’ll be like FREEZING once I get there like “whatchu mean I can’t wear shorts.” lol I’m excited to visit home though, apparently we have a new dog and two new kittens. That’ll be interesting.

Welp M’s home now — gym time!

Here comes the month of stress…

Whoa, why does the WP dash look different? Have I been gone that long? Okay maybe I have.

Aside from work scheduling me for doubles and all these crazy hours, I’ve been getting things ready for moving into my own brand new place and trying to find a car. Half of that is done. The latter is proving to be a bit harder than I imagined. On top of that I was deployed this passed week and I am LOVING the new location! Sadly it’s only for the next few days then I’m deployed somewhere I don’t really want to be. One of M’s managers he frequently talked about is currently my manager for this event and he keeps letting me go home early lol! But seriously, I’m having a blast here making new friends and making new memories. I generally love deployments. I can’t say I’m really looking forward to going back to my old location lol!

I keep planning on getting my other blog up and running and when I finally have time to sit down and film a vlog or write a blog post my mind goes completely blank. I hate this so hard.

This month will be full of packing, getting last minute things together which is going to be complicated considering how work is going. The DCP always does this — your last month is always the most hectic it’s like they want to make shit hell for you. So I’m planning on prepping early. I just need M to get his shit together too because I honestly can’t juggle both. But I know when it comes down to it, I’ll have to. Oh and school is blowing up my phone. About that….

So if you don’t see me until Sept, don’t freak out. I’m just trying to work things out.

Wish me luck.

So I never found that key…

So regarding that luggage key I lost… yeah I never found it. M decided to just buy clippers and ended up cutting the pad lock. Ho hum. I wonder where that key is considering I ended up cleaning my whole freakin room floor last night and it was still nowhere to be found. How strange! Now I’m spending tonight doing a few last loads of packing laundry, finishing up packing everything up and hopefully sorting this room out into piles of things that need to either be sold (books) or donated.

My eczema is super acting up because 1) it’s cold and 2) I’m touching a lot of different textured things so that pretty much agitates it. Cool right? Except, not really. I had to run cold water on my hands last night and when I attempted to put on heavy hand cream it stung like crazy so badly I had to sit on the floor and just cry. On the upside, at least my skin didn’t crack. Thank goodness for that. I was expecting to wake up this morning to find blood all over my hands. But no, they’re just swollen and numb. Better than bleeding!

Two more loads of laundry and I’m almostttttt done packing 😀

Off to get things done!

Starting the sorting process…

As I’ve mentioned probably several times, I’m moving in a few weeks and the shittiest part about moving? The sorting/packing process. The last time I moved across the country I legit didn’t get anything done until a week or two before I was leaving. I have a serious procrastination problem. But I was leaving right after New Year so with the holidays it was hard to find time. This time we’re not leaving until after New Year so I’ve got at least a few extra weeks to get things sorted. I’m trying to get a “head start” (if you can even call it that!) this year.

So today I sold some books. 15-20 books and 2 DVD’s and it still doesn’t look like I put a dent in my pile. I have stacks and stacks of books for review from publishers and bought over the years. Being a book blogger for almost 3 years causes you to accumulate a lot of books and I know other book bloggers who keep majority of their books and it’s just insane. Where do they store all those books?! My rule is if I’m not bringing it, have no intention of reading it again or rated it under 4 stars — I get rid of it. Because I could use that spot on my bookshelf for a book I’ll really love. And that’s okay!

Tomorrow I’ll be working on donating some clothes (I have a hard time letting go of clothes) and going through and tossing all my old makeup that’s probably been ready to be tossed out for a year now. Eep.

I’ll get through these chores. Slow but steady. And hopefully I won’t take too long and end up running out of time again 😛 also, I need to get a move on it and put up the Christmas tree already!