Weekly Recap; May 28 – June 3rd

And June is officially here.

Meaning I officially need to start packing.

Like, forealzies.


I do this to myself every year, and I’m sobbing on the inside.

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The Moving Chronicles | From FL to TX

This is stressing me out. So I figured, why not make a document it. Cause you know me… I like to document everything.

I’ve never moved from state to state that required a moving company and furniture. The last time I moved from CA to FL and back… and back again I had 3 pieces of luggage and that was it. So the move wasn’t that stressful or hard. I mean it was but in different ways. That didn’t cost me over a grand to do.

But this time I have furniture, stuff, important documents and a cat. All of which I need to get from FL to TX. Granted it’s not across the country but it is still proving to be a bit pricey.

My roommate leaves at the end of the month and I found this service on Amazon. As far as I know she hasn’t really ever cleaned/deep cleaned her room or bathroom so I figure I’d use it for when she leaves and they’ll fix everything up. I’ve always been a huge fan of Amazon services since like 2006 so yeah. And it releases some of the stress of me trying to figure out how to pack, clean, sort everything, take care of Sophie and alla that.

I’m just trying to find ways to make this move and process as stress free as I can.

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So I never found that key…

So regarding that luggage key I lost… yeah I never found it. M decided to just buy clippers and ended up cutting the pad lock. Ho hum. I wonder where that key is considering I ended up cleaning my whole freakin room floor last night and it was still nowhere to be found. How strange! Now I’m spending tonight doing a few last loads of packing laundry, finishing up packing everything up and hopefully sorting this room out into piles of things that need to either be sold (books) or donated.

My eczema is super acting up because 1) it’s cold and 2) I’m touching a lot of different textured things so that pretty much agitates it. Cool right? Except, not really. I had to run cold water on my hands last night and when I attempted to put on heavy hand cream it stung like crazy so badly I had to sit on the floor and just cry. On the upside, at least my skin didn’t crack. Thank goodness for that. I was expecting to wake up this morning to find blood all over my hands. But no, they’re just swollen and numb. Better than bleeding!

Two more loads of laundry and I’m almostttttt done packing 😀

Off to get things done!



I am incredibly stressed out. I’ve lost the key to my luggage. My luggage that is locked. I kept it locked because my mom puts the smaller luggage in the bigger luggage and if she did that then I would have an anxiety attack and refuse to use that luggage again. Just in case she would forget, I kept the luggage locked. I have not seen or thought about that key in the last year and a half. How the heck am I going to remember where I put it? I’ve looked in all the obvious places it would be and it’s not there. I thought at the time if I lost it, ho hum, M has a key too. But apparently his is missing too. 

I have no idea where either key is!

And without the keys, I can’t pack. We have less than two weeks before we leave and I needed to pack that luggage like, 3 days ago. I’ve searched the hallway, the kitchen, my purses/bags and argh. I have no idea where it is. This is not how I imagined this would go and it’s making me very very anxious.

I have a feeling I won’t be going to sleep tonight until I find this damn key.