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Weekly Recap; April 30th – May 6th

How the heck is it already May?!

How the heck is it already Sunday?!

Does time just zip by faster the older you get?!


So it’s Sunday again which means… another weekly recap! Yay!

Yeah I don’t think much happened this week. I did write a follow up email for the last moving company I’m waiting a response on and… nothing all week. I called yesterday and was sent to the main corp line since the offices were closed the weekend. So if I don’t hear anything tomorrow I’ll call again. But then Sophie also has her check up tomorrow and I’m really hoping she will be good and not crying and alla that. It’s my first time taking her to a check up by myself, so this should be interesting. Should I vlog this? #lifeafter30 #after30withacat #whatismylife

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Yay productivity!

So I started classes back up yesterday and it totallyyyy slipped my mind. I know, how awful right?! Like how do you just forget something like that? The worst part is this is the second time I forgot! My counselors had to reschedule me and I forgot, again. It’s just really hard jumping back into online classes after being away for almost a year.

I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do about school and I don’t know if I ever will, we’ll see once I finish my GE. I did great the first week I was set out to work out. I skipped last week and I think I’m skipping this week. I know beginning is always the hardest part and I do want to go running but there’s just so much to do *excuses excuses* I know. Siiiigh. I do need to get my ass in gear though.

Today I managed to do my DQ, now I have to focus on the one due at the end of the week that requires us to reference our reading — that’s going to suck. And I think there’s a solo assignment due too. I like being ahead on my school work but I think right now I’m just going to take this week by week (until next week hits and I can’t stand not being ahead). I also wrote my last two reviews for Amazon Vine before Vine day (whoot whoot!). M got me Untold by Sarah Rees Brennan like he said he would. I’ve only been waiting for this title for over a year, no biggie lol. But once I finish Untold (give me 3 hours, tops) he’s getting me The Devil and the Dark Blue Sea which I’m super excited for too.

I’m behind like 16 books on my 50 book challenge and I’m scared I won’t pull through. I usually put together a list of creepy books for Halloween (third year in a row!) but I think this year I’m going to keep it light and just paranormal-y. I’ve got a ton of paranormal books I need to go through. Then in November I think I’ll focus on contemporary again. Or just not have a theme. But December is definitely Christmasy and lovey dovey stuff.

I also need to tidy the apartment just a tiny bit more so I can film a vlog on all my fall decor! And I just really want this place to look nice. I want to put flowers on the counter and in order to do that, I need to unclutter it. My kitchen is a mess too, everything is just everywhere. We have like zero storage here and it just sucks.

We have one more bill to pay on Friday and we’ll be done paying bills for this month. Then on to next month…


June is for…

Talk about being a bad blogger, I don’t think I wrote one single blog post (or even read one *SHOCKER*) in the entire month of May. And the sad part is aside from working all the time I don’t even remember anything that happened in May. I will not let June slip passed me!

  • Blogging more — I’ve got lots of content to get up!
  • Organizing — The mess in this apartment is frustrating
  • Budgeting — Because… well I can’t say just yet (:
  • Starting new TV shows — I feel so out of the loop!
  • Relaxing more — Because I’m obviously incapable of doing so

It’s Hurricane Season here and while I didn’t mind it so much the last time I was here (considering I wore pants to work and not a skirt with flats) it’s stressing me out a little. I get that it rains an awful lot in Florida but for some reason, this time around, I just can’t  deal.

Work has kept me busy and tired, but I’m determined to make this month more memorable!

Happy June!



Yo Ho, it’s a Cast Member’s life for me…

I always thought working at a resort would buy me more free time than working at Downtown Disney did. But that’s the opposite of true. My schedule for a resort is all over the place! Some days I open, some days I close, some days I’m mid. It’s pretty unpredictable and a lot of you-have-no-life going on. With that said, I haven’t had time (or energy) to blog or read. Which sucks. At least I’m done with training and my schedule will be a little bit more predictable. Hopefully.

I was working from 3 to 11 at B — which is… I don’t know. It gets a bit busy sometimes but the people are so agitated that it’s a little stressful in the sense that they’re in a hurry and their babies are crying. Something much different from DTD, you didn’t get a lot of that there. Then again people weren’t 10 mins away from catching the bus back to the airport and decided to redeem the rest of their meal/snack credits either (why do people do that?!). So at around 7 I’m trying to look busy and sorting clothes sizes when my MOD comes up and asks me if I’m closing.

Em: Are you closing?Me: No, I’m off at 11.
Em: You wanna go home early?
Me: Yeah…
Em: Okay, go.
Me: Right now?
Em: Yup
Me: Seriously?
Em: Yup
Me: You’re not kidding?

lol I guess I was a little too excited. But you’re almost never sent home early on a Saturday. I didn’t even have to ER or ROS 😛 not that I can at my new location since we don’t have a CDS. Sucks lol. There are some ups and downs to my new location but it does make me miss DTD more and more. Resort for 8+ months. Wow, what was I thinking?

I’m off on Valentines Day but M isn’t. No idea what I’m going to do that day… we’re probably going to celebrate Valentines Day on Tuesday together instead. I’ll probably take myself out to a fancy restaurant just to get dessert. I dunno lol.

But I better make some lunch and get some stuff done before work. I’m hoping to get back to posting and writing reviews within the next week. Wish me luck lol.


Trying this again!

So I didn’t do so hot on NaBloPoMo for November, but it was fun! I do like using the prompts but I think I sort of felt compelled to use them daily instead of ditching a prompt for a day and writing my own stuff.

So I decided to do it again this month. December is usually a really hectic month since it’s Christmas and our anniversary (3 years!) and of course moving. And moving across the country is never easy! I have a ton to do that I didn’t even start on (like for one, putting up our tree which I need to do, like, last week)! But I want to document my insane crazy month because I hope to really do some fun stuff! I’m thinking maybe I’ll do half prompts and half my own posts.

I can’t believe that it’s already December and that we’re so much closer to our move date. It’s insane to think about. I felt the same way the last time we moved except for about a million times more anxious since I had never ever moved out of my parents house before. But now that I have that experience I’m not ​as​ anxious. Just stressed out.

Here’s to December!


On eating healthier & other stuff…

So lately I’ve been feeling like crap. I’m at that point again where I don’t want to get anywhere near fast food because it just makes me sick thinking about it. But it’s so hard when you don’t have a lot of time. But isn’t that just an excuse too? Ugh.

I stopped drinking soda while I’m at home. Instead I drink juice, water or tea (yes, I started drinking tea. My brother got one of those super cool fancy coffee/tea makers). I mostly drink juice and water during the day and I drink Sleepytime Tea before bed. I’m happy to say I don’t crave soda as bad as I use to, thank goodness (but what I would do for a root beer…)!

I started stocking up on healthy stuff — my bags of lettuce mix, Snapea Crisps (instead of chips), sliced apples/grapes to snack on, freeze dried fruit… okay I also bought snack packets of Capt’n Crunch yesterday but guys, why didn’t they have this when we were younger?! Besides, I justified it as my “breakfast” for when I wake up earlier than usual. Grab a small pack of Capt’n Crunch and make coffee from the coffee/tea maker. I usually avoid getting up before 11a or 12p because I get hungry faster. Uh, I don’t know what kind of logic that is, just roll with me k?

I know some of these alternatives might not be super healthy on the verge of vegan but it’s a lot better then the crap I use to eat so as long as I’m not craving soda, candy and chips all the time, I’m happy with the results. I do try to eat fruits and veggies through out most of the day though because I’m pretty addicted to both those things.

In other news

I feel like I’ve either broken my wrists (from excessive cracking maybe? Maybe not…) or maybe slept on them wrong. Either way, they ache today. Blah! Oh we gave Snow baby (who might be a boy… feel a little awkward calling Snow “princess” til we find out for sure) a booty bath. Snow’s been runny pooping the last few days, don’t know what that’s about but I was tired of feeling matted poop on her/his bumbum so M dunked Snow’s butt in water and washed it all off. Snow didn’t struggle at all though the whole process. It wasn’t until the drying part that the struggling started. But now Snow’s got a clean bumbum and I’m so proud how calm she/he was! This is insane. I’m going to keep referring to Snow as “she”.

This so wasn’t the point.

I bought some materials for my new craft projects. They won’t be out-out until closer to Autumn but I figure I could get a head start and trying to figure it out now. It’s something I was thinking of doing last year but just never really got around to it… so I’m pretty excited this year! I hope I come up with some fantastic idea’s to be able to show!

I’ve also been thinking of doing some clay work. Granted I’m not good at drawing faces on things but I think with a bit of practice I could do pretty darn good with what I have in mind. I just have to figure out how to bake them… that part always makes me nervous.

Also thinking of getting back into jewelry making, sorta. Maybe not jewelry but like jewelry-ish bookmarks and cell phone charm stuff.

By the way everything I’m thinking of making is going to be fairy tale inspired.

And lastly, I think I’m going to finish teaching myself how to crochet. Because I really want to and I want to learn how to make my own beanies and stuff. Oh and plushies! Then maybe I’ll move on to knitting!

I also have to get back into reading because I haven’t read a thing all week and well, that’s really messing up my deadlines…





You always say the words I love to hear…

It’s been a pretty stressful and bitchy week for both M and I. Sometimes it’s comforting to know that your husband can read you like a book, but sometimes it feels like someone is invading your private thoughts and feelings. Mostly when I did something wrong and I try to hide it and well, I’m caught but I haven’t said anything yet.

Maybe this is TMI (Too Much Information) but hey, it’s my blog and if you know me at all, you know I’m all about telling you TMI. But it warms my heart when I’m sad about something and M hugs me and tells me he just wants to make love to me, look me in the eyes and tell me how much he loves me. ♥

I’m working really hard to sustain myself in this class — religion. Not exactly a class to jump for joy for, but I can’t deny that I’m having a ton of fun. The teacher is pretty funny and awesome. He makes religion really fun and that’s good, because it’s not a fun subject. Not even a little bit. Well, it can be if you were learning about something other than Jews and Jesus and such. Especially when you dropped that particular religion yourself years ago. So, yeah. That’s pretty much where I stand with that one…

Other personal things have been stressing me out lately, and it’s so weird that I worded it like that. Mostly because back in the day (when NO ONE was on the internet) I would blog everything I was thinking. No matter how personal and now I’m all “other personal things” like what the hell is that about? But I guess that’s the progression of the internet.

Anyway, I guess vaguely talking about isn’t really “letting it out” therefore it probably won’t really help me feel better. And I’m sure a year from now I’ll be like “and what the fuck are you referring to?!” but it’s all good. I just, don’t know. Feel like putting an extra protection spell around my already ridiculously high wall. Every time I feel a little unsure, I feel myself change. I don’t know exactly what I mean when I say that, but I feel a shift. A tilt. I remind myself to guard myself better. Is that sad? I guess it is. I’m a pretty open book, an open person and I’m starting to learn that I need to stop. No one can hurt me if they don’t know me.

In other news, I personally think that girls shouldn’t be leaders in video games… EVER. Maybe that’s an extreme comment, but we make horrible leaders. Sure we could start out all for being a strong leader but when you take a girl and put her in a league/linkshell/guild full of boys, she’s going to get… psycho. For lack of better word. Bottom line, it’s really bad juju for a leader to ninja loot her own friend/league member for any reason. You’re a LEADER. Not only that, but, I really could go on forever about this. But girls likethat give girls who actually do play video games sensibly a really, really, really bad name.

Also, how do you get mad cause someone you like on a VIDEO GAME has been MARRIED in REAL LIFE for the last TWO YEARS? I mean, come on, really? Maybe you need to get out the house more. Just because this game is real life for you doesn’t mean it’s real life for other people. Grow up. But it’s cool, keep making him mad, you’re THISCLOSE to no coming back and that’s the fun part. He doesn’t snap often (or at all) but when he does, it’s pure entertainment. For me at least. Hah!

I’ve been thinking about the things that matter lately. After two years of book blogging, I don’t know how I feel about it. And I hate to say that, because reading has always been my thing. But I guess it’s like how all the other bloggers who get there say. When you start getting flooded with ARC’s, with pitches, with one too many that there isn’t enough time for all of them + the rest of life, it gets tiring. It starts to feel like a job and not a hobby. I need to step back and think about this. I still want to do it, I still love reading an amazing book. I still want to share my thoughts. I still want to talk about books with people who love them too… but with life and school, it’s a little hard to do that lately.

Anyone who actually talks to me knows how much I love food. It’s no secret really. If you’re on my Facebook or if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, it’s not really a secret. I’m one of those people who take a picture of their food before they eat it… every single time. Over the years I’ve had food blogs, but I never really knew what to do with them or where to go with them. I can’t deny that food has always been a strong passion of mine. It’s just now that I want to do something with that. I first started my first food blog when I was in culinary school and when I dropped, I moved to other food things, but I just never really took it seriously. I was suppose to start a food blog when I was working at Disney, I have the pictures… just not the exact memories anymore. I didn’t have a lot of time back then to focus on it. I wanted to start a cooking blog when I moved out too, but the stuff I made wasn’t really fantastic or anything. I felt like it was unworthy content, and now I regret not doing that.

But I started a food blog based on places in the SF bay. I’m having trouble updating it but I want to start taking it a little more seriously.

So maybe I will.