Weekly Recap; April 23rd – April 28th

I’m writing this post a day early.

I was going to schedule this post for tomorrow and lie but what if something interesting happens today?! So yeah, I’m just posting it a day earlier, whatever.

Currently I’m a bit peeved at my roommate who decided to throw away raw chicken yesterday MORNING before she LEFT FOR WORK, leaving it to sit in the trash in the kitchen ALL FUCKIN DAY in 90* Florida weather; I turned off the AC for a bit because I was feeling sick and cold not realizing there was RAW CHICKEN IN THE TRASH. So the apartment pretty much ended up smelling like something fuckin died. All day. I asked her about it at around 10pm to which she told me she tossed chicken and would be taking the trash out to the dumpster. I was falling in and out of sleep and at around midnight I woke up to the smell of dead shit in my house, so I asked her if she tossed it and she said she didn’t but she would put it outside — trash gets picked up from Sunday to Thursday. So that means the HALLWAY would smell like DEAD SHIT. Cause that’s better. Not to mention she still hasn’t filled out a resident form for living here and she’s set to move out in June.

So yeah, I’m kinda annoyed.

I really do try to keep my apartment as clean and as tidy as my anxiety will let me. I also try really hard to make sure my apartment SMELLS GOOD. It’s so important to me that my place smells good and I feel like recently that goal is SO HARD TO ACHIEVE and it’s starting to really piss me off.

This is like the 3rd time she’s done this. Also, not including other things.

Sophie is crying at my door, what the fuck.

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Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Thanksgiving was pretty relaxing this year, I guess. For me anyway. I stayed home and did a whole lot of nothing for once. Had a mini snack before dinner of the food already laid out — green beans, cranberry and mashed potatoes. My brother asked if I wanted turkey but I wanted to wait until everything was done. I’m glad I said that because the layout when everything was done? AMAZING. Everything looked so yummy! And I discovered a new love — Candied Yams. Seriously, where have these been my whole life? It amazes me how good my brother’s cooking is (:

M went to his mom’s house but I skipped out on it. I’m not great with family holidays and I tend to skip them as often as I can. I know that sounds awful but eh, it’s who I am. Besides, there’s way too many babies at his house these days. Me + babies + holidays? Uhm, no. Not my idea of a good time. Geez, that made me sound like an asshole.

M had work at 8am on Black Friday so you know, no shopping. I know places opened up at midnight this year but there is no effen way I’m going to the mall at midnight. There wasn’t anything we really wanted this year… we usually grab external hard drives at Fry’s every year but I got us free ones from Amazon Vine for review, so we’re good to go. I did get some shopping done the day before Thanksgiving when I went with him to work though. I got my scarves and a memory card (a tradition of mine). We went out anyway after he came home from work. The mall was still pretty packed at 6pm. Everything was a mess though and even though there were some steals, there was nothing really left. I mostly wanted to go out to get some wallflowers from Bath & Body Works (which I did — Twisted Peppermint and Gingerbread) and get an idea of what I wanted to get people for Christmas. I hate Christmas shopping. For reasons.

Being broke during the holidays really makes you think about things before you buy them. Like 1) will my mom even like this or 2) will she USE it. If the answer is no, I don’t get it. When before I’d get anything that I think she would think is pretty. Having money to blow is a nice feeling but you don’t really appreciate things that way.

This year all I really want for Christmas is a new purse, a Kindle (I have a Fire but there’s no way I’m bringing that work!) and that’s pretty much it. I don’t know what I’m getting M. I wanted to get him a GoPro camera but he always wants the top of the line and honestly I don’t have $300 to blow on a camera I want to get him. Why couldn’t he just be happy with The GoPro2? Erg.

This weekend also marks the time when I should probably start cleaning/sorting the room for the move and you know, to put up our tree and all. Yeah, I should probably go do that…


How could you let this be…?

In all my almost 27 years, I don’t think I will ever understand why some people have a hold on you and some don’t.

I think when something just suddenly ends, leaves you standing by yourself wondering what the fuck just happened, it leaves a ton of room for you to wonder. And I think when something leaves too much room to wonder, you can find yourself in a really big pit of never ending darkness.

Yeah, that’s kinda what I feel stuck in right now.

My mains hate the nights I sit here reading old conversations from years ago that don’t matter anymore, but sometimes I can’t help but look back on them. Did I miss something? What if I did and it just wasn’t recorded?

What if it doesn’t matter anymore?

Why does it still matter to me?

It just sucks.


In other news, I had lunch with M earlier. Our Sunday fav: Chiptole and Panera Bread. CJ offered me frozen Macarons for a burrito, even though I’d have to pay toll TWICE to get to him LOL. Silly boy!

After that, we stopped by World Market where they had big bags of Chupa Chumps (ahhhh!!!) and M stating the obvious… “I don’t know why you never finish your candy, walk into World Market and assume you won’t want anything.” LOL hush you. Then we headed to Walgreens where I got 3 new nail polishes (Athena, Zeus and Cinderella. Legit. Best nail polish names, EVER) and dinner at Panda Express (where the boy who served me had the same name as a boy I worry about).

Maybe I should work on something more productive.


Shopping && Sprint

So the other day, something happened that kinda made me sad. It was the kind of sad where M kinda sensed it and as soon as it was over, he pulled me off the laptop to lay with him and tell him about it. There are advantages and disadvantages when your husband can tell what you’re feeling and there’s no sense in lying.

So yesterday he took me out. I paid some bills and I did a little shopping. We stopped by the mall and I got an Animation 2 Vinylmation (Kim Possible… again! Ugh!) and a cute Snow White tanktop. Went and exchanged my candle at Bath & Body Works (love their return policy) and grabbed the 3 new Honey infused lip balms (tried Honey Strawberry so far and it’s mehh). Then we headed over to one of my favorite plaza’s for project cardigan lol!

We went into F21 first and I spotted this really really cute blue ruffled dress I really wanted. But M decided against it. I hate when he decides against clothes I really really want. But most of the time when he says something isn’t right for me, he’s usually, 100% right. But I will have that dress!! lol. So we moved on. Didn’t find anything I wanted in Sephora (I know, shocking right? Maybe I should say I didn’t find anything I wanted to spend my money on). Got 2 other candles from Bath & Body Works here because they had 2 scents the mall didn’t have (whats up with that)! M got me a root beer float to make me feel better (aww, loves) and took a quick look at MAC. Headed over to H&M and I found my cardigan!! I’m so excited!! I also got this cute set of nail polish (:

After shopping, we headed over to Target to get some snacks and I needed to get a pillow, but they were lacking in the pillow department lol. Headed over to Bed Bath & Beyond to exchange a Lip Butter for a nail polish, decided on another Lip Butter just because… I dunno, I have my perfect red… I don’t need another one! But you can’t have too much nail polish (: then headed to Michaels and I found SMASH BOOKS!!! They’re like, scrapbooks sorta. I don’t know exactly how else to describe them but I got one to match up with my food blog. It’ll be fun! I’m tempted to tidy this room a little and get some pretty fake spring flowers and make a cute little display out of them. We’ll see.

I’m so excited for spring! And Easter!

Headed home, pooped (:

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A bit of this… and that

I really need to organize my blogs.

I also don’t know why sometimes in the WP editor the font is either Georgia (which I prefer) or Ariel.

So welcome, all, to my yet again new blog. I’m starting to think I’m incapable of being one of those people who can reference their blog posts from like way back in the day. I don’t know what it is, I just like starting fresh, I guess. Or I might just be really picky about my user name. Who knows.


There’s a lot of in between  going on right now, I guess. Playing a few waiting games. School at UoP is starting up again next week and I can’t really say I’m excited. Cause I’m not. I’m a little upset because our new financial person failed to mention that our previous class was going to cost an extra $600. And  that put a HUGE dent in my grant which put a HUGE dent into how much I have left for my next classes (annnd as extra cash, just to be honest). So yeah, I got about $2000 less than what I was expecting back. Which blows because we have some built up fee’s to pay back.

In a way, this is also my fault. My fault for not taking care of the built up fee’s long ago. For not having a source of income since moving back. For not saving enough money while I was away and just a million other reasons. But of course, no one likes to think something is their own fault and I can’t say I’m not the same. Even though I know, deep down inside, it’s kinda sorta really completely my fault.

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